Best Wall Mounted Wine Rack

If you’re a big wine lover, you might be starting to think about buying your favorite bottles of wine in bulk, especially if they’re discounted and you want to make the most of the reduced prices! Or perhaps you just want to buy in bulk for all of those lovely dinner parties you’ve been having. 

Either way, it begs the question – where on earth are you going to keep all of those bottles? The cupboards and storage cabinets in your kitchen and living room are already full of clutter, so there’s no space in there.

Best Wall Mounted Wine Rack

And you have no shelf space to fit them on either because those already have things stored on them as well! 

This is exactly why you should invest in a wine rack!

Particularly a wall mounted one, because it’s much more effective at saving space in your kitchen, as you’re more likely to have a place on the wall for it than anywhere else – plus, wall mounted wine racks tend to look much more sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing.

Read our guide to the best wall mounted wine racks available on the market so you can buy as much wine as you want and always have a specific place to store all of your bottles!

Sorbus 9-Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack 

This Sorbus wine rack is a very popular choice and can hold up to nine bottles, so you’ll be stocked up with enough wine for any occasion – whether that’s drinking in the evening to relax after a long day’s hard work, or to use all at once at a crazy big party!

This rack will store your bottles of wine in individual compartments and will keep them horizontal, which is actually great for keeping the cork moist and the wine fresh.

It’s made from metal and is complete with commercial grade welding, so it’s very sturdy and won’t be falling off the wall anytime soon, meaning you can stay safe in the knowledge that no accidents will occur and you won’t lose your expensive bottles of wine to the kitchen floor!

Enameled with a rich black finish, its design is very sleek and will blend in perfectly with the rest of your kitchen decor without looking too bulky or clashing with any of the other colors in your kitchen – or wherever you decide to mount it.

Added to all of that, it’s also very easy to install and all of the hardware you need to mount it to your wall comes included with it in the package. 


  • Can hold a large number of bottles – it can hold up to nine bottles, so you can be ready for any occasion!
  • Horizontal storage – it allows your wine bottles to be stored horizontally in individual compartments, which will keep the cork in the bottle moist and the wine fresh
  • Metal construction – it’s made from metal and is complete with commercial grade welding, so it’s extremely durable and the weight of your bottles won’t make it fall off your wall
  • Rich black finish – because it’s enameled with a rich black finish, it looks very sleek and will blend in with the rest of your decor perfectly!
  • Easy to install – it comes with all of the hardware you need to mount it to your wall and requires minimal assembly 


  • Might be difficult to fit bigger bottles – the gaps between the racks are fairly small, so if you have a particularly large sized wine bottle, it might be difficult to fit it in

Also available at: Sorbus Home 

Anna Stay Wall Mounted Wine Rack 

This Anna Stay wall mounted wine rack is an upright wine holder to fix to your wall and provide your kitchen with brilliant decoration!

You’ll be able to fit five bottles of wine onto this rack and you can even hang your wine glasses on it too, as it comes with four built-in wine glass holding racks on the bottom of it.

Another nice added feature to it is that it has a cork storage drawer in it, so you can pop all of your corks from your most treasured wines in there as keepsakes, to add to the stylish aesthetic of it.

Also included in the package is a pack of six wine glass charms, depicting positive and inspiring words such as ‘Live’, ‘Love’, ‘Laugh’, ‘Dream’, ‘Cheers’ and ‘Dare’.

These attach to the bottom of your wine glass, so it’s a fun little thing to do when you’re having people over, and it helps everyone keep track of which wine glass is theirs throughout the night!

The rack is super easy to install and is made from metal, making it sturdy so you don’t have to worry about it collapsing under the weight of your bottles!

Again, something to make the aesthetic of this rack ever more pleasing is that you can choose between buying it in black with an italic sign saying ‘Wine’ going across it, or in brown with a sign saying ‘Home’.


  • Can hang your wine glasses – as well as storing your wine bottles on it, you can also hang your wine glasses from it as it comes with four built-in wine glass holders
  • Cork storage drawer – you can use this for keepsakes, storing all of the corks from your favorite wines in it!
  • Six wine glass charms included – included in the package are six wine glass charms expressing positive words to attach to the bottom of everyone’s wine glass
  • Sturdy – it’s made from metal and is heavy-duty, meaning it will hold your wine bottles securely
  • Choice of color and decoration – you can choose between having it in black with a ‘Wine’ sign across it, or in brown with a ‘Home’ sign 


  • Side door of cork storage can sometimes be stiff – the little side door you have to open to store the corks in it can occasionally be difficult to open

Also available at: Anna Stay 

True Align Wall Mounted Wine Rack 

This wine rack by True might look slightly on the minimalist side of things but it’s also very attractive and will blend in perfectly with the rest of your decor!

It’s constructed from black wrought iron, making it extremely sturdy and tough without looking too bulky. You certainly won’t have to worry about it collapsing due to the weight of all your wine bottles. 

This rack can hold up to nine bottles of wine, which really is quite brilliant – you can buy your wine in bulk to last you for ages or stock up for a particularly big party!

It’s super easy to install and comes ready with screws so you don’t have to go through the hassle of buying them yourself. It’s light enough for you to mount it to the wall without any trouble and the straight lines of the frame are quite easy to align correctly. 

Due to its design and versatility, this rack doesn’t just hold wine bottles – you can also mount it anywhere in the house and use it for drying bath towels or putting your kitchen supplies on.

So, if you really like the minimalism of this rack, why not buy one to store your wine on and get another one to store some other household items on!


  • Minimalistic – this means it will blend in perfectly with the rest of your decor without being conspicuous!
  • Black wrought iron construction – this means it’s extremely sturdy so you don’t have to worry about it collapsing under the weight of all of your wine bottles
  • Can hold a large number of bottles – it can hold up to nine wine bottles at a time, so you really can buy in bulk, either for yourself or for a big party!
  • Easy to install – it’s quite light so it’s easy to lift up to mount to the wall, and it comes with screws already included in the box
  • Versatile – it doesn’t just have to be a wine bottle holder; it can also be used to store kitchen supplies or to dry towels on!


  • Might need to be mounted to a stud – the hardware provided might not be strong enough to keep it on the wall so you might need to mount it to a stud 

Also available at: True Brands 

Mkono Wall Mounted Wine Shelves 

These Mkono wine racks are very affordable, especially considering there are two of them in the box, so you can mount both of them to your wall for extra storage!

These floating racks are super rustic and classic looking due to the fact they’re made from baking finish reclaimed wood. This will look incredible with the rest of your decor! 

They also have a wine glass shelf on them for additional storage, so you can hang your wine glasses on there as well as your wine bottles.

The racks for the wine glasses are made from sturdy steel, so they’re very durable and will be able to take the full weight of all of your glasses and bottles combined. 

They’re a very versatile product due to their simplicity, because at heart they’re just like any other kind of shelf, meaning you don’t just have to store wine bottles on them – you can literally put anything you want on them, such as storage jars or containers.

It could even be a good idea to use one as a wine rack and the other one can then be used for something else!

Coming equipped with an easy-to-read instruction manual, these racks are very easy to mount to the wall. They’re also quite light and small, so they’ll be even easier to assemble!


  • Two shelves included – the package includes two of them, which makes the package as a whole even more affordable!
  • Rustic – they look retro and classic as they’re made from a baking finish reclaimed wood
  • Can hang your wine glasses – they come with wine glass racks that allow you to store your wine glasses on them, as well as your bottles!
  • Sturdy steel racks – the racks to hang your wine glasses on are made from a sturdy steel, so they can take the weight of your glasses and bottles
  • Easy to install – the package includes an instruction manual that’s easy to follow, plus they’re light and small, which make them easier to hold in place when you assemble them


  • A little on the small side – they’re quite small so you might not be able to store as many wine bottles as you’d like on them

Also available at: Ebay 

Sagler Wall Mounted Wine Rack 

This Sagler rack is often advertised as a wine rack OR a towel rack, making it a versatile product – if you happen to be searching for both of these things simultaneously then why not invest in two of these racks to cover all the bases! 

It’s made from a strong metal bronze material which is also rust resistant, so it’s sturdy and you don’t have to worry about it being ruined over time, or about it not being able to take the weight of your wine bottles!

It has a very modern and stylish design, with hooked racks that will hold your wine bottles in place very securely. 

Another great element to it is that, because it stores your wine bottles horizontally rather than vertically, it will keep the cork in your wine bottles moist and keep the wine super fresh.

It can hold up to six bottles of wine, which is ideal for you to be able to buy enough wine in one shopping trip to last you for ages if you’re drinking it by yourself.

Or, if you’re having a dinner party, it’s a great amount to have ready to serve everyone throughout the course of the evening and night!


  • Versatile – it can be used as either a wine rack or a towel rack and is perfect for both!
  • Metal bronze material – this means it’s sturdy and also rust resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it becoming damaged over time
  • Hooked racks – the racks that hold your wine bottles are slightly hooked, meaning they’ll hold them securely in place
  • Horizontal storage – this allows the cork in your wine bottles to maintain their moisture and it will keep the wine extra fresh
  • Can hold six bottles – this is the perfect amount of storage so you can buy in bulk for yourself (it will last you ages!), or to store plenty of wine ready for a dinner party!


  • Hardware not included – the tools needed to mount it to your wall aren’t included in the package, so you’ll have to buy these separately

Also available at: Homecery 

Buyer’s Guide 

Buying a good wall mounted wine rack requires you to understand a couple of crucial elements you have to look out for before you fully invest in one.

If you don’t watch out for these things and make sure they’re all in order on the product you want to buy, you could easily end up with a rack that is of a low quality and isn’t sturdy enough to actually stay on your wall, or big enough for your own personal requirements!

Read our buying guide below to find out what to look out for when buying your perfect wall mounted wine rack!


Sturdiness is a crucial factor when it comes to wine racks that have to be mounted to your wall. This is because they have to hold a lot of weight, as multiple wine bottles together can really weigh quite a lot and put stress on your rack.

So, you’re going to want to buy one made from some sort of strong metal or wooden material that can take all of that weight without collapsing.

The last thing you want is all of your expensive, luxurious wine soaking into the tiles of your kitchen floor with smashed glass all around you!


Wine racks come with different capacities, and what you choose really just comes down to personal preference. You have to ask yourself how many bottles of wine you want to bulk buy and how many you’re going to want to store at one time in your kitchen.

Some racks can be so small that they only hold two or three bottles, whilst some have a much larger capacity and can hold ten or more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I Organize My Wine Rack?

How you organize your wine rack is completely up to you and you should organize it in a way that makes sense to you. 

Many people like to organize it by the type of wine, for example, putting the reds together, the whites together and the rosés together. 

Is It Better To Buy A Vertical Or Horizontal Wine Rack?

Both work fine, but a wine rack that allows you to store your bottles horizontally will keep the cork moist and also make your wine stay nice and fresh.


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