How to choose wine – The 3 step guide to your favorite wine

Do you keep asking yourself which wine you like or which is the best wine you should buy ? It`s a dilemma which can put you off wine. We can help you to find the right wine according to your taste and to get the best deal. Let`s jump into our 3 step guide

Which wine do I like?

If you know which wine you like you can skip this part and jump to the next step. In case you`re still trying to find out – we can help you.

I don`t like wine at all!

In case most wines taste the same to you there may be a reason to it. Not all people are able to taste substances in the same way. A very good friend keeps telling me when a wine is smelling like “Susie” – a doll she had when she was 6 years old. It became a quality sign as these wines turned into my favorite wines. For her it smells like plastic for me it`s a very good wine. An interesting article on this topic explaining the background can be found in the New Yorker

Do I like wine?

Do you prefer apple or grapefruit juice? Apple juice lovers tend to prefer semi sweet white wines whereas people who prefer grapefruit or acidic orange juice tend to like dry white or rose wines.

Do you like your coffee without milk or an espresso or a latte macchiato? People who like black coffee or espresso over coffee with milk tend to like European wines whereas lovers of latte macchiato normally prefer wines from Australia, California or South America and Africa.

Have you tried wine before? If not the best way for you to start is a white or rose wine.

Now you already know if a semi sweet or dry wine from the old or new world is your possible favorite wine. You also have a vague idea if a white or rose wine would be a good start.

My favorite wine – based on my psychological profile

Your psychological profile may tell you more about your wine preferences than you know. Coravin recently commissioned a survey based on wine preferences based on several psychological aspects. The results are quite interesting perhaps you find your wine preferences confirmed.


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You can find other aspects on the influence of your personality on your wine preferences at EliteDaily.

Now that you are aware of your favorite grape, we need to find a good way to buy the best wine derived from it. The easiest but surely longest way to your best wine is to go to your local grocery store and to start tasting all the wines based on your favorite grape.

You`re going to gain a lot of experience but you`ll end up spending a lot of money. It`s what I did when I lived in France for 3 years. In the end I should`ve followed the advice we give you.

Where to Buy wine?

Go to your local wine shop!

Try to find a good local wine shop which seems trustworthy to you. Prepare some questions about the grape you`re looking for which help you to figure out which wine will be the right one.

Describe what you like about your favorite grape. This will help the salesperson to focus on certain wine regions and wineries as the best match to the wine you`re looking for.

Question if the salesperson would buy the wine for himself. Ask questions to find out that you`re getting what you want.

How to find a good wine shop?

As always ask friends if they`ve made experience buying wine from local wine shops. You can also take a look at the webpages of wine magazines like winespectator, terredevins or meilleurcavistedeFrance (best wine shop in France) where you find wine shop ratings for specialists near you.

How do I find more wine I like?

You may be saying we`ve already done this a couple of steps before but once you`ve found a wine shop you trust try to go to wine tastings to learn more about your new favorite drink. Wineshops normally offer wine tastings, or you can also have them arranged for smaller groups of people in the shop or at your home – Ask at your local wine shop!

When buying wine:

Once you`re more familiar with your favorite wine there some things to keep in mind when buying wine. A lot of wines have different medals. A medal in a competition is not a guarantee for a good wine as there`re countless wine competitions.

Follow your taste not the medals !


I hope that our 3-step guide to your favorite wine has helped you to find your wine or to confirm that you don`t like wine at all. Leave a comment if you`re missing an option – Enjoy !

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