How to buy wine

You might think this is a stupid question as surely you simply go to your local shop and buy some. However, once you look at the issue more closely it gets complicated. You know you want to buy wine but the problem is which one? And which retailer to choose?

Where to buy wine near me ?

Buying wine online is becoming more popular as the internet is the world’s biggest wine cellar. If you`re a couch potatoe this is the perfect fit for you as you can mix bottles in the same order from all over the world delivered directly to your doorstep. Prices are always transparent and you`re likely to get the best deal possible.

The dangers of online shopping may still prevent the pleasure of drinking the wine you ordered as long lead times or unrealiable sellers may stop you getting the wine you ordered.

COVID 19 lockdown restrictions accelerated the growth of the online wine business. Prior to 2019 half of online wine merchants were not profitable but the increase in business of up to 60 % in 2020 gave the business model a significant boost. With the help of artificial intelligence, newsletters the appeal to customers was further increased with businesses continuing to grow in 2021.

Do you like High Street shopping ?

Wine retailers are often situated in the city centre and independent wine merchants often purchase from numerous wineries to fill their shelves. You`ve got the opportunity to share the wine merchant`s passion about their wine during tastings they offer occasionally. Wine merchants are able to help you to select the perfect choice of wine for your meal or menu according to your budget. This service comes at a slightly higher price than you  pay at an online seller.

Buying wine at an auction ?

Online auctions like ebay or are very popular and offer the possibility to get a good deal on the wine and vintage you like and can`t get anywhere else. Unfortunately the storage conditions as well as the authenticity are difficult to verify especially in online auctions.

Wine for the global traveller ?

Many wine lovers enjoy a visit to a good wine maker. It is a great way to explore the winery as well as discovering how the wine is made. Understanding the philosophy behind the wine becomes possible as the vintner is able to provide you with a detailed explanation. Wine tastings are practically a must

Despite being very enjoyable and an unforgettable experience prices are likely to be higher than those of your local wine shop or online trader as the wine maker does not want to become a competitor to his main customers.

Choice and social ambiance?

Wine makers are participating on a regular basis in wine expositions to meet their customers. It is the ideal occasion for a wine lover to explore a large variety of wines in a single place in the company of a lot of like-minded people. You can try the wine before buying it.

You need to know what you are looking for as it can be difficult to navigate your way around wine expositions

One stop shop ?

70-80 % of wine is sold in supermarkets as they are the most convenient place for consumers to buy wine. All ingredients for your meal including the wine can be bought in one shop. Most supermarkets offer a large selection of wines from many different regions.

As supermarket chains buy wine in large volumes they are often able to offer wine at highly competitive prices but at the cost of normally not having much advice on their products available.


Depending what your preferences are there`s a number of possibilities to buy wine. In case you need advice on what to buy your local wine merchant is always a good choice.
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