Best food with Champagne

Best Champagne food pairings

Best food with champagne are obviously raw oysters or salty appetizers you eat during a reception. It`s the classic pairing but champagne is more versatile than this. You can pair it with many dishes you did not think about.

What is Champagne?

Champagne is a sparkling wine that has been produced in the Champagne region of France since the early 17th century. It is made from a blend of grapes, primarily Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. The grapes are grown in the cool climate of the Champagne and fermented using traditional methods to give it its signature flavor and effervescence.

The production process for Champagne is complex and consists of blending the wines as well as bottling them before the secondary fermentation. This includes allowing the wine to undergo secondary fermentation in bottles, which produces its unique bubbly texture.

After this process, it can take years before it reaches maturity and can be released as a quality product on the market.

Champagne sweetness level

The sweetness level of Champagne is determined by the amount of residual sugar left in the bottle after fermentation. The drier style of Champagnes have little or no residual sugar while sweeter styles have a higher degree of residual sugar.

Brut nature champagne has no added dosage and is considered very dry while Demi-Sec sweet champagne contains more than 50 grams per liter and can be quite sweet. The most popular style enjoyed today lies somewhere between – Extra Dry contains 12-20 grams per liter and Brut Nature contains 0-6 grams per liter.

How to Pair Champagne based on sweetness

The basic rule when pairing is that the sweetness level in your Champagne should be equal to or slightly sweeter than your food. You’ll also want to consider both dishes’ respective flavors and textures. This will influence which type of Champagne pairs best with it.

Lighter foods like fish or salads pair better with a Brut Champagne. Heavier dishes such as roasted meats or cream sauces require richer varieties like vintage or rosé Champagnes.

Dark chocolate pairs well with sweet to semi sweet champagne. The bitter notes of the chocolate are balanced by the sweet, fruity flavors of the champagne. For milk chocolate which is sweeter we recommend a semi sweet to dry champagne.

Do you drink Champagne with food?

Champagne is a deliciously sparkling beverage enjoyed all around the world. Whether it’s sipped from flutes or poured into punch bowls, champagne has become a staple of many celebrations and dinner parties. But should you drink champagne with food?

Yes ! – It’s light, bubbly texture pairs well with both cured meats, savory and sweet dishes alike, making it perfect for any occasion. Furthermore, its neutral flavor won’t overpower subtle flavors in more delicate dishes like seafood or fried chicken.

What finger food to choose?

When choosing finger food to pair with bubbly Champagne, opt for light bites like small canapés with smoked fish or just smoked salmon, mini quiches, or bite-sized tartlets. These types of foods provide a fun, yet elegant display for your party table.

You can also add flavorful dips and spreads like hummus or salsa to accompany an array of vegetable crudités and crunchy crackers. And don’t forget the cheese or cured meats!

You can also pair champagne with potato chips. You will be surprised about the result!

Champagne and cheese food pairings

A pairing of champagne and cheese is a classic combination that can make any occasion feel festive. Not only are these two ingredients delicious on their own, but when combined they create an indulgent snacking experience.

When considering food pairings of cheese or creamy cheese and champagne, consider the intensity of the bubbly’s flavor as well as its sweetness level. A dry sparkling wine will be less sweet than a sweeter variety like demi-sec or doux.

Additionally, some champagnes have subtle hints of citrus or other fruity flavors. They can bring out certain notes in different types of cheese. For instance, soft and creamy cheese like brie often pairs nicely with extra brut sparkling wines that have notes of apple or pear.

Grilled cheese goes well with a Blanc de blancs champagne or sparkling wine with a crisp acidity and citrus notes

Brut nature or zero dosage champagne is very dry with a very fine fruitiness. It pairs well with salty savory dishes like lobster or roast turkey or fried chicken.

Perfect pairing of champagne with dessert

An extra dry champagne with a larger amount of vin de reserve suits very well with deep fried foods as churros. It may look like a contrast to the salty, savory flavors in the deep fried dishes described above.

You surely see the parallel in deep fried fatty, salty/sugary food matching extra brut champagne. It`s a lively champagne breaking through the oily taste without reducing the pleasure of the salty or sugary taste.

A dish which combines both saltiness and sweetness is a corn dog. You can easily pair a couple of corn dogs with a glass of zero dosage champagne.

  • Di Mangan – Extra Brut, Florence Duchene EU – USA
  • Guyot-Guillaume, Brut Nature EU – USA

Dark chocolate on the other hand requires a sweet to semi dry champagne to balance the bitter notes of the dark chocolate.

An extra dry champagne with a larger amount of vin de reserve suits very well with deep fried foods as churros. It may look like a contrast to the salty, savory flavors in the deep fried dishes described above.

Best Champagne with steak and fries

Brut champagne is the most common dosage with a market volume of > 90 %. Therefore it`s very easy to find a champagne for your favorite food. Very good matches to brut champagne are dishes with a salty fatty flavor. They complement the mineral, slightly acidic but fruity aroma of the sparkling wine.

Champagne with crisps? This is a combination you would expect in a pub with a pint of lager. We can absolutely recommend this pairing as an aperitif. The salty, fatty and slight vinegary taste of the crisps underlines the minerality and fruitiness of a white brut champagne.

Steak with fries or fried potatoes? You will be leaving the classic path but it`s absolutely worth a try. The salty fatty flavor of the French fries or potatoes underlines the mineral, fruity flavor of the champagne.

The bubbly texture as well as the slight acidity will cut through the richness of the steak. Keep in mind that sauces will strongly influence the overall taste.

Brut Champagne we suggest

  • Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin Brut EUUSA
  • Heidsieck Monopole Blue Top Brut EUUSA
  • Champagne Yveline Prat Brut EUUSA

Best champagne with macaroni and cheese

A Blanc de Blancs champagne is exclusively made of grapes with white skin mostly from chardonnay grapes. The champagne has a bright acidity and dryness. This opens different choices of food. You can pick the classic pairings like caviar, oysters light fish and creamy soups.

What about comfort food? A poutine with smoked gouda or macaroni and cheese? The buttery taste of the Blanc de Blancs accompanies the unctuous aroma. At the same time, it cuts through the combo of French fries and cheese or macaroni and cheese without overpowering the aroma of the food.

Blanc de Blancs champagne we like:

  • Cuvee des Chevaliers – P Lancelot Royer, Blanc de Blancs EU – USA
  • L`Ambitieuse – Pertois-Lebrun, Blanc de Blancs EU – USA
  • Les Crayeres Grand Cru – Champagne Vauversin, Blanc de Blancs EU – USA

Best champagne with a falafel sandwich

Blanc de Noirs champagne can be made from Petit Meunier and Pinot Noir. You need to differ between these two variants.

A blanc de meunier pairs well with a falafel sandwich. The strong, rustic aroma of a blanc de meunier adds crunch and freshness to this greasy dish.   

An oaky blanc de noirs made from pinot noir goes well with a pulled pork bao. The mineral finish of the champagne suits well with the shredded texture of the meat as well as with the fine spices.

Blanc de Noirs champagne we recommend:

  • Champagne Devaux – Blanc de Noirs Coeur des Bar EU – USA
  • Champagne H. Blin – Blanc de Noirs EU – USA
  • Champagne Barnaut – Blanc de Noirs Brut EU – USA

Best food with rosé champagne

The rosé champagne`s salinity, fruitiness and at the same time wine like character make it a versatile partner for any meal. You can pair it with your starter, main course, and dessert. Have you ever thought about having a champagne dinner? Pink champagne can be the best choice for it!

Rosé champagne from Les Riceys

Rosé champagne is produced by most champagne houses. This pink sparkling wine is a nice alternative to its white counterpart. Very special pink champagne is made in the champagne region of Les Riceys. The champagne has very intense aroma and can be compared to red wine.

When it comes to selecting the perfect food pairing for Champagne, Les Riceys is a great choice. Produced in the south-east of France near Troyes and Bar-sur-Aube, this unique appellation produces Champagnes that are renowned for their distinct taste and flavor.

Les Riceys is known for producing some of the most extensive and diverse styles of wine in the region. A variety of dry, semi-dry and sweet wines is available to suit all tastes.

Depending on whether you chose a dry or sweet sparkling wine, there are various options to explore when deciding what type of food will pair well with it.

You can pair with champagne from the Riceys region foie gras. To be more specific the perfect wine with a foie gras is a Blanc de Noirs from Riceys.

Best champagne with grilled duck

Roast Duck or fried chicken with their sweet fatty aroma go very well with pink champagne. The acidity cuts through the fatty taste. The fruity and saline aroma brings forth the rich meaty notes of the grilled poultry.

Best champagne with seafood

Do you fancy seafood? A seafood ceviche with acidic berries (e.g., raspberries) and popcorn. The salinity notes of the champagne add to the iodine flavor of the sea fruit. The fruity aroma of the champagne complements the acidic berry flavor.

Best Champagne with burger

Do you like rosé champagne? Yes? Then this is for you. A juicy smash burger is a wonderful match with a brut rosé champagne from „les Riceys“. Les Riceys is a region which produces rosé champagne (saignee method) with a strong red wine like aroma. The tannins in this champagne correspond well with the juicy smash burger.

Best Champagne with pizza

The first step is to consider the type of pizza that you will be enjoying. This will help determine what kind of champagne should be served alongside it.

If your pizza has a lot of garlicky flavors then a zero dosage or brut nature champagne would pair well with the dish. Sweeter options like a classic brut champagne may work better with fruitier pizzas.

Pink champagne with pizza

Pink champagne also pairs well with comfort food like a pizza. The acidity and berry fruit aromas go well with the tomato sauce and the creaminess of the cheese.

Rosé champagne we recommend:

  • Les Riceys Brut, Elise Dechannes, Champagne Rose EU – USA
  • Les Riceys, Pascal Benoist, Brut Rose EU – USA
  • Moet et Chandon – Nectar Imperial Rose EU – USA
  • Veuve Cliquot – Brut Rose EU – USA

Best food with demi sec (sweet) champagne

Now we`re at the end of our menu. Demi sec champagne goes well with cheese or a fruity dessert. You can choose fruit desserts or a lemon tart.

You can also drink demi sec champagne as a company to charred octopus or even popcorn. The sweetness of the champagne matches extremely well with the buttery flavor of the popcorn.

It`s unconventional but have you ever thought about watching a football game with demi sec champagne and popcorn instead of a beer? – Enjoy.

Demi sec champagne we suggest:

  • Veuve Cliquot – Demi Sec
  • Laurent Perrier – Harmony Demi Sec
  • Beau Joie Sugar King – Demi-Sec

Champagne pairing guide

You already know the versatility of Champagne but there`s a lot more to it. We wrote a short guide to pair your favorite drink with food. You`ll be able to have an entire menu with Champagne as a drink.

We covered most combinations. In case there`re other dishes you like to pair with Champagne which we did not mention, point them out to us.

Hi, my name is Christina Day, and I am a self-proclaimed wine connoisseur. It is my favorite alcoholic drink, and I enjoy nothing better than kicking back on the sofa after a long week of work to enjoy a glass of wine… or two!

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