Domaine Eymin Tichoux

The Domaine Eymin – Tichoux is located in Seyssuel close to Vienne on the hill side of the Rhone river. Sophie Emin and Kevin Tichoux met at the polytechnic in Montpellier where both studied wine making “Viticulture Eunologie”. In the time following their studies they gain a lot of experience in the world of wine making. Sophie and Kevin are working in Chile, South Africa, Burgundy – Domaine René Bouvier in Gevrey-Chambertin and in the northern Rhone region with Pierre-Jean Villa and Stéphane Ogier


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Sophie Eymin and Kevin Tichoux are truly passionate about the art of wine making. They don`t want to take from nature but rather want to give back by cultivating their vines organically and using recycled or natural materials for labelling, printing and packaging of their wine bottles. Which we could see when visiting their domaine.

History of the Domaine Eymin Tichoux

Sophie grew up in Seyssuel where her family owns a few wastelands on the schist and granite hillsides of the town north of Vienne on the left bank of the Rhône.  As a child, her grandparents evoked incredible memories of harvesting in these places. Since then, she has always dreamed of reestablishing vineyards on these magical hillsides. Vines were cultivated in Seyssuel until the 1920ies when most vines fell victim to the phylloxera. Winemaking was re-started in this area in the early 1990ies.

First Steps at the Domaine Eymin Tichoux

In 2014 they realise their dream. Sophie and Kevin raise first capital by a crowd funding campaign to start wine makling. The couple begins to clear the hillside and they plant the first Syrah vines in 2015. On the other bank of the Rhône, they plant Roussanne on a granite hillside at a place called Varembon and recover a small plot of Côte-Rôtie ideally located at a place called Le Truchet in the heart of the appellation. The overall vineyard grows to 4 hectar in the following years. They work the ground by horse, pickaxe or crawler.

Le Truchet

In the cellar they use gentle vinification techniques with minimal intervention into the natural processes. The wines aged for a long time in old and new oak barrels under precise conditions. The team produces the first vintage in 2017 and they start selling the Côte-Rôtie “Le Truchet” in 2019.  Following a traditional vinification of the wine, the cuvée ages for 18 months in barrels 20% of which in new wood. The “Le Truchet” cuvee shows notes of leather, smoke or even violet. These are characteristic notes of Syrah on these magnificent terroirs of the Côte-Rôtie.

The plot where “Le Truchet” grows benefits from a south, south-west exposure. This orientation is optimal for the quality of the grape and its maturity. This also allows a sanitary quality of the harvest thus avoiding many treatments against vine diseases which corresponds to the philosophy of the estate which works in organic farming.

The maintenance of the vines is done manually, with the advantageous help of their horse to help them during the various works of the vines, if the topography of the plot allows it.

Today their domaine covers wines from Côte-Rôtie, Seyssuel (red and white) and Saint-Joseph (white). You can find their wines directly at their domaine or at these wine shops.

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