Giving Boozy Gifts Beautifully: How To Wrap A Wine Bottle

Whilst bottles and other cylindrical objects are some of the most difficult to wrap up neatly… this doesn’t have to be the case for you anymore. Some of those Pinterest projects look intimidating as hell and probably

Not only are there solutions that take seconds to implement, but there are also tips and tricks that massively reduce the time and effort required to make a bottle of wine look attractive.

Today we’ll be helping you transform a drab bottle into a fabulous gift, with just a couple of seconds of your time and some cheap supplies from your local supermarket or craft store. No skills required! Without further ado…

Quick And Easy Wine Wrapping – Avoiding The Paper

Look – not everybody is cut out for traditional wrapping. Some of us are naturally predisposed to having butterfingers, which means that even when we try to stay calm and collected, things end up in a big mess.

We’ve wasted money on pretty paper, there’s tape everywhere and the wine bottle is hidden under a giant screwed-up glittery mess. Never fear! Here are some quick, simple wrapping solutions that still look as though you’ve made an effort:

A gift bag is a simple yet effective way to conceal a gift without having to waste time messing around with paper.

It’s cheaper and easier, but you should ensure that it is stable enough to support the bottle without tipping over – be sure to pack it up with tissue, newspaper, or another protective padding.

Trick number two is to wrap up your bottle the same way you might package sweet treats – cut enough paper to cover the wine as far as a couple of inches below the top of the bottle, then roll it tightly and fasten the end closed by twisting.

By tying a bow with ribbon, you’ll keep it secured, and then you can fan out the paper to give the appearance of a giant wrapped piece of candy.

Does the above sound a bit too complicated for you? No worries – just grab yourself a long rectangular box, add some padding and tuck the wine in like you’re getting it ready for bed.

If you wanted to add a personal touch, you could wrap the box itself in some paper (which is a little easier than trying to wrap a bottle directly) or stick a pretty bow on the outside, but some boxes come ready-decorated. Remember not to hold it upside down unless secured!

Tissue paper is way easier to use than that designed for wrapping, primarily because it doesn’t require tape to secure – you can simply scrunch it up and secure it with a ribbon.

If you use several layers of tissue paper in a stack and then gather your opposite corners together and secure them with a bow, you’ll have a perfectly wrapped bottle! Cellophane works similarly, and you could even combine the two for a more attractive finish.

You could also try what’s known as the cardboard tube trick – this requires you to buy a cardboard tube and some plugs from your local stationery store, but trust us, popping the bottle of wine in directly and then wrapping the cylinder is a whole lot easier than trying to navigate the naked bottle!

Using Traditional Wrapping Paper – Wrap Wine Quick With This Simple Trick

If you’re less afraid of making a mess or want to put more of an effort into your wrapping, with some time to set aside, allow us to walk you through wrapping the old-fashioned way. It’s just like your mom used to!

Things You Will Need:

  • Wrapping paper of choice
  • Double-sided sticky tape
  • Craft scissors

1. First of all, cut yourself a sheet of wrapping paper – remember, it’s better to have too much than not enough, so generously estimate how much will be enough to cover the bottle.

You can always cut the excess paper away, but it’s tricky to add more and still keep a neat, cohesive design.

2. Next, fasten one side of the bottle to the paper using your two-sided tape – lay it down flat and sideways in the middle of your wrapping, before securing lengthways

3. Carefully roll the bottle up into your paper to figure out how much you actually need, covering the whole bottle without too much of an overlap – the top and bottom of the paper need to be short enough to fold directly to the top and bottom of the bottle, without leaving any excess – and then cut away any additional paper.

4. Now you’ve got exactly the right amount of paper, roll it up for real and then cut away any excess at the top and bottom, before using your double-sided tape to close off the gap where both ends of the paper overlap.

Use your crafting scissors to very carefully make three equidistant slits at both the top and bottom ends of the paper that extend all the way down.

5. Now fold your wrapping paper from the top to the bottom where the slits are – when you get to the final slit, place a little bit of double-sided tape where you’ve already folded the two slits down and stick the third one on top.

Repeat these steps at the top of the bottle by folding along the slits and securing with tape. This should leave you with a completely covered bottle!

6. As a finishing touch, tie some ribbon underneath the bottle, add some double-sided tape to the top and then secure your loose bow on top. And voila – a beautiful gift ready to be received!

If you’re struggling with this guide because it’s written out rather than paired with diagrams, you should check out this YouTube video, or perhaps this one, as they take you through the process visually in a way that’s easier to process.

Remember: practice makes perfect! Just because you don’t get it right the first time, doesn’t mean you should give up trying. Have another go – you might be surprised what you can achieve!

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