Wines Similar To Pinot Grigio: 8 Alternatives To Choose From

Do you love the light, refreshing taste of Pinot Grigio white wines? If so, you’re in luck! There are many delicious wines that are similar to Pinot Grigio, and we’ve compiled a list of six of our favorites for you to try. Each of these wines has its own unique flavor profile, so there’s sure to be one that you will love. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring today.

Italian Pinot Grigio White Wine

There are many different types of white wine on the market in wine world today, but one of the most popular is Italian Pinot Grigio. This light high acidity and fruity white wine has a clean taste that pairs well with seafood or poultry dishes, making it an excellent complement to a wide range of cuisines.

While there may not be a direct replacement for delicious Italian Pinot Grigios, there are many other wines that have a similar profile, low residual sugar and flavor. Some options include German Rieslings, New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs, and French Chardonnay varietals. Let us take a look at what these varieties of wine have to offer for every wine enthusiast.

8 Wines Similar to Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is a light, refreshing white wine with bright citrus, lemon flavors and floral aromas. Though it has become a quite popular wine over the past few years, there are several other popular wines made that share some of the characteristics of this varietal and they include:


If you enjoy to drink Pinot Grigios, chances are you’ll also like Chardonnay. Both of these wines are light-bodied and have a crisp, fruity flavor. However, Chardonnay is typically a bit more aromatic than Pinot Grigio, with a blend of green apple, pear, and citrus.

It also tends to be a bit fuller-bodied wine, with a creamier texture. Full bodied Chardonnay is a white wine for red wine drinkers. If you’re looking for a wine that’s similar to Pinot Grigio but with a little more flavor, Chardonnay is a good option

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a light and fruity wine that is similar to Pinot Grigio. Like Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc wine typically features notes of citrus, tropical fruits, and fresh herbs. It has high acidity and minimal oak influence, making it an easy-drinking wine that pairs well with a wide range of foods.

Crisp Sauvignon Blancs as well as Chardonnays can be found in the loire valley in France.

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc has carved out a unique space in the wine world with its vibrant flavors and distinct characteristics. While many wines tend to be more subtle, a glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is like a burst of sunshine on the palate. Its zesty notes of gooseberry, passionfruit, and citrus make it stand out among other white wines. The high acidity in this wine is refreshing and perfectly balanced, making it an ideal choice for warm weather wine sipping.

In addition to their similarities, Sauvignon Blanc also shares some common characteristics with other white wines, such as Chardonnay and Viognier. For example, both Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay are often aged in oak barrels or fermented in stainless steel tanks to help bring out their fruit-forward flavors.

However, despite these similarities, each grape variety has its own distinct flavor profiles and qualities that set it apart from the others. Ultimately, whether you’re a fan of more fruity whites like Pinot Grigio or fuller-bodied styles like Chardonnay, there’s sure to be an excellent Sauvignon Blanc or lip stinger out there for you to enjoy.


If you’re a fan of Pinot Grigio, then you might want to give Riesling a try. These two wines share many similarities, from their light body and refreshing acidity to their fruity flavors. However, Riesling is often sweeter than Pinot Grigio, thanks to the high sugar content of the grapes that are used to make it. If you’re looking for a dryer alternative to Pinot Grigio, then Riesling with its minerality is definitely worth checking out.


There are a number of wines that are similar to pinot grigio, including gewürztraminer. Like pinot grigio, gewürztraminer is often light in both color and flavor. It also has a crisp, dry finish with subtle floral notes and a hint of spice.

Like pinot grigio, it pairs well with seafood and other light dishes, although it also works beautifully with bolder flavors, such as strong cheeses or spicy Mexican cuisine. So if you’re looking for a new type of wine to try, why not give gewürztraminer a try?

Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir

Though they may sound similar, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir are actually two very different types of wine. Pinot Blanc is a white wine made from white grapes, while Pinot Noir is a red wine made from red grapes. Both wines are produced in the Burgundy region of France, and both have a similar taste and little more body.

Pinot Blanc is a dry, full-bodied white wine with notes of citrus and honey. It pairs well with poultry and fish dishes. Pinot Noir is a dry, medium to full-bodied red wine with notes of cherries and strawberries. It pairs well with red meat and pasta dishes.

If you like Pinot Grigio, you might enjoy trying Pinot Blanc or Pinot Noir. These two wines are similar in taste and body to Pinot Grigio but offer their own unique flavors and aromas. So next time you’re at the store, pick up a bottle of Pinot Blanc or Pinot Noir and give it a try.

Pinot Gris

Pinot gris, also known as pinot grigio in Italy, is a versatile and fascinating white wine grape variety that offers a wide range of flavors and aromas depending on where it is grown. Originating from the Alsace region of France, Pinot gris thrives in cool climate regions such as Oregon and New Zealand, producing wines with crisp acidity and notes of citrus, pear, and honeysuckle.

Pinot Gris is the same grape as Pinot Grigio just from a different terroir.

Vinho verde

Vinho Verde, often referred to as the green wine of Portugal, offers a unique alternative to traditional white wines like Pinot Grigio. What sets Vinho Verde apart is its vibrant acidity and slight effervescence, making it a perfect light bodied choice for warm summer days. The region’s cool climate and abundant rainfall contribute to the wine’s fresh and crisp profile that pairs beautifully with seafood dishes.


Moscato is a light, sweet wine that is similar to Pinot Grigio. It is usually white or rose-colored and has a low alcohol contentMoscato is made from the Muscat grape, which is also used to make Asti Spumante.

Moscato d’Asti is a type of Moscato that is slightly fizzy and very popular in Italy. Other types of Moscato include Sorrento, Trentino, and Lombardo. Moscato wines are typically fruity and fragrant, with notes of white peach, apricot, and citrus. They pair well with desserts or fruit-based dishes. If you like Pinot Grigio, you will probably enjoy Moscato as well.

Other alternatives to Pinot Grigio are Grüner veltliner from Austria or Picpoul de pinet from the French mediterranean sea. Winemakers grow the Grüner veltliner grape mostly in eastern Austria and in the Vienna region. The Picpoul de pinet grape varietal is also used as a blending grape by winemakers for rose wines in France.

How To Enjoy Pinot Grigio

There are many ways to enjoy Pinot Grigio. The most popular way is to drink it chilled, which brings out the wine’s good acidity and fruitiness. However, Pinot Grigio can also be enjoyed at room temperature, which allows for a more complex flavor profile to emerge.

Is Pinot Grigio Sweet?

However, if you would be going for any of its alternatives, you can also savor and enjoy them the same all. They all share certain similarities with Pinot Grigio and you can be certain you won’t be forgetting them soon.


If you’re a fan of Pinot Grigio, you’re in luck – there are plenty of other wines out there that offer similar flavors and aromas.

For red wine drinkers who love to enjoy cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc or pinot meunier a full bodied chardonnay is a good alternative if pinot grigio is a lip stinger for you.

So next time you’re in the mood for a glass of Pinot Grigio, don’t be afraid to branch out and try one of these popular white wine varietals instead. You might just find your new favorite!

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