Wine glasses

Wine glasses are a timeless piece of tableware and have been around for centuries. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, making them an essential part of any gathering or celebration. Whether you’re sipping a glass of red or indulging in a crisp white, having the right type of wine glass can make the experience even more enjoyable. Let`s explore the different types of wine glasses available and how they can help enhance your drinking pleasure.

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Key takeaways

  • Wine glasses influence the flavor of wine strongly
  • We recommend a special wine glass for each type of wine (white, red, rose and sparkling wine)
  • If you`re willing to compromise on the development of the aroma you can use similar glasses for certain red and white wines
  • The best wine glass types available are wine varietal specific crystal glasses which are available from a number of producers
  • Crystalline wine glasses help to detail the wine aroma and flavor quicker

Which wine goes into which wine glass?

The importance of the right wine glass for the right type of wine can’t be overstated. Whether you’re a novice or connoisseur, it’s essential to know which glass and shape is best suited to each type of wine. White wines like Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are best served in a larger bowl shaped wine glass that allows the aromas to disperse from the surface area.

A tulip shaped glass is great for red wines such as cabernet sauvignon or pinot noir because it helps concentrate the aroma at the top, providing an intense flavor experience. Sparkling wines should be served in flute shaped wine glasses as this shape preserves effervescence and carbonation longer than other types of wine glasses.

Which red wine glass for your favorite red?

When it comes to enjoying a bottle of red wine, the right glass can make all the difference. A good quality glass not only looks great but also helps enhance the flavor and aroma of the red wine. It’s important to choose a bordeaux glass that is specifically designed for your favorite bordeaux or a pinot noir glass for your favorite burgundy wine.

So which red wine glass is the best for your wine?

How to choose your red wine glasses?

The first step to choose your red wine glass is which red wine are you drinking? Lighter red wines ask for smaller red wine glasses whereas full bodied, higher alcohol content red wines require larger red wine glasses.

Full bodied red wines need a large bowl shaped wine glass to have a bigger surface to get into contact with air. Depending on which wines you like you`ll need bordeaux glasses and maybe smaller tulip shaped red wine glasses which can serve as a white wine glass, too. In case burgundy wines or pinot noir in general is your favorite wine it`s worth investing into a pinot noir wine glass or a burgundy glass.

You can use your burgundy glass for high tannin wines like nebbiolo, cabernet sauvignon or syrah which need more time to breathe. A bordeaux glass can be used to drink full bodied white wines, too.

Which wine glass for white wine?

Choosing the right white wine glasses for your favorite white wines can make the difference between an enjoyable experience and a forgettable one. Whether you’re serving Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio, selecting the proper wine glasses is essential to bringing out the best flavors from these light-bodied or full bodied white wines.

How to choose your white wine glasses

For a white wine, such as sauvignon blanc or Pinot Grigio, reach for narrower glasses that have a narrow mouth. This design concentrates the subtle aromas and allows more efficient swirling of the liquid during tasting which is important for detecting subtle flavor nuances. If you prefer a white wine like chardonnay or Riesling a special chardonnay glass and Riesling glass underline the fine aromas of both wines.

To make things easier you can use tulip shaped red wine glasses for light red wines as white wine glasses for you favorite Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc wines. If you prefer full bodied chardonnay you can use your bordeaux glass as well.

Which wine glass for sparkling wine?

Which wine glass shape should you be using for your sparkling wine? Whether your preferred sparkling beverage is Champagne, Prosecco, or another variety of bubbly – there`re only a few things you need to avoid.

How to choose your sparkling wine glasses

When it comes to choosing a sparkling wine glass for sparkling wines like Champagne, a flute shaped glass is often recommended. While wide-bowled glasses are ideal for still white wine, flutes work best as sparkling wine glass for champagne because they help preserve the carbonation and aroma better than other types of wine glasses.

This type of wine glass also works well with Prosecco due to its ability to keep the bubbles alive far longer than most other types of glasses.

Avoid champagne cups! They may be looking nice but due to the high surface and wide mouth they lose the sparkling wine’s aroma as well as the carbonation. Champagne cups had their historic use in the movie “the Great Gatsby”. Unfortunately they`re likely to ruin your sparkling wine unless you drink it quickly.

Which wine glass for rose wine?

We`ve looked at red wine glasses and white wine glasses. Do you need a special wine glass to enjoy your favorite rose wine? – maybe!

Small tulip-shaped, balloon-style or diamond shaped wine glasses are the ideal rose wine glasses. They allow the aromatic bouquet to open up fully as you swirl and sip. The narrow opening at the top also helps concentrate these aromas, allowing them to be enjoyed more intensely than with other types of wine glasses.

Which wine glass for dessert wines?

Dessert wines can be a great way to end a meal or enjoy with dessert. There are many different types of dessert wine, each having their own distinct characteristics and the perfect glassware to go along with them. Port, Sauternes, Marsala, and Moscato are some of the most popularly consumed dessert wines. Each has its own flavor profile that pairs best when served in the correct type of dessert wine glass.

How to choose your dessert wine glasses?

You can either buy different types of wine glasses for each of your favorite dessert wines or you can improvise using the different wine glass shapes. Fortified wines like port or spirits like brandy have a high alcohol content. Therefore you want to avoid direct contact with your hand. The heat which is transferred makes the alcohol cover the aroma of the port or brandy.

You can use a white wine glass with a larger bowl. It`s not necessary that you buy a wine glass for each type of wine. There`re some glass shapes which can be used as universal wine glasses.

What size should a wine glass be?

When it comes to enjoying a glass of wine, having the perfect size of glass can make all the difference. Wine glasses come in many different sizes and shapes, but what is the ideal size for a wine glass?

The average capacity of a traditional stemmed wine glass is 6.5–15 ounces (190–440 ml). This wide range between small and large glasses allows you to choose one that suits every type of wine perfectly.

A smaller sized glass allows more control over how much oxygen is exposed to the drink over time. This allows for more complex and concentrated aromas compared to larger glasses. Smaller glasses are great for strong wines like fortified wines. Medium-sized glasses are better suited to white wines like Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. You can use large glasses for bordeaux, burgundy or syrah based wines.

Universal wine glass types

In the world of wine glasses, there are few universal standards. Different types of wine require different wine glass shapes and sizes in order to bring out their best flavorings and aromas. Whether you’re enjoying your favorite red, white or rose, understanding the different kinds of glassware can help you enjoy your vino to its fullest potential.

You need to be willing to make some compromises to have a reduced number of universal wine glass types. You can use a classic white wine glass for red and white wines as well as for rose wines.

A bordeaux glass can step in as a wine glass for medium to heavy red wines. You can use it also for full bodied white wines which need more contact with air. It can be applied as a Pinot Noir glass, too.

Sparkling wine is best served from sparkling wine glasses which are U-shaped or so called flutes. In case this is too complex you can use diamond shaped or tulip shaped wine glasses with a tapered opening. This type of wine glass allows you to cover white, rose and sparkling wines.

Stemless wine glasses

Diamond Whiskey Glasses - Stemless Wine Glass Set of 4- Geometric Tilting Design- Rolling Whiskey Glasses -Stem Less Anti Rocking Cup Diamonds Shaped Tilted Glassware Drinking Tumblers for Wiskey/Wine

Stemless wine glasses have become popular in recent years as a modern-style way to drink and serve wine. Their name comes from their lack of a stem, which has both advantages and disadvantages compared to stemmed glasses.

The main advantage of a stemless glass is that it`s easier to store than traditional stemmed ones. Its stemmed counterpart can be more easily broken due to the extra layer of glass used in the stem. A stemless glass is made with one solid piece of glass, meaning that it can often be stacked on top of each other safely without fear of it breaking or chipping.

Depending on the shape of the stemless wine glasses they`re not standing upright e.g. if you use diamond shaped glasses. It allows you to use smaller glasses for red wines as the surface of the wine increases due to the inclination. This way your standard red wine glasses become more versatile. You can use them for bordeaux wines as well as high tannin wines like cabernet sauvignon, nebbiolo or syrah.

Diamond Whiskey Glasses - Stemless Wine Glass Set of 4- Geometric Tilting Design- Rolling Whiskey Glasses -Stem Less Anti Rocking Cup Diamonds Shaped Tilted Glassware Drinking Tumblers for Wiskey/Wine
  • SET OF 4 LEAD FREE GLASSES - These unique diamond shaped glasses are immaculately handblown from 100% lead free crystal glass, offering a heightened tasting experience and exquisite look. Set of 4 is perfect for entertaining multiple guests.
  • EYE-CATCHING DIAMOND SHAPE - Featuring an attractive diamond shape that is as comfortable to hold as it is stunning to behold. The intricate design allows easy rotation and tilting of the glass in hand, expressing the full-bodied flavors and aromas.
  • GRAVITY-DEFYING GEOMETRY - Beautifully positioned with an anti-rocking, spill-proof, tilted structure that allows the glass to sit flat on its bottom or rest perfectly in place at a 50-degree angle of tilt. Enjoy with wine, liquor, and cocktails.
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You need to keep in mind that the temperature transfer to the wine is faster than with stemmed wine glasses as you`re holding the wine glass not by its stem. Stemless glasses are available as white wine glasses, red wine and sparkling wine flutes.

Best wine glasses

If you`re unwilling to compromise on the aroma of your favorite wine we recommend varietal specific wine glasses. They`re offered by wine glass producers like Riedel and Zalto in Austria and Schott & Zwiesel in Germany.

You can find the perfect glass even for delicate red wines. These wine glasses are different from your standard red wine glass. They are made out of crystalline glass compared to normal amorphous glass.

Crystalline wine glasses

Why are crystalline glasses so special and different to normal wine glasses?

This goes back to the high mineral content in crystal glasses. The mineral content can go up to 20-24 %. Depending on regional regulations this can be lower. A high mineral content is needed to form a sufficient crystal structure. It provides a harder glass as well as a highly ordered surface compared to normal (non crystalline) glass.

What effect do crystalline wine glasses have on your wine?

So far we introduced you only to the different glass shape of each type of wine glass but the material of which your glass is made is important, too. The most critical aspect is out of which material your wine glass is made. What influence do crystalline and normal glass have on your wine?

One effect of this is easily visible. Crystal glassware is a lot thinner than for example your corresponding cabernet sauvignon glass. The low weight of crystal glasses and the thin glass add to its high quality character.

A second effect of a crystal wine glass are the interactions between the liquid and the surface. Water, alcohol and the substances responsible for the different aroma interact with the surface of the glass.

This creates layers on the glass surface. Due to the unordered molecular structure of a normal glass the interaction is orderless. In a crystalline glass the structure is highly ordered. It results in precise interactions between the glass surface and the ingredients of the wine.

Is the difference of a crystalline wine glass perceptible?

Yes it is! We were able to test two burgundy glasses. One was made out of normal glass and the other one made from crystalline glass.

The biggest difference was that the aroma of the wine developed a lot quicker in the crystalline glass than in the normal one. This will have an impact on flavors which oxidize quickly. You`ll be able to realize them in a crystal glass but will never smell or taste them in the normal glass.

What are the drawbacks of crystalline wine glasses?

Crystalline wine glasses can be expensive and seem more fragile than your average wine glass. When buying crystal wine glasses watch out for the lead content of the crystal glass. Lead can be leached out of the glass into your drink. A number of producers offers crystal wine glasses without lead.

Oversized XL Giant acrylic red wine glass

Another glass style are oversized wine glasses. They became very popular in recent years as a party gadget or just to drink a glass of wine. The oversized wine glasses mostly come in the shape of a bordeaux wine glass. They`re not available as stemless glasses.

Giant Wine Glass Oversized (40 oz | 1.2L | Acrylic Plastic) - Big Wine Glass that Holds a Bottle of Wine | Wine Glass for Whole Bottle | Huge Full Bottle of Wine Glass

Oversized wine glasses can be an alternative if you want to drink your entire bottle of cabernet sauvignon. Unfortunately the quality of the wine will deteriorate quickly due to the large contact surface between wine and air.

BubbleWally has revolutionized the wine drinking experience with their new Giant Wine Glass. This acrylic, BPA-free glass is perfect for a special night in or a fun gathering with friends. The oversized design holds an impressive half liter of your favorite vino and comes with BubbleWally’s signature “W” logo on the side.

This elegant piece of stemware is more than just for looks – it’s made to last! Crafted from durable yet lightweight acrylic material, the Bubble Wally Giant Wine Glass is chip-resistant and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Plus, its crystal clear finish will keep your drinks looking crisp and fresh all night long. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or sipping solo, this giant wine glass is sure to be an eye catcher on any occasion.

Giant Wine Glass Oversized (40 oz | 1.2L | Acrylic Plastic) - Big Wine Glass that Holds a Bottle of Wine | Wine Glass for Whole Bottle | Huge Full Bottle of Wine Glass
  • Clear reusable plastic - Safer than glass. No more worries about dropping a jumbo wine glass
  • Less refills, more fun - 40oz (1.2L) Whole bottle wine glass - 9.5" height x 5" width
  • Oversized wine glass - Pour yourself a mega pint glass of red wine 🙂
  • Conversation starter - Be the one with the largest wine glass at the party
  • Perfect as a gift - Practical and fun XL wine glass


Wine glasses are important to develop the full potential of your wine. They come in a lot of different shapes and materials.

You can start with a small number of different wine glasses to unveil the potential of your wine collection. In case you own more expensive wines we recommend to try crystal glasses as they can unveil the last secrets of your wine collection.

Hi, my name is Christina Day, and I am a self-proclaimed wine connoisseur. It is my favorite alcoholic drink, and I enjoy nothing better than kicking back on the sofa after a long week of work to enjoy a glass of wine… or two!

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