Is Dom Perignon Worth It?

If you’ve ever familiarized yourself with the world of champagne, then you will have heard of the name Dom Perignon.

Even if you’ve never tried a glass of this particular brand of champagne yourself, you will have heard the name, and know that it is associated with opulence and grandeur.

But when you see how much a bottle of Dom Perignon clocks in at, it can be quite hard to justify spending so much money on a single bottle of champagne.

So is Dom Perignon worth it?

Is Dom Perignon Worth It?

That is the question that we are going to answer for you today! We’re going to cover everything that you need to know about the Dom Perignon champagne, and whether it will be worth investing in a bottle so that you can see what all the fuss is about.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know!

Is Dom Perignon Worth It?

When a bottle of champagne clocks in at a minimum of around $175 dollars a bottle, it can be hard to justify why you should splurge on one for that price.

You will of course want to know whether it will be worth the investment!

So first it’s important to take a look at how much disposable income you have to play with. If it’s not a lot, then you may be better opting for a cheaper bottle of champagne to toast your special occasion.

What Does Champagne Taste Like?

Dom Perignon is considered to be one of the best champagnes out there, but is it really worth it if it means you can’t really afford to treat yourself to other nice things until your next paycheck?

If you have the money to spend on a bottle of Dom Perignon, it will be worth trying at least once. This is a brand that only puts out a bottle of vintage champagne if the harvest has produced grapes of an exceptional quality.

Dom Perignon Vintage

So there are some years that don’t have a Dom Perignon vintage, which makes the bottles all that more special.

It’s also important to understand that no one vintage will taste the same. It all depends on the growing conditions of the grapes, with some years having differing flavors as a result.

So you shouldn’t expect your next bottle of Dom Perignon champagne to taste the same unless it is a bottle from the same vintage.

Some wine connoisseurs would argue that even though Dom Perignon is undoubtedly a good bottle of champagne, you will be paying a premium just for the label.

It will all come down to how much you’re willing to spend, and whether you feel this will be a worthwhile investment.

What Is Special About Dom Perignon?

So what exactly is so special about Dom Perignon? There are actually several things that set this brand apart from competitive champagnes.

The most notable is that they only produce vintage champagne. So this means they only use grapes that have been harvested in the same year.

It also means that no one vintage tastes the same, with notes that differ depending on the growing conditions of that year.

Is Dom Perignon Worth It?

It’s also worth noting that Dom Perignon won’t produce a vintage if the grapes have been of poor quality that year.

So this means that there are some years when no Dom Perignon is produced at all.

This ensures that only good quality champagnes are produced from the brand, so you can rest assured that your bottle of Dom Perignon will be of exceptional quality.

Why Is Dom Perignon So Expensive?

Part of the reason that Dom Perignon is so expensive – aside from the factors that we have mentioned above – is all down to a limited production.

This is one of the rarer champagnes on the market, as only certain years have produced a vintage. In fact, out of the last 100 years, only 43 different vintages have been produced.

It is also down to the cellar master to ensure that there are no more than 6 vintages in a particular decade. This champagne is also produced in very limited quantities, with each vintage only ever having around 200,000 cases.

This limited quantity of course pushes up the price of the Dom Perignon, because it can be so hard to find.

Which Is Better: Moët Or Dom Perignon?

Comparing a bottle of Moët to a bottle of Dom Perignon can be a difficult task. Not to mention there are so many different variants of Moët compared to Dom Perignon!

Not many people know that Dom Perignon is actually owned by Moët, and is named after the monk Dom Pierre Perignon, who was instrumental in some of the methods used to produce champagne.

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On the whole, you will find that a bottle of Moët has a more giving, generous style. A bottle of Dom Perignon in comparison has a more subdued and complex flavor profile.

In Summary

So there you have it! With bottles of Dom Perignon reaching thousands of dollars depending on the vintage, it can be tricky to understand whether it would be worth buying a bottle for yourself.

It will all come down to how much you are willing to spend, and whether you think it would be a worthwhile investment.

If you have the disposable income to hand, it would be worth trying a bottle of Dom Perignon just once. However, if you’re not all that fussed on the bottle of champagne that you have, it would perhaps be worth buying a cheaper alternative such as Moët and Chandon.

This will give you a special bottle to toast to the occasion without the premium price tag. Some wine connoisseurs felt that the Dom Perignon that they tried was overhyped for what it was, and that you were simply paying a premium for the label.

It all comes down to your personal preference! It would be worth trying a bottle of Dom Perignon just once if you ever get the opportunity, but if you can’t reason spending so much on a bottle of champagne, there’s nothing wrong with opting for a much more affordable alternative.

Hi, my name is Christina Day, and I am a self-proclaimed wine connoisseur. It is my favorite alcoholic drink, and I enjoy nothing better than kicking back on the sofa after a long week of work to enjoy a glass of wine… or two!

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