Best Built In Wine Fridge

Chilled wine is a luxury enjoyed by many on a sunny day. You can drink it during a leisurely afternoon by the pool, on your backyard decking, or watching a movie.

Best Built In Wine Fridge

If you want to designate a space in your pantry or kitchen for keeping your favorite wine at optimum temperature, it could be worth installing a wine fridge. 

There are a range of ways that you can search for the perfect wine chiller for you, and there are plenty of options out there. If you want to skip browsing through thousands of products, then this guide is for you. 

Here are some of the best built-in wine fridges that are currently on the market. Consider factors such as the temperature variation, how easy they are to install, and total capacity in the guide below. 

NutriChef 15 Bottle Refrigerator

Firstly, NutriChef offer a high standard of wine refrigerator that will fit perfectly under most kitchen counters. This cooler is smaller than most, and it can comfortably hold a maximum of fifteen bottles of wine. 

Because of this, the NutriChef 15 Bottle Refrigerator is great for someone with a small collection of wine, or if you are the only person in your household that enjoys a chilled glass of wine.

This refrigerator uses compressor-based technology to keep your favorite drinks at the perfect temperature at all times. 

The four sliding shelves make your wine and other beverages easy to reach for, and the bottom shelf allows you to stand your bottles safely at an angle. 


The door to this refrigerator has an automated locking feature that prevents children from getting into it, even if it is installed at floor level. 

This cooler is ideal for someone with a small wine collection, because of its compact design. It is also easy to install wherever you like as a result. 

It is easy to control and monitor the temperature without needing to open the door of the cooler, thanks to the digital display and buttons towards the top of the refrigerator door. 

Compared with other coolers, this is one of the most affordable and high quality. Because of that, this is certainly worth purchasing. 


Because it is a smaller refrigerator than other options, there is only a single cooling zone. This means that it is set at one temperature that is harder to store red and white wines together without damaging them, for example. 

Kalamera 24” Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Another high quality under-the-counter wine cooler is the Kalamera refrigerator. Unlike the NutriChef cooler, this product boasts two adjustable temperature zones.

This means that it is easy to store beverages that need different conditions in order to retain their freshness and quality. 

Consider the Kalamera 24” Wine Cooler if you have a larger wine collection, or if you want to use it to store different kinds of drinks as well as wine.

The maximum capacity of the Kalamera cooler is 46 bottles, and the upper chamber is recommended for white wines because it can reach lower temperatures. 

Reds can be stored in the lower section, as the temperature range is a little warmer on average. This product also has a ‘temperature memory’ function, which means that it can restore the optimum conditions if the power goes out temporarily. 


Like the NutriChef, the Kalamera cooler has automated locking mechanisms built into the door. This is great for stopping small hands from investigating the cooler when your back it turned. 

The door hinge is reversible, which means there are far more options when it comes to choosing where to install the cooler. 

Dual temperature zones offer ideal storage for all kinds of wines. The door is also made of thick, tempered glass. This protects your favorite wine from harmful UV rays, which can damage it over time. 


The capacity for cooling wine is limited to the temperature zones. This cannot be adjusted, so it is worth being aware of this, and making sure you change the temperature of each zone accordingly. 

Ivation 12 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Next is a high quality compact cooler which is ideal for smaller wine collections. The Ivation 12 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler can hold as many as twelve bottles of wine spread across five stainless steel shelves and an angled bottom to safely hold your favorite drinks. 

Consider the Ivation cooler if you are looking for a sleek wine refrigerator that is far more compact than others. Available in black, or stainless steel finishes, it can fit in well with a range of homes. 

You can store the 12 bottle compressor cooler over your counters or underneath. Because it is smaller than most fridges, it is far easier to install and move around when necessary. 


This product comes with a one-year warranty. 

The temperature is easy to control by using the digital display located towards the top of the refrigerator door. 

There are two keys available to keep the cooler secure and your wine collection protected. Make sure you choose a locking mechanism if you want to keep your favorite drinks safe, or out of reach from small children. 


The largest bottle size that will safely fit inside this cooler is 13 inches in height, and three inches in depth. Because of this, there are limits to the types of drinks that can be stored in the Ivation 12-bottle cooler. 

Unlike other products, the hinges on this refrigerator are fixed to one side. This can limit where you are able to install the cooler within your home. 

AAOBOSI 15 Inch Wine Cooler

The next product is highly recommended as a great all-round wine cooler, thanks to the automated child locking mechanism, adjustable temperature touch buttons, dual temperature zones, and front ventilation. 

The AAOBOSI Wine Cooler offers a range of impressive features that make it one of the best wine coolers that can be built in or freestanding. The shelves are wooden, which makes it feel like a high-end product in itself. 

Not only that, but they are easy to adjust according to the size of wine bottle you want to store. The AAOBOSI wine cooler can comfortably fit 28 standard sized bottles.  


The temperatures within the dual-zones reach lower than some other wine coolers. This means that you can enjoy your favorite white wine chilled to perfection. 

The wooden shelves give an impression of an authentic wine cooler, which makes it feel a little more high-end. 

There is an internal fan which has been designed to keep cool air circulating. This allows you to keep your wine at a consistent temperature at all times. 


There have been issues with this cooler arriving using Centigrade rather than Fahrenheit temperature measurements. Make sure you carefully read the manual when setting up the cooler in order to avoid any confusion.

You should be able to find directions for adjusting the default temperature units and adjust accordingly. 

Whynter BR-130SB Internal Fan Beverage Refrigerator

Although it is not technically classified as a wine fridge, the Whynter BR-130SB has already proven itself to be an excellent device when it comes to chilling white wine.

There are five adjustable wire shelves, which can be moved to suit your preferences and the size of your favorite wine bottles. 

With reversible door hinges and internal fan circulation for temperature control, this cooler can be used for storing beer, wine, cans of cola, and more from your kitchen or by the pool. 


Reversible door hinges provide flexible storage options. 

With six adjustable shelves, this cooler is great for storing a range of beverages in your home bar or kitchen. 

The bright blue LED light can be used as a night light. 


This cooler needs plenty of air circulation to prevent it from overheating. Make sure you leave some dead space behind the refrigerator when you are installing it in order to keep everything running smoothly. 

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to getting the right wine fridge for you, it is essential to think about your expectations. This can influence how highly you would rate a product, as well as how frequently it is used.

Consider the following factors when you are looking for a high quality built-in wine cooler


How many bottles of wine do you need to keep chilled at one time? Do you want a wine fridge that will hold your entire collection?

It is crucial that you consider how many bottles a cooler can safely hold at one time. This can allow you to decide whether the product would be an appropriate fit for you, or if you should keep looking. 

It is also important to think about whether your favorite bottle of wine falls into the average size categories. This will also impact the total capacity of your cooler, and show you what type of shelves you should opt for.

However, most wine coolers come with several removable shelves that can be changed to accommodate your favorite beverage

Make sure you are also considering how wine fridges with a higher capacity will typically take up more space than those with smaller maximum capacities.

You may need to carefully measure the area that you want to install a wine cooler and deciding on a maximum capacity based on that. 

Ease Of Installation

Additionally, you will need to carefully consider how easy or difficult a wine cooler will be to install. Although the majority of built-in wine fridges are actually freestanding, some pose their own unique challenges.

This means that you should think about the electrical fittings available for the intended location of your wine fridge. 

When you are considering this, the dead space behind the refrigerator should also be acknowledged. This is because it can affect how well the cooling system functions in the long run. For example, some wine fridges will overheat much more quickly than others. 

Ensure that you are taking a closer look at the specifications of a wine fridge before purchasing, in order to find one that is the easiest for you to install within your home.

Make sure you hire a contractor if you are unsure about how to get everything up and running, so that you can be certain that everything is installed safely. 


It may not seem as important, but you will want to find a wine cooler that is easy to keep clean. If you have children or pets, then an easy to wipe surface is preferred for the door of a wine fridge.

This could be tempered glass, vinyl, or anything that won’t show fingerprints easily. 

Another thing to think about is how easy a particular wine fridge is to keep clean on the inside. Some which have permanent shelves will be far more challenging to wipe down and scrub when necessary.

Consider a wine fridge with removable and adjustable shelves so that you can clean the interior easier. 

Temperature Range

In addition, it is crucial that you take a closer look at the temperature range that a wine cooling system offers. This is so that you can purchase a product that will keep your favorite wine within optimal temperatures. 

There is no point in purchasing a wine fridge that does not reach these temperatures, or that is difficult to adjust correctly.

If you want to install a wine fridge that can also be used for storing soda, beer, and other beverages, then it is even more important to find a high quality wine cooler that has an adjustable temperature range. 

Compressor Or Thermoelectric

Although the majority of wine fridges use compressor technology to regulate temperature, it could be worth searching for a thermoelectric cooling system.

These make the coolers lighter and easier to move around as a result. Thermoelectric systems are also far quieter to run on the whole, and are widely regarded as the eco-friendly cooling option. 

On the other hand, compressor wine coolers are widely available in larger sizes, which means that they tend to have larger capacities.

Compressor wine coolers are also less likely to be affected by the external temperature, which could make them the better choice. 

Consider the factors that are important to you when you want to choose a reliable, high quality wine cooler. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Temperature Should I Store White Wine At?

If the bottle has a cork, you will need to regularly check the humidity levels. White wine should typically be stored between 45 and 65 Fahrenheit, and around 70% humidity.

This prevents the cork from drying out, which allows you to keep your favorite white wine stored. 

Red wine, on the other hand, should be kept between 60 and 68 degrees. That is the recommended temperature to serve red wine, because the flavors will be at their best. 

Where Should I Put My Wine Fridge?

Wherever you like. The great thing about wine cooling systems is that they are highly versatile. If you purchase a freestanding wine fridge, then there is no reason why you should not install it wherever you want to within your home. 

Most people choose to place their wine fridges as a replacement for a kitchen cabinet, while others like to have them on display under a counter.

Whatever world for you, make sure you allow enough space behind or in front of the wine fridge so that it can ventilate correctly and avoid overheating. 

Do I Need A Special Outlet To Install A Wine Fridge?

No, most wine fridges use regular electrical outlets, so you will not have to worry about this when it comes to purchasing a wine fridge. Of course, there are some exceptions to this.

Because of this, it is important to look at the product description and specifications for a particular wine cooler that you are looking to purchase. 

However, this is a rare occurrence, and you are more likely to find a wine fridge that connects to your home’s electrical system as usual.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are installing a wine fridge is where the vents are located. You will need to leave plenty of space for the fridge to circulate air freely. 


Built in wine fridges can be easily installed by integrating them with freestanding wine cooling systems. These are effective ways of keeping your favorite wine cool and at the optimum temperature.

Consider purchasing a wine fridge for your home so that you can enjoy wine to its fullest. 

There are a huge variety of wine fridges out there. Because of this, it is important to look for something that works for you.

Make sure you are thinking about the maximum capacity, how much ventilation space you need, if the shelves are adjustable, and temperature controls. 

Some wine fridges feature separate areas with two different temperatures, while others just have the one.

You may want a compact cooler to fill a small area in your kitchen, or find something larger for your family to store soda and other drinks inside.


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