Chemin Des Vins Acquisition

Chemin Des Vins was an American company that became the face of distributing family-run French wine estates. If you wanted fine wines from across the French landscape, then you would have found it in Chemin Des Vins.

They did so well, in fact, that we decided to acquire the domain name! Now we have joined together under our name of “New Day Wine” to mix the knowledge of wine creation with the subtlety of pairings.

What Is New Day Wine?

New Day Wine is a website run by Christina Day. She set up the website as a way to share her passion for wine with people who are just as interested but lack the knowledge that connoisseurs take for granted. 

New Day Wine has become the perfect place to try out the best wines on the market while also learning how to pair them up and even create your own. We have expanded as a company to allow more variety which we cannot wait to show you! 

So many people want to get started in the sophisticated and delicious world of wine but have no idea where to start. When a palate is underutilized, it can be hard to find the perfect pairings. Using our articles, you will learn the basics, instinctively know which glass to put with which meal and hold your own in a conversation with other wine enthusiasts.

We want to stop this knowledge from being something only the winemakers know about. Instead, join us on our mission to get everyone invested in the world of wine.

Learn The Basics With New Day Wine

Learning the basics in wine doesn’t mean figuring out which one is red, which one is white and which one is rosé. It means understanding the difference between table wine and regular wine, understanding how sparkling wine and regular wine’s alcohol content differs.

We have a whole section of knowledge that you can find in our  “Wine Knowledge Center.” While there, you can learn all about wine in ways which you might not have considered before. 

If you want to learn more about Patrick Lesec wines, the domains Guy-Amiot and Seguinot-Bordet and the great wines they offer please take a look at the links.

Learn How To Pair Wines With New Day Wine

It’s simple right? White with fish and red with beef? But there is so much more food than fish and beef. What about chicken, or pizza, or spaghetti or tacos. 

There is a pair for everything, which is why we have created a “Wine Pairing” section for you to browse through and learn which are the best wines to drink with your dinner.