Best Insulated Wine Tote

Transporting wine can be a difficult task and a common struggle amongst wine lovers, and there is nothing worse than travelling to an event, picnic, or party, and you arrive with warm wine.

Not only that but it’s also hard to make sure that your wine arrives safely, especially if you’re carrying multiple bottles of wine! The best solution for this is to invest in a good quality wine tote bag, but this can pose a problem as there are so many different options.

Best Insulated Wine Tote

From materials, capacity, to internal insulation. It can often be incredibly confusing to decide on what option is best for you, especially as different bags all have different features, so we’ve compiled a handy list of some of the best-insulated wine tote bags that you can buy!

HAMILO 4 Bottle Wine Carrier

This 4 bottle wine carrier offering from HAMILO is an incredibly sensible choice if you’re looking for a multi-bottle wine bag, with its spacious design allowing you to fit up to 4 bottles inside, kept safe and divided with its 5mm thick EPE foam divider which also ensures a high quality of insulation too.

The bag is also well insulated, which utilizes a lightweight yet sturdy waterproof 12oz canvas fabric, with a PVC back coating that keeps the bag waterproof and leakproof, and helps to prevent any accidents that may happen! 

The expandable zipper also means that if your wine has been opened and shut with a cork, then the bag can accommodate the cork easily as well.

Despite being able to carry multiple bottles, this tote remains portable and easy to carry, with padded shoulder straps meaning that you should be able to carry this bag all day long!


  • Secure: The bag’s foam divided means that your bottles should remain perfectly safe in transport!
  • Water and Leakproof: The construction of the bag should prevent any leakage.
  • Accommodates Corks: You don’t have to worry about your bottles fitting on the journey home.
  • Padded Straps: Ensures that the bag remains comfortable!


  • Insulation: Whilst the bag does have some insulation, it may not be enough on particularly warm days.

Rachel Ray Jumbo Chillout Thermal Tote

The Jumbo Chillout Thermal Tote from Rachel Ray provides you with all the style and aesthetic of a traditional tote bag, but with all of the features you would ask of a more complex cool bag.

Its large dimensions mean that you can comfortably carry multiple bottles of wine, alongside other accompanying items, and is good for up to 10 gallons in weight! 

The insulation is also something to admire too, with its innovative Triple-Tek foam insulation and Temperfoil lining meaning that ultimately you should never have to worry about turning up with unchilled wine!

Furthermore, this tote utilizes heat-welded seams, helping to guard against any unwanted spills, messes, or leaks. It also means that the inner is easy to keep clean and maintain too! 

The outer material of this tote also ensures that the bag is rugged and ready for any environment, meaning that whether it’s a trip to the woods, the beach, or even just to the local supermarket, your bag will hold up perfectly.

The bag is also available in a multitude of colors, so you can match it to your style as well!


  • Capacity: The bag’s large dimensions allow for you to carry a large amount of items.
  • Insulation: Triple-Tek foam insulation and Temperfoil lining mean that your wine will remain chilled.
  • Leakproof: The heat-sealed inner ensures that you’re protected from any unwanted messes.
  • Durability: The rugged outer assures that your big can withstand any situation.


  • Zipper: Complaints about the zipper are common, as it is composed of plastic, and can break if forced too hard. 
  • Size: The large size of the bag means that it can be quite difficult to fold and compact down.

Tirrinia 2 Bottle Wine Tote Carrier

This bag from Tirrinia carries a very sophisticated look and has plenty of features that make it an incredibly smart choice for any wine lover. Its portable design makes it easy to carry around all day, with the fully adjustable shoulder strap ensuring maximum comfort. 

The inner material is composed of PU insulation, with 5mm PE foam padding to protect your bottles from any impacts or collisions on your journey! The interior also has a divider which helps to add to this protection, preventing the two bottles from colliding!

The bag is also fully collapsible, making it easy to store.

Overall, this offering from Tirrinia is an excellent choice and provides a reliable choice with excellent looks to match.


  • Build Quality: Steel strap buckles, as well as a strong canvas material mean that this bag is both practical and stylish.
  • Insulation: Its PU insulation means that your bottles will stay cooler for longer.
  • Protection: The padded lining and divider help protect your bottles from any collisions.


  • Capacity: Compared to other bags, this bag can only carry 2 bottles, which may not be enough for some people.
  • Not rigid: Due to being collapsable, it isn’t rigid, which may not provide enough protection for some.

Opux 2 Bottle Wine Bag Tote Carrier

Opux’s tote carrier utilizes a slightly different design to other offerings, with a maximum focus on convenience and storage. Unlike other bags, it features a handy front pocket, which is perfect for storing bottle openers, corkscrews.

It also features adjustable and detachable shoulder and hand straps, allowing you to carry the bag however you prefer. 

The padding in the bag is designed to help protect your bottles, whilst also helping to ensure that the wine remains chilled throughout the journey. The outer material is made from high-quality 6000D polyester and a PU leather trim which makes the bag very durable, whilst also remaining stylish. 

The bag is also offered in a multitude of different colours and patterns, allowing you to stand out from the rest with any of the different designs available!


  • Stylish: The variety of colours and patterns available as well as its composition make this bag a very fashionable choice.
  • Durability: Its polyester composition means that the outer of the bag is incredibly durable.
  • Convenience: The front pocket on the bag is a feature that rarely appears on other bags and is perfect for any necessary accessories.


  • Capacity: As a 2 bottle holder, the bag is limited in the amount it can carry, and may not be sufficient for larger groups.
  • Insulation: This bag is not as well insulated as other options, and therefore may not be as effective. 

D&D 2 Bottle Insulated Wine Tote Bag

This beautifully striped tote bag is a perfect accompaniment to your summer evenings, with its lightweight and flexible design making this bag both incredibly comfortable and lightweight.

Its composition is also of a high quality, featuring an adjustable leather strap as well as a 600D polyester outer material, as well as stainless steel buckles. 

On the inside, the bag contains a fully insulated lined inner, and is able to keep bottles separate with its internal divider, which helps protect bottles from any breakages whilst in motion.

Inside, you can fit upto 2 bottles of wine, with the caveat being that you can fit larger bottles of wine, such as champagne or prosecco. 

A unique feature of this bag is that it actually contains a corkscrew and bottle opener multitool inside the bag, which is incredibly convenient if you forget yours at home!


  • Lightweight: The composition of this tote bag means that it is easy to carry and comfortable.
  • Quality: The materials of this tote bag are high quality, and means that it will outlast a lot of its competitors.
  • Free tool: The addition of the free corkscrew multi-tool really gives this option a sophisticated edge.


  • Capacity: Although it can fit larger bottles, a 2 bottle sized bag still might not be a high enough capacity if people want to transport large quantities of wine.

One Savvy Girl Wine Tote Bag

This wine tote bag from One Savvy Girl comes in a very cute monotone striped pattern, and is the perfect addition for any wine lover. The bag combines style with convenience and comfort for the ultimate summer bag.

The bag is built to contain up to two bottles of wine, including champagne bottles, and also features an exterior flap style pocket for any accessories that you may need to bring along with you. Furthermore, the bag also comes along with two stainless steel wine cups, which is a handy addition!

With the combination of an insulated internal material and a polyester outer material, you can rest assured that the bag is going to keep your wine safe whatever the occasion, and the adjustable shoulder straps as well as a carry handle mean that you can take it wherever you go. 


  • Construction: This bag is built of rugged polyester, which ensures a high standard of reliability.
  • Additional Cups: The included steel cups are a helpful addition for those summertime adventures!
  • Additional Pocket: The exterior pocket is helpful for any accessories.


  • 2 Bottle Capacity: This bag isn’t suited for those looking for a large capacity wine tote.
  • No Cup Holders: Despite including the cups, there is no storage space for them on the bag, which can be inconvenient. 

Picnic Time – LEGACY 2 Bottle Insulated Wine Tote Bag

This tote bag offering from Picnic Time gives off an air of luxury that is somewhat unmatched by other offerings, and this classiness is seen throughout.

The external composition of the bag is of a waxed cotton , not only does this give the bag a rugged and vintage aesthetic, but it also makes the bag incredibly durable, an important requirement for any wine lover’s choice of bag.

Inside is an insulated pouch suitable for 2 bottles of wine, with a helpful divider in between the two sections to help aid in protecting the bottles from breaking. The dividers also fold back flat, so it allows you to fit larger bottles as well. 


  • Stylish: The bag’s aesthetic oozes class, and is perfect for the fashionista among us.
  • Durability: The high quality materials also mean that the bag is extremely durable and ready for any situation.
  • Interior: The insulated interior and foldable dividers mean that the interior is both secure and will keep your bottles well chilled.


  • Open Design: The open top design may not provide as much security as desired.
  • Straps: The straps are not adjustable, so may be too small or too big depending on the user. 

Buyer’s Guide

There are many important factors that are worth considering before purchasing an insulated wine bag:


Wine bags can vary in size and capacity, so it’s important to know exactly what size bag you’re looking for when looking to purchase, as this can help narrow down your options and avoid disappointment.


You want your wine bag to be durable and reliable no matter the conditions, so it is important to check the material that the bag is made of to get an idea for how well it will hold up, canvas may be lightweight but it won’t be as strong as polyester or leather.


Design is another really important factor that goes into buying a wine bag, some people may opt for the most practical option, whilst some people prefer style over functionality. So wherever you fall on the spectrum it’s vital you decide what you want out of your bag! 


Perhaps the most important factor when choosing a wine tote bag is the purpose! Are you going to be using it for short trips or long trips? Simple park picnics or beach days? If you want something for longer trips you are better off opting for bags with more reliable materials and additional padding. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Big is a Bottle of Wine?

Standard bottles of wine (750ml/75cl) measure at 11.5-13 Inches in length, and 3-3.375 inches in width.

How Many Servings Are There in a Bottle of Wine?

The standard bottle contains 750ml/75cl, or 25 fluid ounces, of wine. The normal amount when serving a glass of wine is 147ml, or 5 fluid ounces. So a single bottle of wine contains 5 glasses of wine.

What Temperature Should Red Wine Be?

Despite many misconceptions, the ideal temperature to serve red wine at is around room temperature, which is usually about 70 degrees fahrenheit, but your red wine can be served at any temperature between 60 to 80 degrees fahrenheit.

How Long Can Wine Be Open For?

Traditionally produced wine should remain good for upto seven days after initially opening, sometimes maybe longer. Store your bottles either in a refrigerator or in a cool place out of the way of direct sunlight and you should be able to enjoy it whenever you fancy. 

However, a cheaper, more mass-produced wine may go off quicker than more traditionally made wines, especially if it contains additives, so whilst you can refrigerate and pray that it keeps well, it’s best to use up as quickly as possible.

If you want to keep sparkling wine after opening, and don’t have access to a specialised sparkling wine stopper, you can actually close the wine bottle using aluminium foil, which although effective, is rather wasteful.

Unfortunately, the old urban myth of inserting a metal spoon, with the handle down into the opening, is widely discredited and won’t keep your bubbly fresh.

What Wine Should I Buy?

The best way to decide what wine to purchase is to consult an expert! Leave the comfort zone of the supermarkets behind and try and find a dedicated wine shop near you, there they will be able to tell you their recommendations based upon what you’d like your wine for!

Keep a note of what the fine is for, what you’ve liked previously and what your budget is, and you should have your recommendation in no time! 

If you’re too far from your nearest wine shop or are unable to visit, then the internet is your friend! There are some really great guides out there as to what wine would be best for each occasion and taste, so make use of them!


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