Best food with rose

Most people choose their wine according to their food. With rose it`s different as you can drink it as an appetizer as well as for your main course.

Rose pairing with starters

A perfect companion to your rose during an aperitif is seafood tapas as black or green olive tapenades, houmous with grilled sardines or marinated and grilled vegetables. The acidity and the fruity flavours of rose perfectly complement the salty and slightly oily tastes of the aperitif snacks

Rose pairing with the main course

Let`s continue with the main course. Grilled fish in its different variations is a perfect match with rose as the aromas of red and citrus fruits with a slight salty flavour in the wine perfectly complement the salty flavour of tuna and salmon ceviche, grilled bass or sea bream.

At the same time you can pair a vitello tonato, grilled lamb, grilled rabbit as well as veal chops with a rose wine due to the lean meat in combination with the acidity and fruit flavour of the wine. Pairings we particularly liked are:

Ceviche of Dorade

Vitello Tonato, Petits farcis provencaux

Veal Chops with olives

Grilled aubergines & tomatoes with grilled lamb

Chirashi of tuna and salmon

Tapenade of green and black olives, homous with grilled sardines

Depending on the temperature at which you serve the rose you can control the aroma of the wine and therefore fine tune the food pairing.

In conclusion….

Rose is a wine which makes food pairing very easy in case your aperitif continues longer than expected. You just need to remember that it perfectly pairs with seafood, grilled vegetables and grilled white meat or paella.
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