What Wine Has The Highest Alcohol Content?

Everyone has different tolerances when it comes to drinking alcohol. Some people are ‘lightweights’ and so prefer to drink wine with lower alcohol content.

Whereas, other people have a higher level of tolerance to alcohol and will prefer a wine that is a long stronger.

What Wine Has The Highest Alcohol Content?

In general, wine as a drink has quite a high alcohol content when compared to beer or cider. Beer is very rarely over 5%.

If you’re looking to find out about the strongest wines, read on! 

What Is The Average Alcohol Content In Wine? 

It’s hard to figure out the wine with the highest alcohol content before we understand what the average alcohol content is for the drink. 

With beer usually landing around the 4.5% to 5% mark, this is one of the drinks out there that has the lowest alcohol content. Spirits, such as vodka, rum and whiskey are usually between 37% and 40%. In the US, these bottles are standardized to 40%, but in Europe, they are normally around 37.5%. 

Now onto the main event, the reason we’re all here: the wine. The average bottle of wine usually contains about 11-12% alcohol content.

Wine can go as low as 5% alcohol content, and as high as 20%. This is a big variation and so it is important to make sure that you know the percentage of the alcohol that you’re drinking.

What Wine Has The Highest Alcohol Content?

The strongest wines out there will have you feeling buzzed off just a single glass. Usually, red and white wines have the highest alcohol content. 

Certain wines have reached 20% alcohol content in some cases. Let’s have a look at some wines that have a very high alcohol content. 

Graham’s Late Vintage Dry Red Port Wine 

This wine has an alcohol content of 20%. This port is the highest wine on the market. It is full of blackberries, blueberries and other fruity flavors. 

The red wine bottles that are the strongest when it comes to alcohol content are wines like sherries and zinfandels. You will want to look for signals that the wine is fortified which indicates that the wine was supplemented with additional alcohol. 

Chardonnay also has a high alcohol content especially if this wine is purchased from California.

Douglas Green Cape Ruby Port Wine 

This wine is very high in alcohol content. It is around 19.6%. This wine is made from ripe grapes that are matured in a barrel. It is a very dense and nutty wine that is rich and smooth. 

Sandeman Fine Tawny Port Wine

This port is 19.5% alcohol content. It is made traditionally and it is robust and rich. It is made by blending various wines from Sandeman’s large and varied stock.

This wine is ruby in color and it has lots of fruity aromas. It is well-balanced and rich. It is great when it is paired with dried fruits and nuts, truffles, and dark chocolate mousse. 

What Wine Has The Lowest Alcohol Content?

What Wine Has The Lowest Alcohol Content?

If you’re looking for a wine that is lighter and won’t leave you too drunk, try some wines with lower alcohol content.

Moscato is very low in alcohol content. It is a fizzy or still wine and it won’t be higher than 5% alcohol content. 

Wine like Pinot Grigio is around 9%. They are much lighter than the wines that are higher in alcohol content. 

Rosé is a wine that is very casual and it is often quite low when it comes to alcohol content.

Why Do Some Wines Contain More Alcohol?

The alcohol content in wines is impacted by varying factors. For instance, the preparation of the wine has a huge impact on this. The region and climate that the wine comes from will also influence the alcohol content. 

The Muscat grape variety makes a low alcohol content wine. This is because this wine prioritizes the sugar content. 

How To Prevent A Hangover

When you are considering drinking wine that is high in alcohol content, you should also consider when to stop. There is a huge difference in alcohol content between certain wines, and you should be aware of how much you are drinking.

This is not only to stay safe when it comes to that evening, but it is also important to prevent a hangover

No one enjoys suffering from a hangover, so it is important to try and avoid this. If you’re feeling nauseous or headachy, or you are suffering from heartburn, it is a good idea to slow down, or stop, your drinking.

When you are drinking wines of a higher percentage, you should pour yourself a much smaller quantity than you would with wines with lower alcohol content.

Make sure that you don’t give in to peer pressure when you are drinking. Only you know how you’re feeling, so listen to it! 

How Much Water Should I Drink With Alcohol?

It is important to make sure that you are drinking a lot of water alongside your wine.

Alcohol is very dehydrating and so it is important to make sure that you drink water to combat this, and to combat a headache from dehydration.

It is recommended that you drink at least a full glass of water for every glass of wine that you drink. 

Not only is alcohol dehydrating, it is also known as a diuretic. This means that your bladder production is increased when you consume alcohol. This is also dehydrating. Make sure you combat this dehydration. 

Side-effects of dehydration are nasty and they include: 

  • Headaches 
  • Nausea
  • Short-term memory loss
  • Dizziness 

If you do feel nauseous, it is a good idea to eat something starchy, like a slice of bread to combat this feeling.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of wines with very high alcohol content out there. The highest is around 20%. Most wines average at about 11-12%.

You should make sure to be careful when you are drinking alcohol, especially wines with very high alcohol content as discussed in this article.


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