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The Ournac family are winemakers since 1840. Currently the 7th (Pierre-Andre Ournac) and 8th (Guillaume Ournac, his nephew) generation are cultivating wines at the Domaine Coudoulet.

Domaine Coudoulet nowadays

With extensive experience in agricultural mechanics, Guillaume manages the vineyard at the Domaine Coudoulet. Camille, the youngest Ournac son and oenologist by training, has joined Pierre-André and Guillaume in 2017 at the Domaine Coudoulet.

He was working in a number of well-known wineries around the globe: New Zealand (Yealands), Chile (Clos des fous), United States (Gramercy), South Africa (Oak Valley), Italy (Avignonesi). He is responsible for the vinification and sales management.

Winemaking at the Domaine Coudoulet

Pierre-André and his brother Jean-Yves initiate big changes within the family estate of the Domaine Coudoulet in the early 80ies. They were able to adapt their vineyard to meet the needs of the new generation of wine consumers.

Significant investments have been made in the cellar at the Domaine Coudoulet to ensure absolute care for the quality of the finished product.

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They switched to new grape varieties like viognier. Cultivation and winemaking techniques continue to evolve with the arrival of their sons, Guillaume and Camille at the Domaine Coudoulet. The quality of the wines of the Domaine Coudoulet is the reflection of this intergenerational work making the Domaine Coudolet viognier their flagship wine.

Grape varieties at the Domaine Coudoulet

The biggest change introduced by the Ournac family at the Domaine Coudoulet are new grape varieties which are not typical for the region. These are red wine grapes like Syrah, Chardonnay and white wine grapes like Viogner which grow on clay and chalk soils.

Part of the Domaine Coudoulet stretches into the Minervois appellation. Here mainly Syrah and Viogner grapes grow to yield their top wine Château Cesseras Minervois. It is assembled of Syrah (70%) and Carignan, Grenache Noir and Mourvedre (total 30%). It`s stored in new oak barrels for 12 months.

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The Château Cesseras Minervois is complemented by series of Ournac Frères single grape wines. You can choose between Pinot Noir, Mourvedre and Petite Syrah.

Their wines are readily available from your wine shop or in their online store at a reasonable price.

Domaine Coudoulet Viognier

They are is particularly well known for the Domaine Coudoulet Viognier wine. This grape originates from the northern Rhone region but adapts well to the warmer growing conditions in the Languedoc region.

Viognier in Languedoc

The Viognier grape is a long-held favorite of winemakers in the northern Rhone region of France, and it has recently made a resurgence in the Languedoc region as well. With its characteristic aromas of peach and apricot, Viognier is an ideal option for hot, sunny climates. The Languedoc region offers mild temperatures with cool nights that are perfect for growing this aromatic varietal.

The beauty of Viognier lies in its versatility; while it thrives in warmer climates, cooler temperatures allow winemakers to maintain good natural acidity in the grapes. When grown correctly, Viognier can offer freshness with racy fruit flavors and floral aromas. In addition to producing a dry white wine, many producers have started experimenting with late harvest wines that have greater potential for complexity and aging ability.

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