Best Large Wine Fridge

Do you have a wine collection that you want to preserve and protect for a long period of time? If not correctly stored, wine can oxidize and become corked, losing both its integrity and its flavor. When this happens, your wine collection will become worthless and undrinkable.

The best way of preventing this from happening is by correctly storing your wine. Wine is best stored at a low temperature and traditionally, this has been through in wine cellars underneath the home.

Best Large Wine Fridge

However, not every home comes with a cellar, and even those that do don’t always have the room for dozens, or even hundreds, of bottles of wine.

This is where a wine fridge can help. These refrigerators are designed specifically to keep wine stored correctly and at the perfect temperature. With a large wine fridge, you can keep your wine preserved and fresh for decades to come.

In this article, we will look at some of the best large wine fridges available and what features and functions to look out for.

Colzer 154 Bottle Fast Cooling Wine Fridge

This compressor-style fridge comes in a variety of sizes, the largest of which can hold up to 154 bottles of regular-sized 750ml standard Bordeaux bottles. The fridge has fourteen removable wooden shelves and the bottom of the fridge can hold larger bottles. 

The fridge is energy-efficient and will consume up to 55 percent less energy than other wine fridges. It has an intelligent thermostat system that ensures the temperature within the fridge stays consistent.

The temperature is shown on a clear LCD display at the top of the fridge. Next to the display is a control panel that allows you to adjust the temperature and light, as well as activate the safety lock. 

Although it is a compression fridge, it runs quietly. The glass door has three layers and is anti-UV so sunlight won’t affect your bottles. The carbon filter in the fridge prevents the glass from becoming foggy as it provides fresh air and maintains the correct humidity levels. 

We found that removing the shelves could be a little tricky but were overall impressed with the quality of this fridge. It is heavy, even when empty, and most people will struggle to move it on their own.


  • Removable shelves – the shelves can be removed to accommodate larger bottles
  • LCD display – easily see the internal temperature
  • Quiet operation – although it is a compressor fridge, it runs quietly
  • Large capacity – fridge holds a maximum of 154 bottles


  • Heavy fridge – the fridge will be difficult to move on your own

Whynter BWR-0922DZa Dual Zone Compressor Fridge

This fridge from Whynter is available in four large capacities. You can choose from fridges that hold a maximum of 92, 100, 164, or 166 bottles. We chose the 92 bottle capacity fridge for the basis of this review.

The fridge is split into two zones that can be individually temperature controlled. The top part can hold a maximum of 40 bottles and the bottom will hold a maximum of 30 bottles.

In the middle of the two zones is a control panel that displays the different temperatures and allows you to adjust them. The fridge has 12 removable wooden shelves which are arranged to have five shelves at the top and seven at the bottom. 

It is a compression-style fridge and an internal fan promotes even circulation and temperatures throughout the fridge. There are nine LED bulbs in the fridge to light the interior and display your bottles.

The swing of the fridge door can be reversed and it has smoked glass to protect your wine bottles from UV light.

Although we didn’t have any problems with this fridge, there are a few reports from buyers who did. They report that when they contacted Whynter for advice and support, the response was either slow or lacking.


  • Variety of sizes – choose from four fridges with capacities of 92 to 166 bottles
  • Removable shelves – the shelves can be removed to accommodate larger bottles
  • Dual zone – the temperature of the top and bottom zones can be independently adjusted
  • Reversible door – choose a left or right swing to suit your needs


  • Poor customer service – problems with the fridge aren’t quickly resolved by the company

Lanbo Built-in Compressor Single Zone Wine Cellar Fridge

Lanbo offers their single zone wine fridge in a variety of sizes. The largest holds 171 bottles, making it the largest fridge in this article. For this review, however, we’re looking at the 149 bottle version. 

Although it is a single zone fridge, the temperature can be adjusted from 41 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit so it should be suitable for all types of wine and can be set to the average point of 55 degrees.

It has a digital thermostat so you can see what temperature it is running at and you can easily adjust this from the control panel.

The fridge has 12 removable wooden shelves and the bottom shelf is double-sized to leave room for larger bottles. You can also stack two rows of regular bottles here instead if you wish.

It is a compressor-style fridge and has circulation fans to keep an even temperature and humidity throughout the fridge. The glass door is made from a double-layer of tinted glass that provides protection against UV-rays.


  • Removable shelves – arrange the wine fridge how you want it to be
  • Temperature range – adjust the temperature to your needs
  • Double-paned door – the glass door is also anti-UV
  • Large size – the largest option holds 171 bottles


  • Tough to remove shelves – although the shelves are removable, it can be difficult to take them out

Kalamera 157 Bottle Freestanding Wine Refrigerator

Only available in a 157 capacity version, this wine fridge from Kalamera is a dual-zone compressor fridge. The upper zone has seven shelves and the lower zone is slightly larger with eight shelves, one of which is double-sized for larger bottles.

The upper zone has a lower temperature range of 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit whereas the lower can be set to 50 to 66 degrees. The 15 wooden shelves can be removed.

The glass door is triple-layered tempered glass to protect your wine bottles and the interior of the fridge is lit with blue LED lighting so you can easily read the labels.

It has a carbon filter and two interior fans to ensure that the interior of the fridge maintains a stable temperature and humidity levels.

It also has a security lock and the door is reversible.


  • Dual zone fridge – set the upper and lower temperatures individually
  • Removable shelves – arrange the wine fridge how you want it to be
  • Reversible door – choose which direction the door opens
  • Quiet – operates quietly


  • Poor customer service – difficult to contact manufacturers in the case of any issues

BODEGA 52 Bottle Wine Refrigerator with Upgrade Compressor

For those with a wine collection on the smaller side of large, this 52 bottle wine fridge might be enough. The top shelf is twice as large as the gaps between the other shelves so you can either use this space for large Champagne bottles or to stack two layers of regular sized bottles.

Above the top shelf is an LED display and a control panel that can be used to adjust the temperature. The interior of the fridge has blue LED lights to help illuminate the labels of the wine so you can easily find the bottle you need.

It is a single zone fridge with an upgraded compressor to ensure a consistent temperature. The compressor absorbs vibrations to keep the fridge running as smoothly as possible.

This fridge is very compact and can easily fit under kitchen counters like any other kitchen appliance. It also won’t look out of place in a bar or lounge area.

The door is made from a double layer of glass and is anti-UV to protect your wine from sunlight. The manufacturer, Bodega, offers a one-year warranty with the purchase of your fridge.

We found that the compressor on this fridge was quite noisy and it made the fridge noisier than many other similar models. We would recommend placing this fridge in a less-used area of the house, such as a kitchen or garage if you do purchase it.


  • Large top shelf – can be used for larger bottles or for a double layer of regular bottles
  • Compact size – the fridge will fit in many different places
  • LCD display – easily see the internal temperature
  • Blue LED lights – find the wine bottles you want easily with the interior lights


  • Noisy operation – although the vibrations are smoother, the fridge runs louder than many others 

Buying Guide

Before you choose a large wine fridge, there are a few factors and functions you should consider. Here we will discuss the important points to help you make your decision.


This is one of the most important considerations when choosing a wine fridge. You should consider how many bottles of wine you own and what the maximum number of bottles in your collection is likely to be.

It’s always tempting to buy the largest fridge available, but if you don’t have the bottles to fill it then you will be wasting space, money, and energy. For beginner collections, we would recommend looking for fridges that store around 50 bottles.

If you’re a serious collector, then look for fridges that can hold a hundred or so.

Be aware that the number of bottles of wine a fridge can hold will be affected by the bottles themselves. Larger bottles, such as magnums, will take up more space than smaller bottles and reduce the number of bottles that can be stored.

This is also the case with bottles that have larger than average diameters, such as Champagne or Bourgogne bottles.

Type Of Fridge

There are two main types of fridges available and they both have their advantages.


This is the most common type of fridge you will find. They have a powerful dual motor that provides consistently cool temperatures, even if the temperatures outside fluctuate and become very hot. Compressors can be noisy but their system of compressing gas will keep the interior temperature level.


These are quieter and have less vibration than a compressor fridge. They’re also more energy-efficient and can be cheaper than compressor models. However, thermoelectric fridges aren’t as powerful and can’t cool large areas as effectively so they’re not as suitable for the largest fridges.

Fridge Placement

As compressor fridges can be noisy, you may want to place them in a room that is less used. If the fridge will be placed in a cellar, pantry, or somewhere else out of view, then the style and design of the fridge will be of less importance, also.

However, if the fridge will be on display as part of a bar setup or recreational room, then you may want something that looks sleek and will display your collection as well as store it.

It’s also important to ensure you have enough room for the fridge and leave enough space for the door to freely open. Some fridges require ventilation also, so check that you have adequate ventilation space around wherever you will place the fridge.

Single Zone Or Dual Zone

You’ll see some large wine fridges labeled as either single zone or dual zone fridges. A dual zone fridge is one that has two separate areas that can have their temperature independently controlled.

This allows you to slightly alter the temperature or humidity to suit different types of wine better. A single zone fridge only has one area and will keep the entire fridge at the same temperature.


A warranty isn’t essential with any electrical appliance but it is always a good idea to have. Check the details of any warranty to see what parts it covers and for how long. We would recommend making sure that the compressor is covered by any warranty as this is one of the most complex and expensive parts of any fridge. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s look at some of the most common questions about storing wine in a fridge and why you should do so.

Why Should You Put Wine In A Fridge? 

According to experts, the optimum temperature for storing wine is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This is why wine cellars became so popular. Their position underground kept wines naturally cooler and helped them maintain their integrity.

If you don’t have access to a wine cellar then a wine fridge is the next best option for keeping your wine fresh for a long time. 

How Long Can Wine Last In A Fridge? 

If kept at the right temperature and stored correctly, there is no reason why a bottle of wine can’t last for decades or even centuries. Some of the most expensive bottles of wine are centuries old and are still drinkable.

For example, a bottle of Château d’Yquem from 1784 was famously opened and drank by wine experts over a century after it was produced. 

How Should You Put Wine In The Fridge?

Wine bottles should always be stored horizontally and placed on their sides instead of standing upright.

The reason for this is because of their corks. Storing a bottle on its side ensures that there is always some wine in contact with the cork and prevents the cork from drying out and becoming brittle.

A dried-out cork will allow oxygen to enter the bottle and will make oxidation occur, leading to the wine becoming “corked” and losing its integrity.

How Do I Store Larger Collections Of Wines?

Even the largest wine fridge can only store around a hundred bottles. If you’re lucky enough to have a wine collection larger than that, then you may want to consider other options unless you’re willing to buy a row of fridges.

The best option is a wine cellar as these have long been used to store large wine collections. 

However, if you don’t have cellar access then there are still other options. Some storage companies offer lockers that are climate controlled and would be suitable for a wine collection. This would mean storing wine away from your home but could be an option for long-term shortage.

Final Thoughts

Buying a large wine fridge is the perfect way to keep a big wine collection in perfect condition. It’s important to keep the bottles at the right temperature and lying on their side if they are going to be stored for a long period of time.

Keeping them correctly stored will prevent oxidation and prevent your wine from losing its flavor.

Consider how many bottles of wine you have and the space available for the fridge. We would recommend compression fridges as they keep a more consistent temperature.

We hope that the recommendations and hints in this article will help you choose the right fridge for you and protect your wine bottles for years to come.


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