Best food with Champagne

Best food with champagne are obviously oysters or salty appetizers you eat during a reception. Champagne is more versatile than this. You can pair it with many dishes you did not think about. You only need to choose your champagne depending on the food you want to enjoy or vice versa.

Best food with extra dry champagne

Brut nature or zero dosage champagne is very dry with a very fine fruitiness. It pairs well with salty savory dishes like lobster or roast chicken.

An extra dry champagne with a larger amount of vin de reserve suits very well with churros. It may look like a contrast to the salty, fatty dishes described above. You surely see the parallel in fatty, salty/sugary food matching extra brut champagne. It`s a lively champagne breaking through the oily taste without reducing the pleasure of the salty or sugary taste.

Extra brut champagne we recommend:

  • Di Mangan – Extra Brut, Florence Duchene EUUSA
  • Guyot-Guillaume, Brut Nature EUUSA

Best food with brut champagne

Brut champagne is the most common dosage with a market volume of > 90 %. Therefore it`s very easy to find a champagne for your favorite food. Very good matches to brut champagne are dishes with a salty fatty flavor which complement the mineral, slightly acidic but fruity aroma of the sparkling wine.

Champagne with crisps? This is a combination you would expect in a pub with a pint of lager. We can absolutely recommend this pairing as an aperitif. The salty, fatty and slight vinegary taste of the crisps underlines the minerality and fruitiness of a white brut champagne.

Steak with French fries or fried potatoes: Does this sound strange to you? You will be leaving the classic path but it`s absolutely worth a try. The salty fatty flavor of the French fries or potatoes underlines the mineral, fruity flavor of the champagne. The bubbly texture as well as the slight acidity will cut through the richness of the steak. Keep in mind that sauces will strongly influence the overall taste.

Brut champagne we suggest:

  • Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin Brut EUUSA
  • Heidsieck Monopole Blue Top Brut EUUSA
  • Champagne Yveline Prat Brut EUUSA

Best food with blanc de blancs champagne

A blanc de blancs champagne is exclusively made of grapes with white skin mostly from chardonnay grapes. The champagne has a bright acidity and dryness. This opens different choices of food. You can pick the classic pairings like caviar, oysters light fish and creamy soups.

What about comfort food? A poutine or maccharoni and cheese? The buttery taste of the blanc de blancs accompanies the unctuous aroma. At the same time, it cuts through the combo of French fries and cheese or macaroni and cheese without overpowering the aroma of the food.

Blanc de Blancs champagne we like:

  • Cuvee des Chevaliers – P Lancelot Royer, Blanc de Blancs EU – USA
  • L`Ambitieuse – Pertois-Lebrun, Blanc de Blancs EU – USA
  • Les Crayeres Grand Cru – Champagne Vauversin, Blanc de Blancs EU – USA

Best food with blanc de noirs champagne

Blanc de noirs champagne can be made from Petit Meunier and Pinot Noir. You need to differ between these two variants.

A blanc de meunier pairs well with a falafel sandwich. The strong, rustic aroma of a blanc de meunier adds crunch and freshness to this greasy dish.   

An oaky blanc de noirs made from pinot noir goes well with a pulled pork bao. The mineral finish of the champagne suits well with the shredded texture of the meat as well as with the fine spices.

Blanc de Noirs champagne we recommend:

  • Champagne Devaux – Blanc de Noirs Coeur des Bar EU – USA
  • Champagne H. Blin – Blanc de Noirs EU – USA
  • Champagne Barnaut – Blanc de Noirs Brut EU – USA

Best food with rose champagne

The rose champagne`s salinity, fruitiness and at the same time wine like character make it a versatile partner for any meal. You can pair it with your starter, main course, and dessert. Have you ever thought about having a champagne dinner? Rose champagne can be the best choice for it!

Appetizers: Duck or roast chicken with their sweet fatty aroma go very well with rose champagne with their acidity which cuts through the fatty taste. The fruity and saline aroma brings forth the rich meaty notes of the grilled poultry.

Do you fancy seafood? A seafood ceviche with acidic berries (e.g., raspberries) and popcorn. The salinity notes of the champagne add to the iodine flavor of the sea fruit. The fruity aroma of the champagne complements the acidic berry flavor.

Juicy smash burger: Do you like rose champagne? Yes? Then this is for you. A juicy smash burger is a wonderful match with a brut rose champagne from „les Riceys“. Les Riceys is a region which produces rose champagne (saignee method) with a strong red wine like aroma. The tannins in this champagne correspond well with the juicy smash burger.

Pink champagne also pairs well with comfort food like a pizza as the acidity and berry fruit aromas go well with the tomato sauce and the creaminess of the cheese.

Rose champagne we recommend:

  • Les Riceys Brut, Elise Dechannes, Champagne Rose EU – USA
  • Les Riceys, Pascal Benoist, Brut Rose EU – USA
  • Moet et Chandon – Nectar Imperial Rose EU – USA
  • Veuve Cliquot – Brut Rose EU – USA

Best food with demi sec (sweet) champagne

Now we`re at the end of our menu. Demi sec champagne goes well with cheese or a fruity dessert.

You can also drink demi sec champagne as a company to charred octopus or even popcorn. The sweetness of the champagne matches extremely well with the buttery flavor of the popcorn. It`s unconventional but have you ever thought about watching a football game with demi sec champagne and popcorn instead of a beer? – Enjoy.

Demi sec champagne we suggest:

  • Veuve Cliquot – Demi Sec
  • Laurent Perrier – Harmony Demi Sec
  • Beau Joie Sugar King – Demi-Sec
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