Best Dual Zone Wine And Beverage Cooler

Sometimes a regular fridge is not enough, especially for the wine enthusiast. Good vintages need their own space.

Best Dual Zone Wine And Beverage Cooler

That’s why dual-zone coolers are the perfect storage space for all your wine and beverages. It is also a smart and safe idea to store your alcohol separately. 

A dual-zone cooler is very versatile. They have two partitioned storage spaces that operate at different temperatures.

So you have one side for chilling the drinks, while the other side can keep them at room temperature. But not all dual-zone coolers out there are going to give you the same experience

So we’ve done a deep dive and found some of the best wine and beverage coolers out there. We’ve made sure to check and double-check all their features and the nuts and bolts so you don’t have to.

So sit back, have a read, and figure out which cooler is best for you. And if you’re still a little unsure about wine coolers, why not check out the Buyer’s Guide and FAQs below. 


‘Wine Ethusiast’ Dual-Zone Compressor Wine & Beverage Cooler

From a company called ‘Wine Enthusiast,’ you can expect a quality drinks cooler. And this one comes at a relatively affordable price. The Wine enthusiast dual-zone cooler uses compressor cooling.

Compressor cooling technology benefits from lasting twice as long as other coolers.  as well as that, they keep a consistent temperature and run quietly and efficiently. 

This cooler has a capacity of 24 bottles. It measures 31.4 inches in height, 20 inches wide,  and 19.3 inches deep. It weighs 62 lb. Which means it’s not too heavy to move around.

The Wine Enthusiast cooler comes with french doors attached. French doors allow you to open one side while leaving the other closed. This means the dual zones can go uninterrupted while you search through either side.

We know electricity can be an issue when it comes to operating a wine cooler long-term. This is why a wine enthusiast cooler is a good option for those who are looking for an energy-efficient cooler. 

Wine Enthusiast is so confident in their cooler that they have made sure to back it up with a warranty. The company is based in the United States and has over 40 years of experience when it comes to wine storage and preservation.


  • Not too heavy
  • Dual-zone compressor for efficient running
  • Energy efficient
  • Affordable
  • French doors


  • Not suitable for larger wine and beverage collections

Maisee Dual Zone Wine & Beverage Cooler

For those looking for a cooler that’s compact and efficient, the Maisiee dual zone wine and beverage cooler is a fantastic choice. It can store up to 18 standard bottles of wine.

So while that may not be as much as the previous product, it should be enough for the average wine drinker. Collectors should probably go for a fridge with a larger capacity. This freestanding cooler is perfect for countertops. 

The digital temperature control allows you to adjust the temperature as you like. Moreover, this cooler has humidity control.

It’s not enough for a wine cooler to just have temperature control, in order to store and age wine perfectly there should be humidity control. A poorly controlled, humid atmosphere can ruin a good bottle as easily as leaving it out in the sun.

The constant temperature and humidity control do not mean this cooler is noisy.  In fact, the truth is the opposite. This cooler uses thermoelectric cooling technology.

Thermoelectric cooling technology is quiet and does not use strong vibrations like other coolers. 

The double-paned, thermopane, glass doors are UV resistant. This means that the cooler can be used outside without fear of the sun ruining your beverages.

And the soft interior light means you can use this cooler day or night which makes it perfect for evening events. Maisiee has really thought of everything.


  • Digital temperature and humidity control
  • UV resistant doors
  • Portable and lightweight countertop model
  • Digital light
  • Thermoelectric cooling which is quiet


  • Small capacity

Ivation Dual Zone Wine & Beverage Cooler

Ivation is is a company that specializes in coolers, they are based in Edison New Jersey, and have years of experience when it comes to making a good cooler.

This dual-zone cooler surpasses good, we even go so far as to say is great. The easy touch temperature control allows you to control both zones- their temperatures as well as humidity at the press of a button.

This cooler also utilizes compressor technology for efficiency.

It also has a double-pane, and thermopane glass door to keep out the UV light and keep the interior regulated. This also keeps out moisture.

As well as temperature control this cooler has automatic defrost technology full stop which means you don’t have to worry about your bottles icing over.

It can hold up to 33 bottles, which again isn’t that much for a wine collector but, it is way more than enough for your average drinker. 

Thinking long-term, Ivation has made sure that their racks are removable so this cooler can be easily accessed for regular maintenance and cleaning.

It also has an energy-efficient LED light to illuminate the bottles. The benefits of an LED light mean that labels will not fade and the flavor of the wine will not be affected as it could be with a fluorescent bulb. 


  • Compressor technology
  • Automatic defrost 
  • Uses LED bulb
  • Easy cleaning and accessibility
  • Temperature and humidity control


  • Not suitable for large collections

Koolatron Urban Series Slim Dual Zone Wine & Beverage Cooler

The Koolatron Urban series Slim cooler is designed for those who like to enjoy a glass or two with their dinner. Or perhaps just a  place to store your bottles for dinner parties and events.

It holds only 18 bottles in total two on each shelf, which means this cooler is very compact. In fact, it’s designed to be as small and easy to fit in your kitchen as possible. 

You can adjust the temperature as you like with the dual-zone cooling and separately controlled zones. A UV blocking door comes as standard.

An internal fan that uses thermoelectric cooling, maintains the optimal temperature to protect and preserve your beverages.

The racks also come as removable so you can customize the space as you see fit, depending on the size and amount of bottles you’ll be storing. 

This cooler is freestanding for your convenience, so it doesn’t need to be placed on a counter. Just so long as it’s placed near a power outlet, it will work quietly and without fuss.

You’ll hardly notice that it’s there until it’s wine time. It weighs around 13.5lbs so it’s relatively portable. It’s 22.5 inches in width, 13 inches in diameter, and 38 inches in height. It also has an LED light which, as you know, is much better for wine storage than a fluorescent light. 

However, this cooler uses a manual defrost system. What that basically means, is that in order to defrost the cooler at any point, you’d have to remove everything inside it and leave the doors open for the ice to melt.

It’s not the most efficient defrost, but it’s the oldest method in the book. 


  • Slim and compact
  • Lightweight
  • UV blocking doors
  • LED interior light
  • Thermoelectric cooling which is eco-friendly
  • Freestanding
  • Easy temperature control


  • Manual Defrost
  • Small capacity 

Lanbo Built-in Dual Zone Freestanding Wine & Beverage Cooler

Here’s a great option for wine collectors who want the experience of a wine cellar, without having the sacrifice the space.

This behemoth Lanbo freestanding wine and beverage cooler can hold up to a whopping 149 bottles, that’s 13.4 cubic feet of space inside.

This cooler is about the size of your average refrigerator. But it also has the option to choose smaller models starting at 28 bottles. 

The compressor fan cooling system keeps the temperature at a constant and stable level and will avoid spoiling your drinks. It’s also a very stable cooler to use long-term.

This means if you’re looking to age your wines for a very long time in order to maximize the taste this is the cooler to go with. Made from stainless steel it’s nearly Indestructible.

This clever cooler has a smart digital Touch control panel, that utilizes memory function. This means it will remember your preferred temperature and you won’t always have to set the controls.

The double-pane glass doors will give you access and visibility to your bottles but will not let in UV rays or moisture. Not only that but they’re made of tempered glass, which is one of the strongest types of glass made.

It’s 64 inches in height which means that it will require a lot of space.  The dual zones are kept entirely separate to avoid any contamination or temperature crossover. 

Not only that but this elegantly designed cooler will fit seamlessly into any kitchen without looking out of place. And it has a thoughtfully designed safety lock.

Finally, this cooler has an inbuilt carbon filter that absorbs the smell of the machine and keeps the cooler fresh and untainted.


  • Massive capacity with a smaller capacity available
  • Compressor fan technology
  • Made from stainless steel and tempered glass for durability
  • Carbon filter keeps cooler fresh
  • Dual zones separately controlled
  • Safety lock feature 
  • Memory function
  • Elegant design


  • Very, very big
  • Very, very expensive

Buyer’s Guide

Finding the right cooler can be tricky especially when there are lots of different features you need to take into account. But what if you don’t know what features to look for and what things to observe when shopping around.

That’s where the Buyer’s Guide comes in. We’ve already noted down the things that you should look out for when buying a  dual-zone cooler.

Dual Zone

A dual-zone cooler simply means a Cooler that has two separate areas/zones for storage, hence the name dual zone. They are usually divided horizontally or vertically. The key thing is that they both maintain different temperatures. 

These are useful for drinks that should not all be stored at the same temperature. Such as alcohol, which should be stored at a lower temperature than non-alcoholic beverages.

They are also useful for keeping one set of beverages at storage temperature while the other is at serving temperature

Temperature Control

As said earlier not all drinks should be kept at the same temperature. That’s why it’s paramount to pick a Cooler that has temperature control.

If it’s a dual-zone cooler it will have two separate temperature controls. this will allow you to maintain complete control of the temperature in the cooler and the two different zones. 

Humidity Control 

Humidity control controls the water vapor in the air, in effect the humidity.

Too much water vapor in the air can ruin a drink, especially wine,  as it can cause mold and other bacterial issues. a good cooler will have humidity control as well as temperature control.

A good cooler will have automatic sensors to monitor the humidity and automatically take action. Most coolers will maintain internal humidity of 55 to 85%.

They should also so provide a warning if the humidity becomes out of range so manual intervention can be taken.

Defrost Options

A typical cooler will not need defrosting however there are some instances where it might.  for example, the longer a cooler is kept on the colder it may become, especially when the temperature is being changed or in flux,  either by yourself or automatically.

This can cause frost to build up. Most coolers will have manual defrost. Manual defrost just means that you will have to defrost the food cooler by taking out all the drinks and opening the doors.

This is obviously not ideal. Especially When you need to keep your drinks cool at all times. 

The alternative is to look for a Cooler with automatic defrosting.

Automatic defrosting will sense when Frost is building up and use its fan-assisted cooling systems or other functions to defrost while still maintaining the internal temperature and humidity. This is better for your drinks as it is more consistent.

Finally, a frost-free cooler will simply not allow frost to build up. It does this using preventative measures, using its fans and dynamic cooling system.

Whether a cooler has a manual defrost automatic defrost, or frost-free defrost,  will affect its price. Typically manual defrost is a lot cheaper than automatic or frost-free defrost options. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dual-zone coolers can leave you with more questions than answers, luckily we provided this frequently asked questions section. Here we’ve answered some of the most common questions when it comes to dual-zone coolers.

What’s The Difference Between A Single Zone & Dual Zone Cooler?

The difference between a single Zone and a dual-zone cooler is very simple. A single zone cooler will only have one compartment for storage and cooling.

The single-zone cooler will have one set of temperature controls to maintain the internal environment.  

A dual-zone cooler will have two compartments that are separately temperature controlled. One zone is typically for storage temperature while the other is for keeping drinks at serving temperature. 

What Is The Purpose Of A Dual Zone Cooler?

The purpose of a dual-zone cooler is to be able to store multiple types of beverages at different temperatures. It’s great for people who are collectors of wines, champagnes, and other beverages.

What Temperature Should My Dual Zone Fridge Be?

The temperature that you’re a dual-zone cooler will be on will depend on the temperature that is recommended but either storage or serving of your beverage.

Typically the best temperature range will be between 11 degrees and 18 degrees Celsius for serving. Whereas it should be between 7 and 11 degrees Celsius for storage.

Do I Really Need A Dual Zone Cooler? 

Does anyone really need anything? The purpose of the dual-zone cooler is to keep alcoholic drinks chilled. But more specifically it’s for aging drinks like wine.

You’ll want to put them out of sight (and temptation) to allow them to age. So if you’re a wine enthusiast then a dual-zone cooler would be great for you. Or even if you entertain a lot a need a separate cooler for drinks.

However dual-zone coolers probably aren’t an ideal investment for people who don’t drink alcohol or only drink on occasion. They’re more for wine collectors. 

Dual Zone Wine & Beverage Coolers Final Thoughts…

There you have it. 5 of the best wine and beverage coolers on market right now. Any of these would provide an excellent cooler for the casual drinker or a wine enthusiast.

These coolers would be a wine collector’s dream. They would work particularly great for aging as well as serving beverages.  Their dual use is what makes them so versatile. Despite the prices of some of the coolers, they should last you a very long time. 

But the most important thing to remember is to always keep your coolers away from children and most importantly always remember to drink responsibly. 


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