What is a Wine Expert Called?

A sommelier! Pronounced suh-mel-eyay, this French word literally translates to butler or wine steward in English. More accurately it refers to a wine waiter or wine specialist. Somebody who has had highly specialized training and can serve as a “professional” in the wine industry.

So what is a professional wine taster called ? It`s not a wine connoisseur but a sommelier or wine specialist. A wine connoisseur is a person who knows his way around wine. The title comes from the French verb “connaitre” which means “to taste wine and know”. When drinking wine most wine lovers may be wine connoisseurs but only very few are sommeliers.

Serving as the wine industry’s largest professional body, COMS is an educational group that offers lengthy and vigorous certification programs. They provide official documentation that proves the authenticity of a wine expert’s qualifications.

Key takeaways:

  • A sommelier is a person specially trained to match wine to food. They serve the wine in the which accentuates the flavors best
  • You need to pass exams and get certificates to become a sommelier
  • Every 3 years there`re sommelier World Championships. These are organised by the ASI (Association de la Sommellerie Internationale)
  • A wine connoisseur is a person who knows his way around wine. Every sommelier is a wine connoisseur but not every wine connoisseur is a sommelier
  • You can train to become a sommelier

What are wine tasters called?

A wine taster is called sommelier. It is an expert in wine business or the field of wine tasting. They are knowledgeable about different types of wines, their origins, and how to best pair them with food – A wine specialist. They normally have a sommelier diploma, too.

Do You Tip At Wine Tastings?

A sommelier’s job includes selecting wines for restaurants, helping customers choose bottles from a restaurant experience a wine list and recommending pairing options. A sommelier needs to pass a sommelier certification to carry this title. When drinking wine they mostly just taste the wine and spit the wine into a bucket reserved for this.

A wine sommelier must have a deep understanding of all aspects of wine including production methods, grape varieties, vintages and regions. To become certified as a sommelier, one must pass exams testing their knowledge on blind tastings, wine regions and service standards. This certification process also requires experience with food and beverage matching, general wine knowledge as well as other areas related to hospitality management. Not every wine expert is a sommelier.

In addition to working in restaurants or hotels, many sommeliers pursue careers in sales or even winemaking itself. Very often these wine professionals are able to identify wines, their origin and grapes in blind tastings.

Sommelier World Champion

The current best wine taster of international sommelier guild the world is Marc Almert. He won this ASI (Association de la Sommellerie Internationale) title in 2019. The next ASI world championship is in 2023 due to COVID 19. He`s currently Chief Sommelier at the Baur au Lac, Zürich. Marc Almert was just 27 years old when he became Sommelier World Champion in 2019. He has his own 16-wine collection sold online and through Baur au Lac’s retail outlets

Some of his very famous predecessors as sommelier World Champions are Paolo Basso (2013), Philippe Faure-Brac (1992), Serge Dubs (1989) and Giuseppe Vaccarini (1978). They pursue their career as sommeliers in 3 star Michelin restaurants or have published books online wine courses to pass on part of their knowledge.

Sadly, whilst the majority of sommeliers at restaurants, for instance, are usually only there to serve you your wine and offer suggestions from the restaurant`s wine list, most if not all of them will have a wealth of knowledge on the subject-far more than they’ll ever need in this restaurant setting anyway.

Chevaliers du Tastevin

Chevaliers du tastevin, a French organization dedicated to promoting the wines and vineyards of Burgundy, was founded in 1934 by the wine makers Georges Faiveley and Camille Rodier with a number of friends. The group’s name references the “tastevin,” a shallow silver cup used to sample wines for quality assurance. Today, Chevaliers du tastevin is composed of members from all walks of life who are dedicated to enjoying and sharing their love for Burgundian wines.

The organization hosts events throughout the year that aim to educate its members about the region’s history and viticulture practices while also providing opportunities to interact with local winemakers and taste their products.

Which restaurants have a sommelier?

In today’s culinary world, a sommelier is a restaurant employee in a fine dining restaurant who specializes in the selection, storage and service of wines. Many restaurants have hired sommeliers to provide expert advice to diners with questions about their food and wine pairings. Sommeliers are well-trained professionals who have passed an examination that tests their knowledge of different grape varieties, wine knowledge, regions and vintage years.

If you are looking for which restaurants have a sommelier on staff, you can find this out by researching online or asking the restaurant directly. You will want to make sure that the restaurant has certified professionals on staff so that they can offer knowledgeable advice when pairing wines with your meal.If you are looking for which restaurants have a sommelier on staff, you can find this out by researching online or asking the restaurant directly. You will want to make sure that the restaurant has certified sommeliers professionals on staff so that they can offer knowledgeable advice when pairing wines with your meal.

Can anyone be a sommelier?

Yes, provided they are legally old enough to drink alcohol in the state or country where they are applying for the position, there are no restrictions on who can become a sommelier in a restaurant or at a vineyard, for instance.

That being said, you’ll definitely have a better chance of getting a job as a sommelier or resident wine expert in a wine bar if you have taken the time to undergo a relevant certification program.

You’ll find a couple of different ones to choose from, though some have more authority than others in the culinary industry.

Wine taster Salary

The salary of a sommelier can vary widely depending on their level of experience and certification. A certified sommelier, who has completed the introductory and certified levels of the Court of Master Sommeliers or similar programs, can typically earn between $80,000 to $100,000 per year. However, with advanced certification such as the Advanced Sommelier or Master Sommelier designation, these professionals can potentially earn well over six figures annually.

It’s important to note that a sommelier’s earnings are often influenced by other factors such as their place of employment, geographic location, and reputation within the industry. For instance, working at a prestigious fine dining restaurant in a major city may offer higher earning potential compared to working at a smaller establishment in a suburban area. Furthermore, networking and building strong relationships with suppliers and producers can also open up additional income opportunities for sommeliers through consulting gigs or private events. Ultimately, while certification is important for establishing credibility in the field, it’s just one element that contributes to a sommelier’s earning potential.

What is a liquor expert called?

A liquor expert is a person who has extensive knowledge in alcoholic beverages, particularly wine. They are usually referred to as wine experts or sommeliers, but their expertise can also extend to other types of spirits and liqueurs.

Sommeliers specialize in the field of wine and have worked hard to acquire the skills necessary for appreciating its flavor profiles, aroma, texture and production techniques. They typically have a detailed understanding of how different wines from around the world taste and pair with food. In addition to being familiar with grape varietals, they can often provide advice on food and drink pairings as well as vintage selection tips.

Liquor experts also possess knowledge about other forms of alcohol such as whiskey, brandy, gin, rum and vodka.

Person who serves wine vs sommelier

When it comes to the world of wine, there is often confusion surrounding the roles of a person who serves wine and a sommelier. While both play crucial roles in enhancing the dining experience, their responsibilities and expertise differ significantly.

A person who serves wine typically works in a restaurant or bar setting and is responsible for pouring and serving wine to customers. They may have some basic knowledge of different types of wines, but their primary focus is on customer service and ensuring that each glass is poured with care.

On the other hand, a sommelier undergoes extensive training and certification to become an expert in all things related to wine. Their deep understanding of grape varieties, winemaking techniques, regions, and food pairings enables them to curate exceptional wine lists, offer recommendations based on individual preferences, and educate both staff and patrons about the nuances of each bottle. Ultimately, a sommelier’s expertise elevates the overall dining experience by adding depth and insight into the world of wine.

What are the qualifications to become a sommelier?

However, as the majority of sommelier roles will be public-facing, requiring a great deal of interaction with customers on a daily basis, you will need to meet a certain set of skills to make it past the interview process.

For instance, you need top-notch communication skills – the fancier the establishment, the more formal you’ll be expected to be. No slang words or dropping your ‘h’ – just your best and most polite conversation at all times.

Given that you’ll be handling a great deal of glassware and expensive bottles pretty much every time you go to work, being a sommelier is probably not the career for you if you’re clumsy. That thousand dollar Merlot will come out of your paycheck!

How to get a sommelier certification?

Are you interested in becoming a professional sommelier? With the right training, competent and successful sommelier certification, you can become an expert in wine and beverage knowledge. A sommelier certification will help you gain the skills and credentials needed to pursue a career as a sommelier. Here’s how to get your certification.


Wine knowledge

First, you’ll need to find a certified wine program, or course to complete. Research different programs that meet your budget and learning needs. Once you decide on one, make sure it is approved by the Court of Master Sommeliers or other well-known organizations in the industry.

Wine varieties

After completing your program or course, prepare for the exam that will test your knowledge of wine varieties, production methods and food pairings. You’ll also be expected to demonstrate proficiency in service standards such as decanting wine and creating cohesive tasting menus for guests.

How do you become a certified sommelier?

Though there is not a specific path that one must follow in order to “become” a sommelier, there are two wine schools recognized as the most popular.

These are the Court of Master Sommeliers (CMS) and the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) – some sommeliers will actually attend both institutions to give themselves the broadest experience possible.

Created back in 1977, the Court of Master Sommeliers is probably the most recognizable educational organization in the world of wine.

How to become a Master Sommelier?

A master sommelier is an expert in wines and spirits, with a deep knowledge of the history and production methods of different beverages. The title of master sommelier is one of the most prestigious qualifications within the wine industry, and is awarded to those who have achieved a certain level of expertise after passing the master sommelier levels an intensive exam that covers all aspects of wine service.

To become a master sommelier, candidates must first complete their Introductory Sommelier Course and then progress through the Advanced Sommelier Course before taking on the Master Sommelier Exam.

This exam consists of three parts – Theory & Service, Tasting & Pairing, and Theory & Blind Tasting – that test candidates’ comprehensive understanding and advanced skills in beverage knowledge. After passing this rigorous qualification process, individuals are granted access to invaluable networking opportunities in addition to the respect associated with the title.

Master sommeliers work

They work primarily with restaurant industry to create measurable standards of quality for serving drinks and the art of fine dining, with a focus on rating vintage, wine tasting, technical skills and which producers to watch out for. Master sommeliers need to take several exams:

Introductory Sommelier Certificate (CMS I)

Three days of study, followed by a multiple-choice examination and a practical test of your wine service skills

Certified Sommelier Examination (CMS II)

Once you’ve completed the Introductory Sommelier Certificate, you’ll need to conduct some more self-taught studying before you’re ready for CMS II, which involves self study, a theoretical exam paper, a blind tasting test and another test of your wine service skills

Advanced Sommelier Certificate (CMS III)

Lasting five days overall, with the latter half specifically set aside for examinations. CMS III again consists of a written exam based in theory. A second part is another blind testing and more evaluation of your practical abilities to serve wine and interact with customers

Master Sommelier Diploma (CMS IV)

It is believed you will need approximately three years of study to prepare for this exam. Only 269 individuals have successfully earned the title of Master Sommelier since the court’s conception

Wine courses for wine connoisseurs

Those who have a particular interest in wine but don’t wish to pursue a career in the service industry would probably prefer to conduct a Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) qualification.

WSET is the biggest organization to offer a formal wine, sake and spirit course available to professionals or enthusiasts alike.


Marc Almert is currently the world`s best sommelier. It`s a higly renowned profession. Not every person who´s responsible for wine at your favorite restaurant is a true sommelier. You need to make your own impression. A wine connoisseur is a person who knows his way around wine. A successful sommelier is surely a wine connoisseur but nor every wine connoisseur is a sommelier.

Hi, my name is Christina Day, and I am a self-proclaimed wine connoisseur. It is my favorite alcoholic drink, and I enjoy nothing better than kicking back on the sofa after a long week of work to enjoy a glass of wine… or two!