What Wine Goes With Sushi?

Sushi is a very popular and trendy dish. But the real question is, what wine is best paired with Sushi? 

What Wine Goes With Sushi?

There are hundreds of different wines out there and they each complement certain dishes or good group wells. There are certain elements to each wine that makes them specifically suited to certain foods.

For instance, the sweetness, texture, bitterness, and acidic factors are just a few examples.

Sushi goes well with certain red wines and certain white wines, so, let’s dive into what these are! 

What Elements Should You Consider For Wine Pairing? 

Sushi is made up of rice which is usually vinegared, and wrapped in seaweed. It usually has raw fish inside it. You can get vegetarian or meat versions of Sushi. 

When you are choosing a wine to pair with sushi, you should consider that sushi has very nuanced and specific flavors. When you are choosing the wine, you have to take this into consideration. 

The way that the sushi is prepared will also have an impact on the wine that you choose.

For instance, the specific fish that is used, the other ingredients that are in the sushi and the sauces that are served with it will all influence the sushi wine pairing. 

Consider these elements when you are pairing your wine: 


When you are pairing wine with foods that are high in acidity, you should pair this food with a citrusy wine.

You should make sure that the wine that you have chosen has at least the same amount of acidity as the food, but preferably more. 


When you are eating food that is quite spicy, it is best to drink a white wine with it. This is because white wines are usually quite fruity.

The sugar that is in white wines tone the spice in the food down slightly, making it more balanced.


Sparkling wines also go very well with spicy food as they bring out a whole new flavor in the wine. The acidity in this wine will mean that your palate is cleared out.


Oak-aged white wines work best with sushi because as the wine is aged, the wine will become more delicate and the tannins will go a lot softer. 

Should You Pair Sushi With Red Or White Wine?

Sushi’s best combinations are usually with white wine. Unoaked white wine is the best option.

Choose a white wine that is low to medium in weight because this matches the weight of the sushi which is also quite light. 

White wine is also more suitable because it has no tannins in it. When you eat fish with a wine that is rich in tannins, you will end up getting a strange taste. It can taste quite metallic. 

Red wine is also good with sushi at certain times. If you choose a light red wine which is low in tannins.  This especially works well with cooked fish rolls. 

What Wine Goes Best With Sushi?

What Wine Goes With Sushi?


Albarino wine is full of delicious citrus flavors. In this wine, you can taste lemon, blossom and lime. It is high in acidity and the wine has a slight bitterness.

This wine works well because it compliments the sweetness of the fish in the sushi. 

Gruner Veltliner 

This wine works very well with a Dragon Roll made from cucumber and avocado. This wine is Austrian and it is high in acidity.

It is full of flavors such as lime, lemon and white pepper.

These flavors compliment the flavors of the Dragon Roll fantastically. 


A sparkling wine such as this one compliments the soft and delicate flavors of sushi fantastically. It is sweet and soft which combats the spiciness of the sushi.


Chardonnay is a light wine that is not too dry. It works very well with tuna and yellowtail because these dishes are much less sweet than other fishes that you will find with sushi.

New Zealand Pinot Noir 

If you’re a red wine drinker, the pinot noir wine is perfect to mix with sushi. It is a fairly light-bodied red wine that is quite low in tannins.

This is important because you don’t want to have too many tannins in the wine when you are eating fish. This is because if you eat a wine that is high in tannins, then you are likely to get a metallic taste from the wine. 

Sushi And Rosé

We haven’t acknowledged rosé wine in this article, so let’s give it some quick airtime now. Rosé brings out the best flavors of the fish – the sweeter ones.

This wine is fruity and is recommended to eat with Rosé if you are a red wine drinker. Give a Pinot Noir rosé a try or a province rosé. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sauvignon Blanc Go Well With Sushi?

Sauvignon Blanc is a very popular wine that pairs fantastically alongside sushi. This is because it is light-bodied and has very high levels of acidity.

The flavors of the wine cut through the sushi without affecting the taste of the food. This wine works great with a deep-fried tempura. 

Does Chardonnay Work Well With Sushi? 

Chardonnay goes very well with sushi. Specifically, if you are having a light sushi lunch. This wine is also very light and the flavors create a perfect balance.

Does Champagne Work Well With Sushi? 

Champagne works very well with sushi. It is deep-fried and it can cleanse the palate very well. It is a very reliable pairing as it will go with most types of sushi.

Final Thoughts 

So, in general, white wine works best with sushi. There are lots of different wines that work with the flavor of sushi. Food and wine pairings are absolutely essential.

However, if you want to try some other wines with your sushi to see if it works – by all means, go ahead! There are no set rules for food and wine pairings and it is important to experiment.


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