Ideas for wine racks in 2023

When it comes to wine storage, a rack is the perfect way to keep bottles organized and safe. Wine racks come in many shapes and sizes, making them ideal for any size space or budget. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of style or simply need an efficient way of storing your collection. Here are some ideas for finding the right wine rack.

For a classic look that won’t break the bank, wall-mounted options are hard to beat. These racks can be hung on any wall and provide both decorative elements as well as practical storage solutions. Other more traditional designs include floor-standing racks and cupboard inserts. Great if you want to hide away those bottles that don’t quite fit in with the rest of your décor!

Key takeaways

  • Before starting to plan your to build or buy a wine rack you need to know how many bottles you want to store now and in the future
  • How do you want to store your wine bottles in your wine rack? Single Bottles or also boxes of 6 or 12 bottles
  • What is your budget? Depending on your budget it makes sense to buy or build a modular system which you can enlarge later
  • Do you prefer a metal wine rack or a wooden wine rack?

Tips for choosing wine racks

How many bottles do you want to store?

A wine rack can be as simple or fancy as you like and comes in many sizes and shapes. The size that’s right for you will depend on the number of bottles you plan on storing. For example, if you just want to keep a few bottles, then a small tabletop rack may work perfectly for your needs. If, however, you want to keep dozens or even hundreds of wine bottles, then larger racks may be necessary.

How to store your wine collection

If your wine collection is very young you surely have a number boxes of 6 or 12 wine bottles to put into your wine rack. You may need to consider space to shelf these boxes. In the long term your wine collection will grow. Therefore plan with extra storage space. Depending on the size of your wine shelf you can keep up to 100 bottles per square meter.

Short term or long term storage for your wine bottles?

Depending on the planned storage time for your wine bottles differen wine racks have to be selected to store bottles. In case you want to drink the wine in the next 6 month a wall mounted wine rack made out of wood or metal come in handy. They offer you the possibility to store bottles in style.

Once you want to store the wine for longer period we recommend a wine fridge which allos you to control the temperature and humidity.

Do you need to store special bottles?

Your most prized bottles can be a great statement piece, whether it’s toasting with friends or bringing along as a hostess gift. If you have some magnum sized bottles, do you need to store them differently than regular size bottles?

The answer is yes. Regular wine racks are designed for 750 mL and smaller sizes, but for magnums and other larger format bottles such as jeroboams, methuselahs, balthazars and salmanazars, you’ll want something more robust like the Oenophilia Magnum Wine Rack. This 6-bottle rack is constructed of high quality steel wires that can securely support large format wine bottles in an attractive way. The sturdy construction ensures that your precious cargo won’t tip over or get damaged from jostling during transport.

Would you like to taste wine near your wine rack?

In case you want to taste wine near your wine rack you need to reserve space for wine glasses, a decanter and perhaps a wine bar with counter space. This way you can enjoy your wine collection and being part of it. A small wine rack will be helpful to store the wine you want to drink on the counter space.

What is your budget for your wine storage?

Custom made wine racks from professional sellers like Eurocave, L `Atelier du Vin or Wine Racks America come at around 500 USD if you want to store around 100 bottles in your wine bottle holder.

Simpler, modular alternatives are a lot cheaper. You can build your customized wine storage by using metal shelves to store your wine boxes or you can use old wooden wine crates for wine storage.

You can not only build your own wine racks but also your own wine with the right wine making kits.

Best wooden wine racks

Wall wine rack Casanova and Primavino in wood

Both wine racks are offered by winerack-plus. They`re a a must-have for any wine enthusiast. These elegantly designed wood racks are perfect for displaying your favorite bottles of red or white. With their sturdy construction, they can hold up to twelve bottles of wine and two glasses at once, making it the ideal choice for home storage or entertaining guests. The classic design features a cross-cut pattern in the back panel that adds visual interest and style to any room. Its dark walnut finish enhances the rustic look and provides durability against wear and tear over time.

The Casanova wooden wine rack comes as a stackable modular wine system to store standard wine bottles. It`s top can serve as wine bar and it offers space to store wine glasses on its top.

Best metal wine racks

When it comes to storing and displaying your standard wine bottle, metal wine racks are a great choice for those looking for a strong and stylish way to organize their collection. Not only do these racks offer superior strength and support for large or heavy collections of bottles, but they also come in an array of sizes and styles to match any home décor – making them a perfect fit in any living space. You need to have empty wall space as most are wall mounted wine racks.

For those who want the best value when shopping for metal wine racks, there are several factors to keep in mind. Look for pieces made from high-quality materials like stainless steel or wrought iron that are built with solid construction techniques like welding or riveting. Additionally, sturdy frames and thick wire grids will ensure your rack can handle even heavy collections without issue.

Abbie-May 45 Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Bottle Rack

The perfect way to tidy up and display your favorite wines has arrived! The Abbie May wall mounted metal wine rack offered by Prep & Savour is here to save the day. This sleek and stylish metal wine rack will hold up to 45 bottles of your favorite vintages without taking up too much space. With its modern design, it’s sure for your wine collection to be the focal point in any room in your home or office.

The Abbie May wall mounted metal wine rack is made from sturdy and durable metal that won’t rust over time. Its open design allows you to easily access all of your bottles without having to take them off the racks, making it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced oenophiles alike.

10 bottle wall mounted Morden wine rack

YANGSHUO Wall Mounted Wine Rack: Hanging Wine Wall Rack for 10 Wine Bottles - 4ft Vertival Wine Rack Organizer Wine Storage for Kitchen Wine Cellar Bar

The 10 bottle Morden metal wine rack is the perfect addition to any modern home bar. This sleek black metal wine rack has a bottle capacity of ten bottles of your favorite vintages, making it easy to find and access the perfect bottle for any occasion. It`s a perfect match for small spaces. With its chic and contemporary design, this wine rack adds to your home decor and underlines the elegance of any room.

This wine holder is made from high-quality metal that can withstand regular use for years. It won’t rust or corrode so you don’t have to worry about quality degradation over time no matter how often you use it. Once your collection grows you can easily add another Morden wall mounted wine rack.

YANGSHUO Wall Mounted Wine Rack: Hanging Wine Wall Rack for 10 Wine Bottles - 4ft Vertival Wine Rack Organizer Wine Storage for Kitchen Wine Cellar Bar
  • Durable Wall-Mounted Design: High-quality steel construction with a satin black powder coat finish ensures durability and style. This wall-mounted wine rack is the perfect choice for red wine enthusiasts seeking a reliable storage solution.
  • Ample Bottle Storage: With an assembled size of 11” L * 5” W * 47” H, this assemblable wine rack offers space for ten standard wine bottles, including champagne and sparkling wine. Its design allows for convenient storage and easy access.
  • Versatile Display and Storage: The wall-mounted wine rack provides a separate horizontal compartment to maintain the ideal moisture level in corks, prolonging the life of your wine. It also serves as an elegant display piece for your dining room, kitchen, or home bar.
  • Simple Installation Process: Install your wine rack in three easy steps: Measure and mark the distance between holes, create wall punctures and insert anchors, then assemble and mount the wine rack securely.
  • Comprehensive After-Sales Support: The kit includes three individual wine racks, all necessary accessories, and user instructions. Ideal for home kitchens, restaurants, hotels, bars, and wine cellars. Enjoy peace of mind with our timely replacement and return policy for any product issues.

In fridge wine rack

In fridges wine racks are the perfect way to keep your favorite bottles of wine. Not only do these racks provide a convenient and stylish way to preserve your collection, but they also keep your delicious beverages at the perfect temperature for drinking. Whether you’re looking for something simple or an elegant solution, there are plenty of options available.

Fridges wine racks range from basic metal shelves that can be placed in any type of refrigerator, to modern designs made specifically for built-in fridges. If you have limited space in your kitchen, look into undercounter wine refrigerators. Alternatively you can use a countertop fridge for wine storage. In refrigerator wine racks are the best wine racks for wine lovers as they allow you to keep your wine collection safe.

Wine refrigerators come with different bottle capacities. These range from 12 bottles to a bottle capacity of mor than 60 bottles.

Best Large Wine Fridge

Countertop wine racks

Having a small space doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite bottle of wine. Countertop wine racks are the perfect way to add style and storage to any home, no matter how limited the space may be. These racks come in many different shapes and sizes and can hold a small number of bottles of your favorite vino. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern or a more traditional design, there’s sure to be a countertop wine rack that fits your aesthetic as a wine enthusiast.

Not only do countertop wine bottle holders provide an attractive way to present your bottle of choice, but they also provide practical benefits as well. The wooden models are sturdy enough to withstand heavier bottles. Therefore you don’t have to worry about them toppling over on busy nights. They`re the perfect wine bottle holder for a small space.

Asian Home Countertop wine rack

Asian Home 14 Bottle 4-Tier Wave Desktop Wine Rack Freestanding Countertop Bottle Holder for Wine Storage, Wood, Modern and Minimalist

We particularly like the Asian Home Countertop Wine Holder as an attractive and sophisticated option as a bottle rack. This styling tabletop wine rack is a nice addition to your kitchen. This countertop wine holder provides plenty of storage space for any type of wine you might have. You can store bottles or cans. It`s available in different sizes ranging from six to fourteen bottles which is perfect for small spaces. The beautiful yet simple design gives off a classic vibe that will fit in with any modern or traditional décor.

The Asian Home Countertop Wine Holder is made from high-quality wood and has been handcrafted with precision craftsmanship. This sturdy design can accommodate both regular and large-sized bottles of wine, along with six cans per shelf. It also features two drawers at the front which are ideal for storing corkscrews, foil cutters, and other related items. Additionally, this countertop holder comes in several different colors to match your existing decor perfectly.

Asian Home 14 Bottle 4-Tier Wave Desktop Wine Rack Freestanding Countertop Bottle Holder for Wine Storage, Wood, Modern and Minimalist
  • STYLISH: This wine rack is stylish yet subtle and adds a minimal flair to any kitchen or countertop space. With its wavy, curved construction, this wooden wave rack complements a wide variety of decor. Looks great in any home, kitchen, dining room, wine cellar, bar, or restaurant
  • ARTISTIC: This wine rack is artistically made to resemble gently lapping waves, this clever design makes it both functional (keeps bottles from rolling) and visually appealing. Each wine holder is skillfully carved out of beautiful willow wood, polished for a smooth finish, and left in its natural color.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Unlike other wine racks, this wine rack is designed for quick and simple setup. Remove each shelf from its packaging. Align the shelves like in the picture and hold in place by screwing in the metal rods through the prepared holes. These chrome connectors keep bottles secure. Now just add your favorite bottles of wine and display!
  • STORES 14 BOTTLES: This wine bottle holder can store up to 14 bottles of wine horizontally or 11 bottles of wine vertically - it is up to you how you store it making this piece very versatile! Keep in mind however, storing wine in the horizontal position keeps the corks from drying up. This helps keeps the wine fresh and flavorful for a longer period of time, better protecting your wine investments. Size: 16.5" L x 6.25" W x 10" H
  • PERFECT GIFT: Makes and amazing gift for your family, relatives, friends, business partners, wine lovers and wine collectors. For any wine lover in your life, this wooden display rack is sure to be a gift they’ll love. Each rack is made of sturdy wood that is lightweight yet durable.

AVLA metal countertop wine rack

AVLA Metal Countertop Wine Rack, 9 Bottles Wine Holder for Wine Storage, Freestanding Modern Small Wine Bottle Storage, Geometric Design Tabletop Wine Rack Holder for Wine Cellar Bar Cabinet, Black

The AVLA countertop wine rack is an attractive and practical way to keep your favorite bottles of wine. This metal rack is designed to fit neatly onto any countertop. This gives you quick access to your favorite wines without taking up too much space. With its sleek, modern design featuring black powder-coated steel construction and a matte finish, this rack adds a touch of sophistication and style to any room.

This versatile wine rack can accommodate up to nine standard 750 mL bottles of wine in the three tiers it offers. The styling tabletop wine rack is a nice addition to your furniture. The second tier has added capacity for holding larger bottles including magnums, jeroboams and rehoboams. Its sturdy construction ensures that your precious collection is kept safe while allowing easy access when needed. Additionally, the rubber feet on the bottom provide extra stability so that it won’t slide around or scratch your counters.

AVLA Metal Countertop Wine Rack, 9 Bottles Wine Holder for Wine Storage, Freestanding Modern Small Wine Bottle Storage, Geometric Design Tabletop Wine Rack Holder for Wine Cellar Bar Cabinet, Black
  • Perfect Size: AVLA countertop metal wine rack size measures 13.8(L) * 7.5(W) * 7(H) inches, with 4 inches diameter, suitable for standard sized wine bottles. The design makes this wine rack small enough to be a counter wine rack or a cabinet wine rack insert. It's time to upgrade your wine storage rack.
  • Holds Up to 9 Bottles: This modern wine rack has 7 storage slots for standard size wine bottles and an additional 2 slots on top of the rack for oversized bottles such as Champagne. The slots fit bottles with a diameter of 3.4" or less, which covers all standard wine bottles.
  • Storage and Scratch Resistant: Made from high quality iron with a powder coating finish rather than traditional paint, this kitchen wine rack is more resistant to bends, scratches and fading than others. We built this metal wine bottle holder to stand the test of time.
  • Free-stand Design: The geometric honeycomb design wine rack is specially designed to fix the bottles and prevent them from slipping out and breaking, which has a reliable construction. It also allows you to store your wine bottles on their side keeping the cork moist, preventing it from drying out and ruining your wine. It's compact and simple design makes it a great addition to any home with a wide range of uses.
  • Space Saving and Easy to Clean: The honeycomb wine rack has a freestanding design and requires no installation, allowing for direct storage of wine, enjoy red wine everywhere. No more worries about where the wine should be placed. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth to remove dust, looking just as attractive full as it does empty.

Alternate uses for wine racks

For many, the thought of a wine rack brings to mind the classic furniture piece that is used to store bottles of wine. However, while they are certainly an ideal storage solution for vino lovers, there are a surprising number of alternative uses for these versatile racks.

From kitchen accessories to stylish pieces of décor, wine racks can be incorporated into a variety of settings and activities. For example, if you’re looking for extra space in your kitchen cupboards to store utensils or dishes, a small-scale wall-mounted wine rack can be repurposed as an efficient tool caddy. Similarly, larger floor models can be used as makeshift bookshelves or magazine holders – perfect for living rooms or studies with limited space.


We`ve shown you which wine racks are available. You can get high priced custom made wine racks from suppliers like Eurocave, L`Atelier du Vin or wine racks america. Alternatively you can find a number of modular wooden wine racks from wine rack-plus at more reasonable prices.

For a smaller number of wine bottles you can tak countertop racks which can be an alternative to a larger wall mounted wine rack. We hope this post helps you to find your favorite wine rack.

Hi, my name is Christina Day, and I am a self-proclaimed wine connoisseur. It is my favorite alcoholic drink, and I enjoy nothing better than kicking back on the sofa after a long week of work to enjoy a glass of wine… or two!

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