Wines Similar To Rioja: 6 Alternatives To Choose From

If you’re looking for a wine that is similar to Rioja, you have plenty of options to choose from. There are many wines that share the same characteristics as Rioja, so you can find one that suits your taste. In this post, we will discuss six wines that share similarities to Rioja. We will also provide tasting notes and food pairing suggestions for each wine. So, if you’re looking for new wines to try, you might have to check them out. The 6 alternatives to Rioja wine come all from Spain underlining the singularity of these wines.

The Profile Of Rioja Red Wine

Rioja red wine is a type of wine that originates from the Rioja region in Spain. The vast majority of Rioja wines are red, although a small percentage are white or rosé. The Spanish red grape is made from a blend of Tempranillo, Garnacha, and Graciano grapes.

The wines tend to be full-bodied with high acidity and pronounced tannins. Many Rioja reds are aged in oak barrels for several years before being released, which imparts distinct flavors of vanilla, spice, and toast. Rioja wines are typically classified according to their age.

Joven wines have been aged for less than two years, Crianza wines for two to three years, Reserva wines for three to five years, and Gran Reserva wines for five years or more. Rioja reds are food-friendly wines that pair well with meats, cheeses, and grilled vegetables.

With their complex flavor profiles and aging potential, Rioja reds are some of the most sought-after wines in the world.

Six Alternative Red Wines To Roja

Rioja is a red wine made in the Rioja region of Spain. The wines are typically aged in oak barrels before release and have a distinctive flavor that many people enjoy. However, there are many other great wines that can provide a similar taste and experience. Here are alternatives red wines to rioja:

Garnacha Wines

Garnacha wines are made from the Spanish grape Garnacha and are typically produced in the country’s northeast region. Wines made from Garnacha can vary widely in style, but they are often characterized by their bright fruitiness and soft tannins.

Many Garnacha wines are aged in oak barrels, which gives them a complexity that is similar to that of Rioja wines. In general, Garnacha wines are less expensive than Rioja wines, making them a great choice for budget-minded wine lovers. Whether you’re looking for an everyday red or a special-occasion wine, Garnacha is a versatile grape that is sure to please.

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Ribera Del Duero Wines

Ribera del Duero region is located in the north of Spain and is renowned for its wines. The region’s climate is similar to that of Rioja, with hot summers and cold winters. However, the wines of Ribera del Duero tend to be fuller-bodied than Rioja wines, with more intense flavor.

The most common grape varieties used in Ribera del Duero wines are Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. Wines from Ribera del Duero are typically aged for a minimum of two years in oak barrels before being released for sale.

If you’re looking for a red wine with complex flavor and great aging potential, then a Ribera del Duero wine is a good option.

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Priorat Wines

Priorat, located in Catalonia, Spain, is known for its exceptional wines. With their earthy notes and robust flavors, these wines are often compared to rioja blends from Northern Spain. Like Rioja, Priorat wines exhibit deep red colors and complex flavor profiles that balance elements of fruitiness with hints of spice.

Though they differ slightly in texture due to their regional terroir, both types of wine are known for their rich character and long finish. Whether you’re an experienced wine connoisseur or a casual sipper, a bottle of Priorat is sure to satisfy your craving for something bold and full-bodied.

So if you’re looking for a slightly richer take on classic Spanish winemaking styles, look no further than the delicious yet unique Priorat wines.

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Navarra Wines

Navarra Wines are wines similar to rioja. It is typically made from the Tempranillo grape. Navarra Wines are also made from the Tempranillo grape, but they are produced in the region called Navarra in Spain.

They tend to be fruitier and lighter than rioja. They are often aged for less time, resulting in a wine that is easy to drink and enjoy. If you are looking for a wine similar to Rioja, Navarra Wines is a great option to try.

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La Mancha Wines

La Mancha wines are one variety that is similar to the renowned Rioja wines of Spain. Like Rioja, La Mancha wines are produced from a wide range of both white and red grapes, with Tempranillo being a particular standout.

It is known for its full-bodied flavor and rich texture, making it an ideal choice for hearty dishes like slow-cooked roasts or decadent pasta sauces. The climate of La Mancha also plays an important role in shaping both the flavor and character of these wines, as this region is particularly well known for its hot, arid summers.

Overall, La Mancha wines present an excellent alternative to Rioja for those who enjoy exploring different wine regions around the world. So next time you’re in the market for a delicious Spanish vino, be sure to check out some bottles from La Mancha.

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Aragon Wines

Aragon is a wine region located in northeastern Spain, just south of the Pyrenees mountains. The climate in this region is continental, with hot summers and cold winters. The resulting wines are similar to those produced in the Rioja region to the south, with intense flavors and high acidity.

However, Aragonese wines tend to be less tannic than Riojas, and often have a fruitier flavor profile. Common red grape varieties grown in Aragon include Tempranillo, Garnacha, and Carignan. White grapes such as Macabeo and Malvasia are also grown in this region.

Aragon is home to several large wineries, as well as many small family-run operations. Wines from Aragon are typically affordable and easy to find in Spanish supermarkets. If you’re looking for a Spanish wine that’s similar to Rioja but slightly lighter in style, give Aragonese wines a try. You won’t be disappointed. We can help you to find Aragon wines for Europe or North America.

Best Food Pairings With Rioja Wines

Rioja wines are some of the most popular in the world and for good reason. These versatile wines are food-friendly and can be enjoyed with a wide variety of dishes. If you’re looking for the perfect wine to pair with your meal, Rioja is a great option. Here are some of the best food pairings with Rioja wines.

Rioja wines are perfect for pairing with grilled meats. The bold flavors of Rioja complement the smokiness of grilled steak, roast beef or chicken. If you’re looking for a lighter option, Rioja also pairs well with fish and seafood. The acidity in Rioja cuts through the richness of seafood dishes, making them more refreshing and enjoyable.

It is also a great choice for pairing with Spanish cuisine. The bright flavors of Rioja stand up to heartier dishes like paella and lamb stew. And of course, no discussion of food pairings would be complete without mentioning cheese. This wine’s acidity makes it the perfect partner for creamy cheeses like Brie or Camembert. So next time you’re planning a meal, reach for a bottle of Rioja or any of Rioja alternatives – it’s sure to please everyone at the table.


Rioja wines are a good value and offer a wide variety of styles. If you are looking for a Rioja wine, you should check out the alternatives in this post.

If you keep your choices open, you might just discover your new favorite wine.

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