Best Wine Purifier

You may think drinking wine is as simple as popping the cork and pouring a glass. But there’s a little more to it than that. When the wine has been stored in a bottle, it lacks oxygen.

The thing that gives the wine a good taste, and buzz, is the oxidation process. Some people open the bottle and let the wine sit for a while to oxidize it, but this is a very slow process and not as effective as using a wine purifier.

Best Wine Purifier

Not only that, but things like preservatives and sulfites can contaminate the wine.

Wine purifiers are designed to accelerate the oxidation process and remove contaminants. Using a wine purifier is a quick and quality way to improve the taste and effect of your wine.

But with so many different wine purifiers out there, all claiming to help, which one’s work and which ones are just a waste?

Easy. Just take a look below. We’ve found the best wine purifiers that will aerate your wine easily. Leaving you with delicious, purer-tasting wine. 


Ullo Chill Wine Purifier

Ullo is a company that exclusively sells wine purifiers. The company is based in Chicago and believes that the best way to enjoy wine is without the sulfites and preservatives added during the production.

They want you to be able to taste wine the way winemakers intended, free from contaminants. 

That being said, the Ullo Chill Wine Purifier is a purifier that works twofold. It works by purifying the wine and also chilling it. No more waiting for your wine to chill, you can enjoy your wine at the perfect temperature instantly.

This filter can reduce the temperature of wine by up to 10 degrees F in a single minute.

Their patented Selective Sulfite technology is the reason why the Ullo Chill Wine Purifier is so good at filtering out different wines. It works by targeting only the artificial sulfite preservatives and histamines. 

If you know anything about histamines and sulfites, then you’ll know they’re not something you want to drink, if you want to avoid a bad hangover

This filter also works as an aerator. that means you can oxidize/  aerate your wine. To use the filter simply place it over your glass and pour the wine through. The filter will work by purifying the wine as it drips through into the glass. Making it simple and easy to use.


  • Selective Sulfite technology for great filtration
  • Easy to use, also has instructions
  • Extra filters included 
  • Bag for storage included


  • You will need to buy replacement filters
  • Base purifier is costly

PureWine Wand Filter

For those looking for a purifier that’s as simple to use as the Ullo one, but not as expensive, these wand purifiers are for you. The thing about histamines is that they may affect some people, while others not so much.

These uniquely shaped wand filters are perfect to use on a glass-by-glass basis. So if there’s someone that doesn’t want their wine filtered, no sweat.

It comes with 8 single wands in the pack with the option to go for more, all the way up to a 72 pack. To use them simply stir them in your glass of wine, like a spoon.

These wands are one-time use only, and easily disposable. So you don’t need to worry about cleaning them. They’re perfect for taking with you on the go, to a bar or restaurant. 

Because this purifying is so gentle it won’t destroy the naturally occurring anti-oxidants in the wine like some other harsher filter might. These wands use Phoenix purification, which is a special type of filtration.

Phoenix Purification is an automatic extraction method that absorbs, transfers, and releases magnetic beads using magnetic rods to separate the good from the bad. 


  • Effective Phoenix Purification
  • Disposable
  • Portable
  • Multipack available 


  • Disposable so you will have to buy more

PureWine Bottle Filter

Sometimes you just want purified wine straight from the bottle, without having to worry about filtering it separately first. PureWine, who produced the wand filters above, has created this bottle filter as a solution to this. 

This bottle filter is designed to attach to the top of a wine bottle. As the wine pours it filters straight through. No mess, no fuss. Then once you’re done with the bottle you can dispose of the filter.

And even better, it’s made from environmentally friendly materials. This filter is made from food-grade FDA-compliant materials that are BPA-free. It’s also got the power to restore open wine that has gone bad. 

This purifier has an elegant design that won’t look out of place and clunky on your bottle if you don’t want to ruin the aesthetic. It does all this while making sure not to change the taste, aroma, color, or even the tannins in the wine. Leaving you with a delicious, pure glass of adult grape juice. 


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Restores bad wine
  • Affordable
  • Portable


  • Single-use

Ullo Wine Purifier And Decanter

From Ullo again, we have a more long-term purifying solution. This filter and decanter set uses not just 1, but 6 Selective Sulfite filters. The great thing about this is that it naturally filters out that bitter taste caused by the sulfites.

It also means you can enjoy great-tasting wine without worrying about a headache, or monster hangover the morning after. 

This set comes with a filter embedded into the decanter. To purify the wine, pour it through the filter and then it will rest in the glass decanter for as long as you want to leave it.

Then drink whenever you like. This means you can aerate and purify your wine way in advance and leave it to sit in the decanter. 

The purifier and decanter are multi-use and dishwasher safe. This makes for easy cleaning and maintenance. The decanters are hand-blown and lead-free to ensure a top-quality container that won’t interfere with the taste of your wine. This would also make an excellent gift.


  • Elegant design
  • Multi-use
  • Would make a great present
  • Preserves as well as purifying 
  • Hand-blown, lead-free glass


  • Expensive

Zortung Wine Aerator 

The Zortung Wine Aerator and purifier is an ultra-dense filter that is designed to filter out residue and leave a much smoother taste.

It’s a manual filter that uses the power of gravity and fluid to remove histamines, and sulfites, oxidize tannins and create a much some more mellow wine taste. Essentially working as a high-powered strainer. 

This purifier uses Bernoulli’s principle. In simple terms what that means is that as the speed of the fluid increases The pressure is decreased and because the pressure of the wine is decreased it becomes easier to infuse it with the air and aerate the wine.

Even simpler terms this means you get great, smooth-tasting wine.

This pure fire is made from high-quality acrylic and is BPA-free. It is small enough to fit in your bag and take with you on the go and chic enough to not look out of place at any high-end events. 

The purification process takes belly a few seconds and all you need to do is pour your wine do it and it will filter into the glass. 


  • Aerates as it purifies
  • No batteries are needed, manual filtration
  • Easy to use
  • Small and easily portable


  • One time use

Organic Wine Filter

We have Norway’s self-proclaimed secret to good wine.  Historically one of the old methods to purify wine was to add hydrogen peroxide drops. This helped remove the sulfites but had a whole host of other problems. These Organic Wine Filters look like teabags but have none of the tea.

Inside, the little white bags contain natural ingredients from the Arctic Sea of Norway. These organic ingredients neutralize the sulfites and their effects. The filters are designed to absorb the negative contaminants while you drink.

Just drop it in the glass and it’ll work while you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

This product is 100% organic and made in Norway. It will allow you to enjoy the full flavor and aroma of your wine without you having to worry about any of the negative mornings after effects, like a headache, or hangover. A pack comes with 18 sachets inside. 


  • Completely organic
  • Multipack
  • Disposable
  • Minimal wait time for filtration, just put it in the drink
  • Can take on the go


  • Not reusable

UB Purifying Wine Drops

As mentioned earlier hydrogen peroxide drops were a solution to the sulfite problem until people realized that they created other problems. For one thing, ingesting hydrogen peroxide- something that’s used in cleaning products- is terrible for your body. 

These UB Purifying Drops are 100% organic, with natural sulfite neutralizing ingredients. 

Made in New Zealand, these drops are discrete, easy to use and work in just 30 seconds. Not just that but you only need a few drops per glass, so it’s very cost-effective.

There are different varieties of drops for red wine, white wine, and even champagne. These varieties are specifically formulated for the wine type and are not interchangeable.      

As well as being organic, these drops are dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and contain no artificial flavors or sweeteners. They meet the FDA food safety standards and have their stamp of approval.

These small, 8ml drops are enough to filter 32 glasses or 6.5 bottles. Just add 3 drops to a glass of wine and you’re good to drink!


  • Organic
  • Cost-effective
  • Only need a little to filter a lot
  • Work quickly
  • Discrete
  • Tasteless


  • Does not remove histamines

Buyer’s Guide

Figuring out the best kind of purifier to buy for your wine can be tricky. Especially when there are so many different kinds of purifiers out there. Each one has its pros and cons, but which ones will work for you?

Well, first you need to know what to look out for. This is why this Buyer’s Guide is dedicated to giving you all the information you need to know about wine purifiers. 

Types Of Contaminants

The reason wine purifiers exist is that there are contaminants in wine. But it’s not as simple as just one type of contaminant, there are lots.

When we say contaminant, what we mean is chemicals that have been produced as a result of the preservation process, or the making process, which are seen as more of a side effect.

There are different types produced and they each have their own effects on you when you drink unfiltered wine. 


Sulfite is the shorthand for Sulphur Dioxide. This is a compound that is added during wine’s bottling/preservation process. The reason is that sulfites will stop wine from oxidizing.

While oxidizing wine is great for taste, it also accelerates the oxidation of the grapes and therefore makes the wine go bad quicker. Sulfites help stop this. 

While they might be good for the wine, they’re not good for you. Excessive consumption of sulfites can cause breathing issues, skin reactions like hives, diarrhea, and digestive problems. Most good purifiers are designed to specifically take out the sulfites or neutralize them. 


Histamines are present in a number of fermented foods and products, like aged cheese, sauerkraut and others. Histamines are more present in red wine than in white, because of the fermentation process of red wine.

There are as many as 20-200% more histamines present. Not everyone reacts to histamines, which is why not all purifiers will filter these out. 

They also don’t always have a negative effect and can help digestion. When a person isn’t allergic to them. Not everyone knows they’re allergic to histamines until they drink wine, then they can cause digestive problems and other issues. 


Tannins are actually naturally occurring in grapes. Tannins are not necessarily a wine contaminant and can have benefits. Tannins are crucial in the aging process and create the aroma, effect, and taste of the wine.

Tannins also contain anti-oxidants. However, they also cause wicked dry mouth and a hangover the next morning. Tannins are neither good nor bad and have different effects on most people. Most purifiers won’t filter out tannins but some will.

If you have a sensitive disposition, then you should look for a purifier that filters out all 3 of these. However, if you don’t and want a filter that will reduce the after-effects of wine, like headaches, nausea, etc, then look for one that removes Sulfites in particular. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to wine purifiers there are lots of things you might be wondering about. In this Frequently Asked Questions section, we’ll answer some of the things you might be wondering about. 

Does Wine Need To Be Purified?

Wine doesn’t necessarily need to be purified and it can be drunk without filtration. However, if you drink wine regularly, you might start to notice the effect it has on you like headaches. By filtering the wine, you can reduce these negative side effects.  

What Kind Of Wine Purifiers Are There?

There are lots of different purifiers on the market.

There are bottle attachments that purify as you pour, wands that you put in your drink, filtration pouches you put in the drink, filters that you pour the wine through and into the glass, and filtration drops that you can squeeze into the drink.

They all work differently and will remove different contaminants, so be sure to check before buying. 

Does Purifying Wine Change The Taste?

Wine purifiers are designed not to interfere with the aroma and taste of wine, while also removing sulfites, histamines, and even tannins. A good purifier shouldn’t alter the taste of the wine, however, some cheap filters can.

Be wary of using hydrogen peroxide drops as these are such types. The best kind of filters to use are the ones that are organically made. 

Do Different Kinds Of Wines Need Different Purifiers?

Yes and no. This will depend on the capabilities of the filter you choose. Most ‘pour through’ and ‘wand’ filters will work on any kind of wine. Whereas drops or pouches work specifically for one kind of wine.

This is because red wine may need a tannin-focused filter, whereas white wine might need a histamine filter, and the ingredient make-up of the filters needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Wine Purifiers Final Thoughts

Purifying wine has many benefits. By purifying your wine you can forgo those nasty after-drink effects. No one wants to suffer from a hangover or headache after a nice glass of rosé.

Long term, these filters have a great effect on your body. That’s because, over time, the contaminants in wine can build up in your body and weaken its tolerance and have a whole host of other nasty effects. 

So investing in a wine filter would be a great choice for your health. Any of the ones on our list would do a fantastic job. Make sure to choose the right filter based on what you want to remove from your wine, price range, and convenience for you. 


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