Best Plastic Wine Glasses

There comes a time when you might need to use a wine glass that, well, isn’t made out of glass.

Best Plastic Wine Glasses

Whilst to some people this might sound obscene (okay, a little exaggerated), there are wine glasses out there which look just like glass.

To some people a plastic wine glass might be something to scoff at, but they have come a long way since the days you were at college – and anyway, they are super useful if you have planned an event outside such as a garden party or a wedding.

They can also be taken on a road trip or hike without the fear of the glasses breaking. So, sometimes a plastic wine glass is just a sensible choice. There are also plenty of options too.

Speaking of options, to help you on your way to picking out the perfect plastic wine glasses, we have put together a top 5 selection. With that in mind, we have also written a handy buyer’s guide.

This buyer’s guide is there to help you look at the key points when purchasing plastic wine glasses.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at plastic wine glasses

Michely Stemmed Wine Glass Set of 4

It isn’t surprising that when it comes to wine, you would like to drink out of an elegant looking wine glass with a full stem. Well, if that is what you’re looking for, then you are going to absolutely love the Michely stemmed wine glasses.

Not only do they look very attractive, but this set of 4 glasses are made from Tritan plastic. That means they are durable and shatter resistant.

Not only that, they also look like glass – so you can say goodbye to your dollar store wine ‘glasses’.

They are larger in size, making them suitable for red as well as white. The flute is very easy to hold, and the drinker most definitely will feel elegant holding the ‘glass’.

The plastic is said to be non-toxic and tested in labs, making it a safer alternative to general plastic. 

Whilst the glasses do look pretty realistic, they can be put safely on the top rack of a dishwasher. The safest temperature they are able to reach is around 200 Fahrenheit, so be aware of that to avoid them becoming damaged.

Also, they are safe to take away with you wherever you go, whether that is on a hike, or to use them at a party.

They are on the expensive side for only a set of 4 – but they are oh so worth it! 

Also, because of their realism, you cannot take them apart like other plastic wine glasses. This might not exactly be a bad thing – though when you can remove their plastic parts, they are easier to travel with. 


  • Set of 4 making them enough for a small group of people
  • Large for both a red or white wine
  • They look realistic despite being shatterproof
  • Very attractive design
  • Dishwasher safe


  • On the higher end price point but worth every penny
  • Cannot take them apart, though might not be a negative for some people

BloominGoods Gold Rimmed Wine Glass Set of 50

Whilst a clear glass looks sophisticated, so can a glass with beautiful gold accents to the rim and stem.

If you are after something that suits an event with gold as a color, then these plastic wine glasses by BloominGoods are a great option.

The glass itself is sturdy and durable to use, despite it being put together in 3 parts: bottom, stem, and cup area.

The reason it is a 3-parter is because it is a disposable plastic wine glass. You will receive 50 of them, meaning you can use every single one for a party (which are reusable for the whole event), or to use gradually over time. 

The fact you can split them up also means that they are easy to pack into a bag and carry with you without having to accommodate a big glass. 

The glasses themselves are large and can hold up to 10 ounces of wine. This means you can also use them as a dessert holder, or for cocktails too. 

Using food grade plastic, the material is said to be completely non-toxic making them suitable for everyone to use. In fact, they are fully BPA free. 


  • 3-part wine glass which makes it easier to travel with
  • 10 ounces which is big enough for drinks, cocktails and desserts
  • Non-toxic and BPA free plastic
  • Attractive design with gold accents
  • Sturdy and durable
  • 50 plastic wine glasses


  • Disposable meaning they aren’t good for the environment

TaZa Stemmed Wine Glass Set of 4

Sometimes, all you want is a plastic wine glass that truly resembles a regular wine glass in both its shape and size. This is where the TaZa plastic wine glasses come in. 

They have two options available to suit both red and white wine with sizes to hold 12 oz and 20 oz.

Not only can you not tell the difference between these and a real glass, but they look truly sophisticated too.

They are both AE and BPA free, making them completely non-toxic and safe to use. They are also made from Tritan in the USA. This means they are shatterproof, durable, and look crystal clear.

Due to them not being throwaway, they only come in a pack of 4. Even so, for the inexpensive price, they are totally worth investing in. Their minimalist design is scratch proof, and is said to last even longer than a glass version.

Despite them looking fragile, they actually are not. They are perfect for those who want to hide the fact they have plastic glasses, or need something unbreakable for day-to-day or event use. 

They can also be put into the dishwasher on the top rack at a warm setting, but do avoid these being cleaned in hot temperatures or scrubbed with a brush. 


  • Durable and will not scratch
  • Inexpensive for 4 glasses
  • Minimalist design close to the look of a ‘real’ wine glass
  • Can be put in the dishwasher
  • Not throwaway and have been designed to be reused
  • Eco friendly due to its reusability
  • Two options to suit both red and white wine
  • Non-toxic plastic


  • Despite realistic look, still feel too lightweight to be glass

Red Co. Colored Bottom Stemmed Wine Glass Set of 6

Whilst you could just go with plain colored wine glasses like the one above, sometimes a bit of color can really set off a mood – and we are talking a good mood.

These wonderful plastic wine glasses by Red Co. have different colored bottoms making them fun, yet super practical.

No color bottom is the same in the 6 pack of wine glasses, meaning guests can know exactly which glass is theirs.

As we just mentioned, the pack contains 6 wine glasses which can hold 12 ounces. For the price, they are inexpensive indeed and worth every single penny. 

Not only that, they have been created to be reused, so they are also dishwasher safe and very practical. Despite them being plastic, this is so much better for the environment because at least you can keep on using them.

Their design is the classic wine glass look, keeping them traditional yet fun with their colors of green, orange, yellow, blue, red and purple. 

The plastic is completely non-toxic due to it being BPA and AE free. Because of this, you can feel rest assured that drinking from the ‘glass’ is completely safe to do so. Not only that, the colors used for the bottom are said to be organic paint. 

Whilst some plastic wine glasses are dishwasher safe, these are not due to the color. So that being said, they are safe to hand wash only. 


  • Set of 6
  • Inexpensive for the amount you get
  • Traditional shape with a fun color on the bottom of each one
  • Durable and shatter-free


  • Hand wash only and not safe for the dishwasher

Matana Gold Glitter Wine Glass Set of 50

Gold is a wonderful color when it comes to enjoying a glass of wine, so why not drink from a glittering ‘glass’? Not only does it add some sparkle to the occasion, it just generally looks great too.

The Matana plastic wine glasses are a little smaller than others holding just 6 ounces of wine.

However, due to them being a pack of 50, they have been created to be used at a party, rather than as an everyday wine glass.

They come in two parts to make transporting with them easier, both as it is delivered and if you need to travel with one or two – or maybe more. This also screams ‘throwaway after one use’, which indeed they are.

Despite this, you can hand wash them and reuse them if you would like. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so.

They are durable enough to withstand being washed over and over again, however don’t use water that is higher than 80 degrees. 

They are made using non-toxic and BPA free plastic making them extra safe to use. Plus, there is minimal, if any, taste transference to the wine. 


  • Can be reused or thrown away – able to be hand washed
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Attractive design
  • Made from non-toxic plastic
  • Easy to transport
  • Pack of 50 wine glasses


  • Smaller sized wine glass at 6 ounces

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have taken a look at our top 5 best plastic wine glasses, here is the buyer’s guide. Here we shall run you through some of the key things to look at when investing in plastic wine glasses, so you can make an informed decision. 

Reusable Or Throwaway

When it comes to plastic wine glasses, it isn’t surprising that most people think of them as being throwaway. However, if you do your research, this isn’t always the case. 

In fact, there are many plastic wine glasses that suit the (almost) every day wine drinker. They not only look like real glass, but they do not come apart.

This means they do not have the capability of having the bottom, stem and cup as 3 parts of ‘glass’ which you can take apart. 

There are plenty of real looking plastic wine glasses which have been created to be washable and reused. This means they can go in the dishwasher safely.

However, just like real wine glasses, because they are reusable, you can only purchase them in a smaller pack of around 4 or 6.

If you plan to go the throwaway route – say, you need them for an event – then it makes sense to buy a bulk box of 50 plastic wine glasses. Even so, you don’t have to compromise on quality or design. 


As a seasoned wine drinker, you might already be familiar with the differences between a red and white wine glass, and the advantages they bring.

Gone are the days when all wine flutes looked the same, and were largely very plastic looking. Now you can buy different sized plastic wine glasses that take a variety of sizes into account.

For example, the TaZa glasses have a red wine glass and a white wine glass, both at 12 oz and 20 oz respectively.

This helps to make them look more realistic and sophisticated, especially with their traditional wine glass design. 


Speaking of design, if you want a plastic wine glass, then it makes sense to go with something that resembles the glass version.

However, a small 6 oz flute does the job if you need them to be used by many, and then thrown away.

Saying that, they can still look very pretty, and do a good job at holding wine.

Even so, there are some great brands out there who have designed plastic wine glasses to compete with their glass counterpart.

Also, you can even find plastic wine glasses which include different colors to show some individuality.

Non-Toxic Plastic

Due to it being plastic, you will want it to be non-toxic and safe. It makes total sense, so always make sure it says BPA. This stands for Bisphenol A and is a chemical found in common plastic.

Also, you will want to look for AE (anti-electrostatic) which means the plastic is used to avoid a build up of electrostatic charge, or dust. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions asked about plastic wine glasses:

Is It Okay To Drink Wine From Plastic?

It is absolutely fine to drink wine from a plastic glass. In fact, sometimes it is necessary to.

For example, if you are at a garden party or large event, having plastic wine glasses means that nobody will accidentally break a glass. 

It is also much cheaper to buy a large quantity of plastic glasses than real glass too, so you can save some money.

Can Plastic Glasses Change The Taste Of Wine?

Because plastic is porous and often contains chemicals, it can change the flavor of wine. However, it will not change it so much that you or your guests will notice. So pour that wine!

Do You Even Need A Wine Glass To Enjoy Drinking Wine?

Whilst you can drink wine from any shaped glass, there is an experience with drinking it from an actual wine glass – whether made out of glass or plastic. 

Why Do Both White And Red Glasses Look Different In Shape?

Most people don’t notice, but both white and red wine are served in different shaped glasses. A white wine glass has a smaller bowl which is said to bring the wine much closer to the nose, giving you a whiff of its scent.

Red wine on the other hand is in a wider glass so you can see its color and viscosity as you swirl the liquid around in the glass. 

However, if this doesn’t matter to you, feel free to serve it in any glass you like – including a stemless glass.

Do You Need To Drink Wine Out Of A Glass With A Stem?

Times have changed since people were so strict on what glasses were for what drink. Whilst it does happen if you go to a restaurant or bar, at home, there is no shame in not using a wine glass.

The most important thing is to make sure the glass is wide, or at least large, so you can take in the aroma of the wine.

Why Do People Like Drinking Out Of A Thin Wine Glass?

You may have already noticed, but a quality wine glass becomes thinner as it reaches the rim. That is because it is said to help contribute to the wine’s smell, look, and overall taste.

Also, people get a better view of the wine if the glass is thinner, right?

If this does worry you during an event however, because the thinner the glass the more fragile it is, always opt for a plastic glass.


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