5 of Spain’s Best Mencía Wines, Tasted and Ranked

Mencia wines have been gaining popularity in recent decades and years, captivating the palates of wine enthusiasts around the world. Originating from the northwestern region of Spain, Mencia is a red grape variety that produces exceptional wines with distinct characteristics. Known for its vibrant flavors and elegant structure, Mencia has become a favorite among both seasoned wine connoisseurs and those new to exploring Spanish wines.

Fruity flavors

With its deep ruby color and enticing aromas of blackberries, cherries, and violets, Mencia wines offer a sensory experience like no other. The unique terroir of the Bierzo region in northern Spain, where Mencia thrives best, imparts a mineral quality and freshness to these wines that sets them apart from other reds.

What do Mencía Wines taste like?

One sip of Mencia reveals a medium-bodied wine with moderate tannins and acidity. It boasts an array of delicious fruit flavors, including ripe blackberries, dark cherries, cherry sauce, and plums. These rich fruits are complemented by hints of earthiness, fruity flavors and subtle herbal notes that add complexity to each sip. The wine’s vibrant acidity gives it a refreshing quality while maintaining its well-rounded nature.

How to serve Mencia Wine

Whether you are hosting a dinner party or simply enjoying a glass of Mencia on your own, knowing how to serve it properly can greatly enhance your experience.

We will explore the best serving temperature for Mencia red wine and offer suggestions on food pairings that complement its distinct flavors.


To fully appreciate the complexities of mencia wines, it is crucial to serve it at the right temperature. Unlike some fuller-bodied red wines that benefit from being served at room temperature, Mencia red wine tends to shine when slightly chilled. Aim for a serving temperature between 55-60°F (13-16°C) to ensure that the aromas and flavors are not overpowering but rather well-balanced.

Decanting Mencia Wine

To enjoy Mencía re wines best we recommend to decant them for 45 minutes before tasting and drinking.

Wines Similar to Mencia red wine

If you’re a fan of Mencia wines from northern spain, known for their unique characteristics and flavors, you’ll definitely want to explore other varietals that offer a similar experience. One such option is Pinot Noir, a red wine with an elegant profile and delicate fruit flavors.

Pinot Noir

Like Mencia, it thrives in cooler climates, resulting in wines that are often light-bodied but full of complexity. With its earthy notes and subtle spiciness, Pinot Noir can be the perfect alternative for those seeking an alternative to Mencia.

Gamay and Grenache

Another grape variety worth exploring is Gamay. Originating from the Beaujolais region in France, Gamay wines share some similarities with Mencia in terms of their freshness and vibrant fruitiness. This light to medium-bodied red wine offers juicy red berry and strawberry flavors along with hints of black pepper and spice.

Food Pairing of Mencia?

When it comes to pairing Mencia red wine, the options are abundant. This delightful wine with its medium body and vibrant acidity pairs exceptionally well with various meats.


The juicy and fruity notes of Mencia make it a perfect companion for grilled or roasted meats such as lamb, beef, or pork. Whether you prefer a succulent steak, beef brisket or tender slow-cooked ribs, the bold flavors of these meats will harmonize beautifully with the earthy tones and concentrated dark fruit flavors in Mencia wine.

You can simply pair it with a corned beef sandwich, too !


If you’re not in the mood for meat, fear not! Mencia also pairs wonderfully with an array of cheeses. Its robust tannins and rich texture make it an ideal match for both hard and soft cheeses. For those who enjoy a sharp tang on their palate, try pairing Mencia with aged queso iberico, cheddar or Parmigiano-Reggiano or white cheddar


When it comes to complementing Mencia’s rich berry notes and medium body, red cabbage is a standout choice.

Red Cabbage Pairing

The earthy undertones of red cabbage perfectly balance the fruitiness of the wine, resulting in a harmonious combination that delights the palate. Whether braised or roasted, red cabbage’s natural sweetness adds depth to Mencia’s robust character while providing a refreshing crunch.

Wild rice Pairing

To further elevate your Mencia wine pairing, consider incorporating wild rice into your meal. With its nutty flavor and slightly chewy texture, wild rice brings an exciting element to the culinary symphony alongside this Spanish gem. Known for its versatility and ability to absorb flavors effortlessly, wild rice acts as an excellent canvas for highlighting Mencia’s intricate taste profile.

Wines made with Mencía Grapes

Mocerbal Bierzo (Corullon) 2016: A Captivating Blend of Tradition and Modernity

The Mocerbal Bierzo from the Corullon region in Spain is a wine that beautifully captures the essence of both tradition and modernity. Crafted from meticulously selected grapes grown in the steep terraces of this rugged region, this 2016 vintage is truly a testament to the skill and passion of its winemakers.

Tasting Notes

With its deep ruby color and enticing aromas of ripe red berries, violet, and a hint of oak, Mocerbal Bierzo immediately captivates your senses. The wine’s vibrant acidity balances perfectly with its silky tannins, creating an elegant structure that carries through to the long and harmonious finish.

Altos de Losada 2020: A Spectacular Wine for Discerning Palates

Altos de Losada, the renowned Spanish winery known for its complex wines and its commitment to quality and tradition, has unveiled its highly anticipated vintage of 2020. This latest release is set to captivate wine enthusiasts with its exceptional flavor profile and remarkable craftsmanship.

Tasting Notes

Crafted from meticulously selected Mencía grapes grown in the historic region of Bierzo, Altos de Losada 2020 showcases the true essence of this remarkable grape variety. The result is a wine that beautifully balances elegance and power, offering an unforgettable sensory experience.

Losada La Bienquerida 2016: A Luxurious and Exquisite Spanish Red Wine

Indulge your senses with the exceptional Losada La Bienquerida 2016, a Spanish red wine that will transport you to the heart of Bierzo. This wine is crafted from the Mencía grape variety. Combining tradition with modern techniques, Losada Winery has created a masterpiece that showcases the true essence of this remarkable terroir.

Tasting Notes

The bouquet reveals an intricate blend of dark berries, black cherries, spices and delicate floral notes that dance harmoniously on your palate. On tasting, its silky texture unveils an impeccable structure balanced by firm tannins and vibrant acidity.

Domino do Bibei Lalama 2019

Among the countless vineyards that thrive in this area, Domino do Bibei stands out as one of the most distinguished wineries. The release of their 2019 vintage Lalama has created quite a buzz among wine enthusiasts worldwide, promising an unforgettable tasting experience.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Domino do Bibei’s Lalama 2019 showcases the true essence of Ribeira Sacra’s terroir. This red blend is a harmonious marriage of indigenous grape varieties such as Mencía, Brancellao, Mouratón, Sousón, and Garnacha Tintorera.

Tasting Notes

With its distinct sour cherry notes, this vintage transports you to a world of exquisite taste and sensory pleasure.

The cherry essence in Domino do Bibei Lalama 2019 creates a symphony of flavors that dance on your nose and palate with each sip. The initial burst of ripe cherries captivates your senses, enveloping your mouth in an explosion of sweetness and juiciness.

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