Best Wine Foil Cutter

Foil on a wine bottle is a very handy way to keep the wine fresh. In the olden days, wine used to have a foil wrap to prevent any creepy crawlies or mice from getting drunk before people had the chance to because the wine was often kept in cellars or other dark and damp places to ferment. 

Nowadays the wine foil acts more like a seal of freshness, a guarantee that the bottle hasn’t been opened and uncorked.

Best Wine Foil Cutter

The foil is freshness guaranteed but can be very finicky. When all you want to do is crack into a bottle, having to mess around with the foil first can be incredibly annoying. 

That’s why a pair of wine foil cutters can come in very handy. They can significantly reduce how long it takes to get into the bottle, and are a lot safer than just pulling off the sometimes sharp foil bits.

And wine foil cutters can also make an excellent gift, especially as a stocking filler. So why not invest in one? They’re sure to last a long time and have lots of benefits. Here are some of the best wine foil cutters available, for you to peruse and pick the right one for you. 


HQY Premium Wine Foil Cutter

This easy-to-use wine foil cutter from HQY may look small, but don’t be fooled. It’s strong and sturdy enough to cut into anything that might get in the way of you and your wine.

Its ergonomic U shape is designed to fit comfortably around a bottle, and all you need to do is simply squeeze it together and twist it to get the foil as well as the cork off. 

Weighing less than 0.04lbs, this is an incredibly lightweight foil cutter. And at 3.31x 2.09×2.01 inches in dimension, it’s small enough to fit in most purses or pockets. So portability is a big bonus. It comes in two colors to choose from, black or white.

The inside is rimmed with a ridged, sharp, blade, and that’s the part that’s used to cut the foil. So be sure to store and use these safely and keep them out of reach of children. 

Moreover, these wine foil cutters have a comfortable grip that makes them perfect for professional use. So if you work in a bar or catering, and you’re constantly having to strain yourself opening wine bottle after wine bottle, then these can help ease that burden.

These cutters can be used again and again without straining your wrist. 

The only negative is that with each compression, the plastic housing of the cutter will wear and over time it may snap. That’s why it comes in a pack of two, anticipating the inevitable break.

However, if you won’t be using the cutter that often, this is a viable, and very affordable, option to sustain you for a while. 


  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Durable sharp blade
  • Affordable
  • Pack of two


  • Plastic housing will weaken over time or break

VINVOLI Wine Foil Cutters

Vinvoli is known for its versatile and helpful wine accessories. The Vinvoli wine foil cutter is a shining example of its incredible products. It works in the same sort of way as the HQY cutter, but with a major difference in quality.

The Vinvoli cutter is made from stainless steel, one of the strongest materials available. 

This cutter is so easy to use that it works in seconds, and is very safe to use. The stainless steel housing shields the blades from your fingers so there’s no chance of an accidental snip. Vinvoli gathered the best advice, from wine experts to sommeliers in order to create and design this cutter.

As such it’s an excellent tool that can be used professionally, and used time and time again with very limited wear and tear. You don’t have to worry about the housing snapping like with the HQY. 

Though rust is an issue. So long as the blade is kept away from moisture – keep it away from the actual wine once the bottle is open- then this shouldn’t be a problem for a while. However because this is designed to last a long time, the blades will blunt over time.

But as problems go, natural wear and tear from aging isn’t so bad. At least these cutters will be able to last long enough to get there. These cutters are very small and portable, and elegant enough to fit the classiest wine part aesthetics. 


  • Sharp
  • Easy to use
  • Safe housing
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Portable


  • Will wear and tear over time
  • Potential for rust

YWQ Magnetic Design Foil Cutters

This is probably one of the safest foil cutters on our list, because, unlike the others, it doesn’t use blades. The TWQ Magnetic Design Foil Cutters use magnetic technology to unwrap the foil, instead of sharp, dangerous, blades.

In design, it looks similar to the HQY, utilizing the ergonomic U shape. But where there should be blades, there are four strategically places magnets. These magnets attach and lift the foil safely and easily.

The comfortable grip means you don’t have to strain your hand to squeeze and twist off the foil. As well as removing the foil, this cutter will also help you twist off a corkscrew in the process. So it’s a two-fold opener.

And when you’re not using this cutter, you can always place it on your fridge as a magnet, to be used whenever you need it. And because it’s so small and lightweight, you can take it with you on the go too.

Though over time you may find that the magnets lose their magnetism. However, if you know anything about magnets, then you’ll know the way to combat this is to bring them into contact with a much stronger magnet in order to strengthen or remagnetize them.

The issue there is finding a stronger magnet. But this is a long way down the line. This cutter should work perfectly for a long while. This magnetic cutter would make an excellent gift! 


  • Very safe magnetic technology
  • Durable
  • Versatile storage- can stick to the fridge
  • Affordable
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Comfy grip


  • Only comes in black
  • Magnets may weaken over time

Rabbit Wine Foil Cutter

Rabbit is a company that knows wine and wine accessories, they’ve been in the business for more than 30 years. So when it comes to getting into a bottle of wine as quickly and safely as possible, they know what they’re talking about.

The Rabbit Wine Foil Cutter is shaped like a circle, with a gap in the middle, and is 1.9 inches in diameter. 

The blade is encased in the disc which means you’re safe from accidentally cutting yourself. To cut through the foil and open the bottle in one go, all you need to do is squeeze twist and pull.

There couldn’t be an easier set of instructions. Though the housing is made from plastic, the ergonomic design helps prevent it from weakening over time. This is because it doesn’t have any points of stress- unlike a U-shaped design. Moreover, the casing is made from very durable plastic. 

The plastic casing is easy to grip and velvety smooth all around, so it won’t hurt your hand. The Rabbit Wine Foil Cutter comes in a clear gift box and is displayed beautifully enough to be given as a present. 


  • Multi-pack options available
  • Portable
  • Beautiful gift option
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Safe design
  • Easy to Use


  • Takes a fair bit of strength to twist

Hicoup Wine Opener

The Hicoup Winer Opener is an all-in-one wine opening tool that is perfect for sommeliers, bartenders, and wine enthusiasts all at once. Shaped like your average pocket knife, this wine opener is just as versatile. It has a serrated knife, corkscrew, and bottle opener.

To cut through the foil use the knife, then to open the bottle you can use the corkscrew. 

This opener uses a double-hinged fulcrum, which allows for maximum flexibility and efficiency when opening.

You don’t have to twist your hand into an abnormal claw to open the bottle. As well as the fulcrum, the handle is made from comfortable sandalwood and ergonomically shaped for a comfy grip. 

The tools themselves are all made from stainless steel, making them very durable. Stainless steel is also very easy to clean, which means you don’t have to worry about a build-up of wine residue and stains.

This opener is 4.5×0.5×1.25 inches in dimension and the tools are retractable to save space. That makes this a very compact and versatile wine opener. 


  • Compact, with retractable tools
  • Portable & lightweight
  • Versatile comes with corkscrew, knife, and bottle opener
  • The double hinged fulcrum allows flexible movement
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfy, sandalwood handle


  • Blades are uncovered so it must be handled with extreme care

ZJHOSELL Wine Foil Cutter Giftset

The ZJHOSELL Wine Foil Cutter is a compact set of tools that would make a brilliant gift. It’s a lot bigger than the other options but for good reason. One of the biggest problems when it comes to opening a bottle of wine isn’t the foil, it’s the corkscrew.

Sometimes it can snap in the process of being pulled out and stay wedged in, making it even more difficult to pull out. 

This bottle opener comes with a separate foil cutter and bottle opener. The lever on the bottle opener is big and designed to go straight through the cork to overcome any cork snapping issues.

Together they make a very elegant and handy gift set. The foil cutter is completely encased in a red,  alloy steel housing, and the blade is kept safely inside. 

All you need to do is place it and twist it to cut the foil. It does such a clean job of cutting that you don’t need to worry about foil crumbs. Just make sure to press all the way down to avoid the snapping problem. 


  • Great gift set
  • Cork opener and foil opener combo
  • Durable housing and blades
  • Safe to use


  • Expensive

Buyer’s Guide

Buying the right wine foil cutter isn’t as easy as it may seem. This is because there are lots of little things to keep in mind, things you might not even know about. Here in our Buyer’s Guide, we’ll let you know what to look out for and guide you through the process. 


The shape of the foil cutter is key to how well it works. If you use foil cutters in a professional environment, i.e. sommelier, bartender, etc, then you’ll want a cutter that’s ergonomically designed with a comfortable grip to avoid any hand cramps from excessive use.

Foil cutters can come in the usual U-shape design, with the blades embedded in the curve, or a circle shape with the blade on the underside in the center. 

Both designs work, but we’d have to suggest the circular cutters for superior safety. This is because the blade isn’t visible. This also means if you put the cutter in your bag or pocket, you’re less likely to be nicked.  

Blade Type

Foil cutters can use different types of blades. They can use:

  • Plain blades- The edge is sharp and smooth. Plain blades are great for a smooth cut and finish but are harder to keep sharp and blunt quickly unless regularly sharpened. Plain blades are great for slicing. 
  • Serrated blades- The edges are cut jagged and sharp. A serrated blade is very sharp and great for gripping and cutting through tough things.

A foil cutter can have either type of blade. Serrated blades might last longer but plain blades cut quickly and smoothly and leave no crumbs behind. 


A good foil cutter should last you a while, How long it lasts will depend on the material it’s made from. Stainless steel is one of the most durable materials for a cutter as it doesn’t sustain much wear and tear.

Plastic is flexible however, it is not as durable. If you’re looking for a foil cutter that you can use multiple times a day then you’ll want one made from stainless steel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about wine foil cutters, asked and answered.

Why Do Wine Bottles Have Foil?

Wine bottles used to have a foil wrap to stop insects and other critters from getting at the cork and nibbling it away. Nowadays the foil comes as a standard part of the packaging. The unbroken foil wrap shows you that the bottle is untampered with.

Do I Need A Wine Foil Cutter?

You can usually open the foil around a wine bottle by using your fingers, but you need good nails and a steady grip. You could also use a knife of carefully balanced scissors, but that’s not a safe option.

Wine foil cutters cut out the need to use random sharp objects or nick your fingers and are specially designed to get the foil off in seconds with no fuss.

If you open wine bottles regularly, as in if you work as a sommelier, bartender, or other wine-related jobs then getting a wine foil cutter will save you a lot of time. 

How Does A Wine Foil Cutter Work?

How a wine foil cutter works will depend on the kind of cutter you have. This helpful video goes over some of the ways to open wine-bottle foil using a standard cutter. Most wine foil cutters work by being placed around the top, with the blade against the foil, then you just squeeze and twist.

Some of them will take out the cork as well as take off the foil. Regardless it takes a bit of strength to use them. 

How Long Does A Wine Foil Cutter Last?

The lifespan of a wine foil cutter can depend on many factors. Most importantly, the kind of material it’s made from. The plastic wine foil cutters tend not to last very long, typically not longer than 100 bottles.

However stainless steel cutters last much longer and are more durable. They’re designed for commercial use and can be used day in and day out. The cutters can last thousands of uses. 

You should also look at the kind of blade, and placement of the blade. Once the blade of a cutter is blunt then it’s of no use, so you want a blade that’s made of strong materials -like steel or alloy. Also if the blade is placed in such a way that it can be sharpened, this will significantly increase the cutter’s lifespan. 

Final Thoughs

The right wine foil cutter will last you a long time and will save you a hell of a lot of effort. So be sure to choose the right one. Especially if you know you’ve got a lot of bottles to open. They even make great gifts that’ll have them raising a toast to you every time they crack into the bottle. 


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