Best Wine For People Who Don’t Like Wine

Have you spent your life wondering why everyone thinks wine is so great? Then chances are you either find the taste of wine too acidic, or you are just intimidated by the variety of wine the world has to offer.

Even if you have partaken in a bottle of red at a friend’s dinner party – this doesn’t mean you know anything about wine or the various methods that can be used to find the best wine for your palette. 

That is why we have put together this guide to everything wine-related. Here you will find everything you need to know about the taste of wine and how this sophisticated drink is crafted.

We have also included a selection of wines that are perfect for newbie drinkers or apprehensive wine accusers. 

How Do You Pick Wine?

If you have never been interested in drinking wine, then you have probably never realized just how diverse wine can be.

Not only can it be made with a variety of fruits and ingredients, but it can also pack a lot of different flavors into a single bottle. 

There is no one perfect wine for a person who doesn’t drink it because the wine you enjoy depends on your tastes and preferences. However, certain factors should always be taken into account when choosing a bottle of wine. 

Down below we have outlined each of these elements to help aid you in your search for the perfect wine for your taste buds. Let’s take a look, shall we?


Of course, the most important thing to consider about wine is the taste. The flavor of wine can greatly differ depending on the grapes used in the recipe and how the wine has been stored. 

By its nature, wine is a complex and layered drink that can pack a lot of flavors and notes into a single sip.

As a newbie drinker, you will want a wine that is less complicated on the palette, so that your taste buds can absorb and familiarize themselves with the acidity of the drink. 

Beginners will tend to prefer sweeter wines, as these can be more enjoyable to drink and lighter on the tongue. Wine can come in a variety of sweetness, with certain fruit wines being loaded with sugar and additives.

As a newbie drinker, you don’t want to rely solely on sweet wines and we would suggest sampling a wine that straddles the line between dryness and sweetness. 


If you want to experience wine to its full potential, then you should always consider the smell of the wine you are tasting. To become a wine expert, you have to understand how the subtle aromas of the wine hint at the nature of the blend. 

The smell of wine is determined by the age of the wine, and how the grapes were grown and stored. Familiarizing yourself with the aromatics of wine is complex stuff and you shouldn’t concern yourself with it unless you want to. 

As a beginner, you should focus your attention on the taste and sweetness of the wine you are tasting, as this will determine the best wine for your palette. 


When entering the world of wine, you may hear the term ‘body’ thrown around by the more experienced wine drinkers. This refers to the lightness or heaviness of the wine being sampled. 

The body of the wine can be determined by the blend of the wine and the way it has been fermented. Wine can be either light or heavy, but should still be enjoyed either way. 

As a newbie drinker, you will probably prefer to drink lighter-bodied wines which will be more enjoyable and moreish. 

Now let’s get to the wines! 

Best White Wines

White wines are the best for beginners and naysayers as they are lighter and sweeter than red wine. The best white wines you can purchase are listed below. 

Pinot Grigio – One of the world’s most famous wines, Pinot Grigio is considered one of the best white wines for beginners.

This wine features a light body and is known for its crisp taste and floral notes. We recommend drinking this wine cold, particularly as a companion on a hot summer day. 

Riesling – This wine comes to us from the German countryside, and is known for its bright acidity and light body.

Like all good beginner-friendly wines, Riesling perfectly balances the dryness and the sweetness of the blend. The wine is crisp on the tongue and is noted as having citrus notes. 

Sauvignon Blanc – This refreshing French wine is a smooth and light choice for any newbie drinker. S

auvignon Blanc has a light body and is known for having notes of citrus and kiwi running through it. Making it a refreshing wine that can be enjoyed by all varieties of wine drinker. 

Best Red Wines

Once you have begun drinking and enjoying white wines, then it is time to start braving the waters of red wine. Red wines are known for their complexity and so you should only try simple blends when starting out. 

Pinot Noir – A red wine that is often enjoyed as an accompaniment to delicious meals, Pinot Noir is a medium-bodied wine that is delicious and addictive.

Although brimming with dark tones, this wine is still rich enough to be enjoyed by newbie drinkers. 

Shiraz – This wine comes to us from Australia, and is considered a popular favorite among beginners and experienced wine drinkers alike.

Shiraz is not a heavy wine, but nor is it particularly light on the palette. The wine is also known for its rich taste which is said to have warm and peppery notes. 

Beaujolais Nouveau – Originating from France, Beaujolais Nouveau is a light red wine that is beloved for its bold and fruity flavor.

The wine is produced annually throughout the year and is often sold out before the year ends. Because the wine is produced using tannin powder, the texture is smooth, delicate and perfect for beginners. 

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