Wines Similar To Moscato: 6 Alternatives To Choose From

Wine has a way of going down smooth and filling your mouth with flavors you never knew existed. You can taste the wine in the vineyard where it grows. Maybe the vintner creates a special cuvee – but no matter how much flourish he puts into each glass, tasting just one sip will leave an impression on anyone’s palate.

While the crisp tastes of citrus, granny smith apple, and stone fruits that you adore in Moscato will still be present. Wines are complex beverages that can have many different tastes and descriptions.

Most people need to ease their way in before they find the wine that sparks joy for life. But there is no reason why someone should wait until your favorite Barolo detracts you from experiencing new wines.

If you want great results and are thirsting after knowledge on how each vineyard’s terroir affects the quality output check out our alternatives to Moscato wine.

About Moscato

Moscato is a sweet White wine grape which is famous for its sweetness. The wines are typically low in alcohol and have a light, fruity flavor. Moscato is often used to make sweet dessert wines. You can enjoy it also as an aperitif or with fruit and cheese.

Moscato grapes are native to Italy. Wine makers use it to make a variety of Italian wines, including Asti, Moscato d’Asti, and Moscato Bianco. Moscato wines are also produced in France, Australia, South Africa, and the United States.

Moscato wines are typically made from the Muscat Blanc grape, though some varieties are also made from Muscat of Alexandria grapes.

The Muscat grape produces aromas and flavors of peach, apricot, and honey. While the crisp tastes of citrus, granny smith apple, and stone fruits that you adore in Moscato will still be present.

Benefits Of Moscato Wine

Moscato wine is a type of wine that delivers many benefits to health. It is a properly fermented and low alcoholic white-colored wine. Let’s take a look at some of its major benefits:

  • The first benefit is that it helps in reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in the body.
  • Moscato wine is also known to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. Especially colon cancer if you consume the wine in moderation.
  • Drinking this wine regularly can also help in preventing heart diseases.
  • Moscato wine is also effective in treating anxiety and depression.

With these benefits in mind, it is easy to see why Moscato wine is a popular choice among wine lovers.

Whether you are looking to improve your health or simply enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, Moscato wine has something to offer everyone. So the next time you go shopping for wine, make sure to include some Moscato in your cart.

Wines Similar To Moscato: 6 Alternatives To Choose From

Do you like Moscato wine? If so, you’re in luck, because there are plenty of other wines out there that are similar to it in terms of taste and style. Here are six of the best Moscato alternatives wine that a wine drinker should try in the wine world:


If you like the sweet unique, fruity flavors of Moscato, then try Riesling. This German wine is known for its intense sweetness, and rich flavors and it’s often made in a dessert-like style. However, there are also dry Rieslings out there, so you can find one to suit your taste.


Another great option for those who love Moscato wine is Gewürztraminer. It`s a flavorful white wine that has fruity and spicy characteristics.

This wine typically comes from Alsace in France, but you can find in wine regions around the world. If you want to try something new, Gewürztraminer is worth a try.

Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc is another unique wine that’s similar to Moscato in terms of sweetness and rich flavors. This white perfect wine originates from the Loire Valley in France, and it’s known for its honeyed flavors and acidity. Chenin Blanc is a great option for those who want to try something new and different. It pairs well with many different foods. Chenin Blanc is frequently promoted as a dessert wine and falls on the sweeter side.


Viognier is another white wine that’s similar to Moscato in terms of sweetness. This French wine has apricot and peach flavors, and is a perfect partner to spicy foods. Viognier is still a little bit less common than other white wines, but it’s worth a try if you’re looking for something new and different. You can find it in the Rhone valley where it`s very common.


This red wine also has plenty of sweetness, which makes it another good alternative to Moscato wine. This American wine has a rich flavor profile and notes of red fruit, which makes it perfect for pairing with cheese or chocolate. If you love the Moscato wine style, then St.-Croix is worth a try.


This Argentinean white wine is similar to Moscato in terms of sweetness and floral flavor, but it has a little more acidity and minerality. Torrontés also has aromas of flowers and tropical fruits, which give it a unique flavor profile that’s worth a try if you love Moscato wine.

As you can see, there are plenty of other wines out there that are similar to Moscato in terms of flavor and style. If you’re looking for something new and different, then these six wines are worth a try. Pick up a bottle today to see which one is your favorite.

Other alternatives:


Moscato is a delicious, sweet wine that has become increasingly popular in recent years. As a Moscato lover,If you’re looking for an alternative to Moscato, there are several other types of wines that can offer a similar taste and experience. Some of the most popular alternatives to Moscato include Riesling, Gewürztraminer, and Chenin Blanc. Each of these wines has its own unique flavor profile, so be sure to try a few different types to find the perfect match for your palate. Cheers!

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