Domain Guy-Amiot

Domain Guy-Amiot & Fils is managed by the 4th and 5th generation of winemakers in the Amiot family – Thierry, Fabrice and Heloise. The domain consists of nearly 10 hectares, with vines in Chassagne, Puligny, St.Aubin and Santenay. Their annual production volume are 65000-70000 bottles.

Thierry and Fabrice’s great-grandparents start the domaine in 1920. They plan it as a residency for their retirement. Initially it`s a small domain but over the years they acquire several other vineyards. One of which, the Dents du Chien (Dog`s Teeth) is renamed to Montrachet in 1937.

Instead of selling the young wine to wholesale dealers they market their wine directly to the end customer. The wine business passes on from generation to generation via Pierre Amiot to Guy Amiot and grows with further acquisitions of wineyards.

Wines of the domain Guy-Amiot

The domain Guy-Amiot offers a large selection of white, red and sparkling wines. Each underlines the terroir of the vineyard it grew on. The vines originate from the early 1920s and represent a precious heritage in terms of taste. Chassagne-Montrachet and Puligny-Montrachet represent 5 out of 7 white grand cru domaines in Burgundy. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are cultivated at their estates representing the classic Burgundy wines.

Characteristics of the Guy-Amiot wines

The domaine Guy-Amiot is able to offer some of the most prestigious white and red wines in the Burgundy region. The grapes grow on mostly clay and limestone soils. In the maturation process only 25 % of new oak is used to preserve the characteristics of the terroir. The Amiot wines are rich with orchard and stone fruit flavors and display a mineral infused texture. Use of oak is there but barely noticeable.

You can find their wines at a number of re-sellers as well as in their own webstore. In case you`re planning to visit them personally you can find their different domains on the map below.

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