What Has More Sugar, Wine or Vodka?

There are not really that many forms of alcohol out there that are actually good for you, although some can be good for you in moderation. 

When we think about having a drink, we don’t really think about the sugar content of our alcohol, it’s not like its candy, right? So, why would we worry?

Alcohol can have quite a bit of sugar in it, we just don’t notice, it is a lot like when you eat fruit, you don’t think about the natural sugars in that either. 

Having a glass of wine can taste so much better than ordering a glass of vodka and sugar-free soda, but is it good for you? 

While we may think that the way that wine is made, and its antioxidants are beneficial, getting rid of all the bad stuff, there is something to be said for other alcoholic beverages. So, let’s find out, wine Vs vodka, which is the least sugar heavy beverage. 

Is wine good for you? 

You may think that wine is good for your heart, and well yes it does contain certain chemicals that are healthy for your heart.

However, once you go beyond the amount that is considered healthy, which is 5 ounces for a woman, and 10 ounces for a man, those health benefits go down the drain. 

And frankly, no one is only having 5 ounces of wine, are they? Measure it out yourself, it’s not a lot, in fact 5 ounces, is 145 milliliters, which is just over a small glass of wine.

So as long as you are only drinking one small glass of wine, you are okay, anymore, and you have crossed the threshold from healthy to unhealthy. 

It is all about the sugar. 

So, why is this? Well, aside from the alcohol’s effect on the human body, there are other reasons, namely the sugar. Wine contains a fair amount of both sugar and yeast.

Sugar is evil, and with yeast, it can wreak havoc on your body and make you age much faster than you would probably like to. 

The sugar and yeast in wine are also present in champagne, beer, cosmos, mojitos, margaritas, and almost any other cocktail you can dream up. 

However, it has been shown that wine drinkers tend to be a bit more careful with their overall health than beer or liquor drinkers, so there is a positive side to this news. 

Vodka: sensationally sugar-free!

While wine may be delicious, and we do not exactly want to say goodbye to it, if you fancy a drink but are being cautious with your sugar intake, vodka is a great option for you.

Sugar is both sugar and yeast free! It is distilled countless times per batch, and the way that it is distilled achieves insane levels of purity. While it is 40 percent alcohol, the other 60 percent is water. 

This makes it very clean, as the grains, fruits, or vegetables when distilled leave sugars behind, which makes a pure substance.

This means that if you like to imbibe in vodka, having a little bit here and there, moderated, you should actually feel fine in the morning, and you get less sugar, so your body is kept as pure as the vodka. 

How much sugar should I have per day? 

When we say a lot of sugar, we mean more than you should have. It is recommended that women have 50 grams of sugar per day, and men have 70 grams of sugar per day.

It can also be easy for us to forget that there are many types of sugars out there. The healthiness of the sugar depends on if it is natural or refined. 

Although it is tempting to simply demonize sugar, we cannot do so. It is found in so many various food sources that make up a large portion of our diets, including fruits and vegetables. 

So, you cannot and certainly should not cut out sugar completely, just be wiser with your intake. This is why you should be mindful of alcohols that are high in sugar. If you want to have a bowl of fruit and a chocolate bar, perhaps have vodka instead of a glass of wine so that your sugar levels do not get too high. 

Sugar-free, or carb-free? 

If you are health conscious, you have probably looked at diets. Many diets might suggest cutting out sugars and carbs in the name of getting healthy. However, you need to consider a few things about this.

Firstly, carbohydrates contain sugars, when we eat them they are converted into glucose, and we use this as energy for our muscles, so if you are low on carbs, you are low on sugars too. 

Then, you need to remember that our bodies need three macro-nutrient groups to function properly; carbs, fats, and proteins. Each will provide you with essential nutrients that you need to survive healthily.

While reducing carbs may sound like a good idea, it is very imperative you do not take it too far. Remember, fruits and vegetables are considered to be carbohydrates as well. 

If you are worried about your health you can by all means cut down on sugar and carbs, but do so wisely, as you need these nutrients to be healthy and function properly. So, be cautious with how you alter your diet and do not try to cut them out completely. 


Let’s have a look at the pros and cons for wine. We know that it is higher in sugar than we might like, but it is not all bad news. 


  • Contains heart-healthy phytochemicals. 
  • Wine drinkers typically take better care of their bodies and health. 
  • More of an enjoyable drink. 


  • Contains sugar. 
  • Contains yeast. 
  • Can be too fun to drink. 


On the flip-side, let us have a look at what vodka has to offer, and what is letting it down. 


  • Sugar-free. 
  • Yeast-free. 
  • Is 60% water! 
  • Distilled extensively. 


  • Harsh and unpleasant taste. 
  • You only need 1-2 vodka cocktails to wake up hungover. 
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